C248 Ren Yuluo Had Broken Through to the Great Luo

On a silent lake, a boat sailed across.

The scenery was like a painting.

Ren Yuluo stood on the small boat. Endless Taoist Charm flowed out from her body, concealing endless killing intent.

This terrifying attack, this unparalleled ultimate skill, all of it was blocked when it hit the front of her body.

Not only that, when those people wanted to attack again, a violent force was suddenly counterattacked. It was ten times stronger than their previous strength.


It was as if these people were struck by an ancient savage beast. They lost their balance and were sent flying. Despair was written all over their faces.

Before they could land on the ground, the bodies of these people turned into sand, scattering down from the Void.

Ren Yuluo seemed to transform into an ancient Immortal Emperor. The starlight turned into a shoulder-length cloak and she wore it on her body. She held the kettle with both hands and the Holy Spring surged within. Numerous Divine Rune appeared and wrapped her up.


This is impossible!!

Those who were slower had a drastic change in expression and were quickly sent flying back.

They looked at the water bottle in Ren Yuluo’s hand in shock. This Imperial Weapon was too powerful. With it, even a Great Luo Golden Immortal would be killed by her.

They only stopped when they retreated to a safe place.

I don’t want to kill anyone today, don’t force me!

Ren Yuluo coldly looked at those people. Her heart was ashen, especially when she looked at her senior brothers and sisters who pampered her in the past. Ren Yuluo’s eyes were filled with tears.

She originally wanted to hand over the Holy Spring, but at this moment, she changed her mind.

Under everyone’s gaze, Ren Yuluo raised her head and drank the Holy Spring.

Gudong, gudong…

Those people looked on helplessly, and no one dared to make another move.

This Imperial Weapon was truly too terrifying. If they made a move, they would only die.

Even though they were unwilling to accept it, they could only watch helplessly.

The illusionary realm disappeared, and everyone returned to the ruins of Pangu Sect.

Everyone was shocked. From today onwards, the name Ren Yuluo would surely shake the entire Immortal Domain. At the same time, Senior Zhang would surely be the one to make a name for himself.

A Supreme Imperial Weapon was given to someone casually, and even a pot of Holy Spring was given to him!


The moment Ren Yuluo drank the Holy Spring, her cultivation broke through to the Great Luo Golden Immortal in an instant. The Qi that belonged solely to the Great Luo Golden Immortal caused the surrounding people’s expressions to change.

Some of them were already frightened and quietly left.

The disciples of the Ascension Sect had complicated looks in their eyes.

They could feel the surrounding people were looking at them with a mocking look.

Some of them glanced at Ren Yuluo and saw she was still making a breakthrough. They quietly turned around and wanted to leave.

A cold voice made him freeze on the spot!

Did I say to let you go?

Ren Yuluo looked at that person with a cold gaze. That piercing cold gaze made that person feel as if he fell into an ice cellar.

That person looked extremely embarrassed and said, “Yuluo… Sister, I… ”


Before he could finish his words, he exploded on the spot. Blood splattered onto the surrounding people, causing them to freeze. The smell of urine spread out, as if they were the ones who died.

Fellow Daoist who didn’t attack just now, you can leave now.

After Ren Yuluo finished speaking, she closed her eyes.


The Void trembled. A Great Dao suddenly descended and landed on Ren Yuluo’s body.


Ren Yuluo’s body trembled, and her aura became more explosive.

On the contrary, the surrounding people’s expressions became worse.

It was too fast!

How difficult was it to comprehend a single Great Dao?

Some people spent dozens or even hundreds of years to comprehend a single Great Dao.

Ren Yuluo just broke through to the Great Luo Golden Immortal, but she was able to comprehend a second Great Dao so quickly.

Was this the effect of the Holy Spring?


Before they could be shocked, the third Great Dao fell down and entered Ren Yuluo’s body.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…

After that, the surrounding people were completely dumbfounded as they watched the Great Dao merge into Ren Yuluo’s body one after another.

Every time the Great Dao merged into her body, it proved Ren Yuluo comprehended one Great Dao, and the Qi on her body became stronger.

Everyone on the scene felt their hearts palpitate and their expressions changed.

How could there be someone who could use such a heaven defying technique?

It was extremely difficult to comprehend a single Great Dao. If one could comprehend a single Great Dao so easily, then Martial Celestial Realm wouldn’t be the supreme Great Luo. Immortal Sovereign was rare, and only existed in legends.

However, Ren Yuluo had already comprehended at least a hundred Great Dao in such a short time. Even in the vast Immortal Domain, her strength was still ranked among the Superior Cultivator.

That’s not the work of Holy Spring, because drinking the Holy Spring wouldn’t be able to do that!

A Half-step Great Luo expert said affirmatively. When he looked at Ren Yuluo, his eyes were filled with envy.

It’s Senior Zhang’s means. Just now, Ren Yuluo and that little beggar approached Senior Zhang. Ren Yuluo had already comprehended three hundred Great Dao, and that little beggar was held by Senior Zhang for a while. When she left with Senior Zhang, she was already at the Goddess!


The Void was torn apart and a man appeared. His body was emitting the Qi of a Great Luo Golden Immortal warrior. The surrounding people couldn’t help but retreat dozens of meters before stabilizing themselves.

Impossible. That little beggar doesn’t have any attributes. It’s impossible for him to step onto the path of a Martial Cultivator. Even if Senior Zhang’s means are heaven defying, he can’t create something out of nothing!

That’s right. That little beggar has been here for more than ten days. We can’t bear to see her like this. We saw her a few times and we are sure that she doesn’t have any attributes.

Some people were frightened, but their eyes told the others they already believed him.

Everyone was stupefied, so shocked that they couldn’t say anything.

A person who absolutely couldn’t step onto the path of immortality was brought along by Senior Zhang.

What was Senior Zhang’s cultivation base?

Even an Immortal Sovereign wouldn’t be able to do this.

Could it be that the legend was true? Senior Zhang was an Immortal Emperor?

But even the legendary Immortal Emperor couldn’t do this.

Humph! Don’t speak so mysteriously. What’s so amazing about Zhang Xuan? Is he as powerful as my Supreme Immortal Sect?

A voice was suddenly heard. Everyone looked towards the source of the voice and saw a man walking out of the Void step by step. He was extremely extraordinary. The first impression he gave people was that he must be one of the top experts of the young generation.

He was a young man in his twenties, but his body was emitting the Qi of a Great Luo Golden Immortal Stage expert. His eyes were filled with the sharpness of an expert, and he was wearing the armor of the Supreme Immortal Sect.

When he arrived, he walked towards Ren Yuluo, who was cultivating with her eyes closed.

Supreme Imperial Weapon? Treasures were always owned by virtuous people. Such a treasure should belong to my Supreme Immortal Sect!

This young man had a cold expression on his face. Without the slightest hesitation, he stretched out his hand. This palm strike was extremely powerful.

Not only did it want to interrupt Ren Yuluo’s cultivation, but it also wanted to snatch the Supreme Imperial Weapon from her.

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