C153 Great Illusion

When the gnolls were on the verge of collapse, the Insect Girl Clan was still calm.

“Lo Ya, I’m full.”

The meat that had been roasted for a long time was all stuffed into her stomach. Lo Yu lay on the ground in satisfaction. She kept wagging her tail and looking at the sky happily.

Lo Ya quickly swallowed her piece of meat and got up from the ground. “Then prepare to attack.”

“Yi, is it going to start?”

“Yes, if we attack now, those wolves should not be able to withstand it.”

Fifty thousand small beetle had already arrived. With such a large scale army attacking the battered and exhausted Jackal Man, the outcome of the battle would surely be very satisfactory.

Lo Ya was in a hurry to end the battle here so that she could put most of her energy on the humans.

Furthermore, with Crystal Dragon God’s instruction, the conflict between the humans and the humans was already set in stone. It was no different from who started the conflict first.

Hence, Lo Ya ordered the thousands of Sickle Insect in front of her to suddenly retreat after being harassed for two to three days.

This time, the Jackal Man finally obtained a rare relaxation. Some of them were so tired that they fell asleep immediately. They wished they could never wake up again.

Of course, they did not know that the main force of the swarm had already started charging.

There were over ten thousand bugs in front of them, and the ones charging at them were the Charge Bugs. With the heads of the 20 gigantic creatures, they led 8,000 Sickle Insect and charged towards the territory of the Jackal Man with a force that could topple mountains and overturn seas. Many soldiers who were lying on the ground and barely sleeping were woken up once again. They scrambled to get up. As for the few jackals, they couldn’t get up no matter how they cried.

The soldiers who were dizzy came to the front of the territory and hurriedly formed a simple front line. They looked at the black tide in the distance nervously.

Some of them still couldn’t believe what they saw. They would rather believe that it was an illusion.

“Chief, why don’t we surrender?”

The elder was also frightened. How could they win when such a huge monster rushed over? Without a doubt, the Wild Boar Man had been destroyed. Now, it was their turn.

“Surrender? Ask those warriors if they are willing!”

The patriarch pointed at the rows of wounded soldiers in the distance and gritted his teeth.

This was a war between races. It was not out of their expectations how miserable the outcome of surrendering would be.

“Let’s fight. Let’s bet on the future of our race.” The Jackal Man was too arrogant. They were very similar to the werewolves, and they couldn’t bear the humiliation of defeat.

When the 20 charging bugs approached first, the strongest warrior in the tribe took the lead to welcome them. However, what awaited them were the two Magic from Little Insect Girl.

Bang, bang, bang ~

Fire dragons shot up into the sky, which was tens of meters high. They roared and fell down, creating a fiery explosion.

These fire dragons were specifically aimed at the densest part of the crowd. They were like fierce cannons that could kill a large number of jackals with a single blow.

Lo Lo and Lo Yu released one fire dragon after another, which was 40 fire dragons. The first wave killed more than 50 elite jackals.

It was this wave of Magic that reduced the number of powerhouses the enemy used to resist by a large amount. Thus, when the charging bugs ran up the slope, it was as if there was no one there, crushing all the weak wolves and jackals along the way. The sounds of bones cracking and the scene of blood gushing out interweaved, filled with excitement.

“Elder Lagu, quickly bring some people to block it. Damn it, don’t let them continue to attack.”

When the patriarch saw that so many Jackal Man were still unable to hold off a few three meter long creatures, he was so angry that blue veins popped out all over his head.

The Sickle Insect insects followed closely behind, quickly rushing past the Jackal Man’s front line, setting off a bloody storm.

At the same time, another portion of the bug swarm that had already retreated launched a new attack from underground.

The roars of the bugs and soldiers were everywhere. The Jackal Man struggled to resist. They worked hard to form the formation. Finally, a few minutes later, the insect swarm was blocked by one side. The few bugs that were hit by the repeated attacks of the lances and the Magic in the mud pit were stuck in the ground one by one. They were slowly killed. Lo Ya saw that something was wrong and made these big bugs start to retreat. She specially let the Sickle Insect fight.

On the other side, the several hundred strong heavy cavalry forces formed by the Wolf Cavalry had already gathered. Along with a roar, they began to charge from the side.

Lo Ya pulled Lo Yu’s little hand and jumped on a bug. They withdrew from the front line of the battle. They noticed that the Shooting Reproductive Insect had already arrived near the front line, and many small beetles had also gathered behind the battlefield. These small insects began to climb up the launchers in an orderly manner, and then with a whistling sound, They flew into the distance.

The 600 meter range just fell into the pack of jackals.

“F * ck, my Ding!”

Along with the first painful roar, countless black insects smashed into his face. Each one was 35 centimeters long, and they had exaggerated clamps that were enough to break his throat.

Although only 200 of them were shot at once, this directly threw the jackals and wolves in a certain area into chaos. Following that, the swarm of insects jumped forward, coordinating with the smaller beetles to attack the inside of the front line.

After a minute, the second batch of 200 bugs was thrown at the target again.

The small beetle split up in the sky, and then fell onto the bodies of the new batch of werewolves.

Not to mention how painful it was to fall from the sky, the next round of explosion was simply bloody to the extreme. Lo Xin stood by the side and looked at the large beetle that was continuously working. In the end, the eyes of the large beetle also turned around. Together with its face, it made a funny expression.

“F * ck!”

What a vivid image!

Lo Ya touched its outer shell. In the end, all the legs of this big thing were dancing. It was so happy that it looked like a child.

“Think about it carefully. Little Insect Girl seems to have already regarded invasions as a daily occurrence.”

Internal unity was extremely united and there was not the slightest bit of contradiction. On the outside, it invaded and invaded again and again. It was even more normal to treat the opponent as food.

Perhaps other than Lo Ya who thought further away, Little Insect Girl thought that what she did was to collect delicious food.

That’s right, there was almost no hatred in Little Insect Girl’s mind.

It was just a preying action, war was very normal.

Just like when a group of lions attacked a wild deer, there was nothing wrong with it.

Humans would also classify the insects that were beneficial to them as beneficial insects, and they would classify the harmful insects as pests. However, to nature, pests were actually not harmful.

So, was the Insect Girl Clan’s behavior really evil?

They were just evolving and hunting.

Even though Lo Ya would occasionally feel guilty.

This battle did not last too long. After all, it was different from modern warfare. Both sides fought against each other, and the mortality rate was surprisingly high.

The gnolls were defeated much earlier than expected. They wanted to run into the depths of the jungle, but they were attacked from the side by the Wolf Cavalry and stabbed through.

The main force had been attacking almost all the time, and the battle had been going on for a long time. The insects had started to exert their endurance advantage. They kept fighting with high intensity without needing to rest. Coupled with the advance of the entire front line, the jackals and wolves soon ran out of stamina.

Lo Ya and Lo Yu no longer paid attention to the battle and began to eat delicious food on the spot.

[Evolution points + 22]

While Lo Ya was eating, she also ran over to pick up the things dropped by the wolf that she had killed earlier.

In the middle. There was actually a golden treasure chest.

“Awesome!” She happily opened it.

[Opening Golden Treasure Chest. Obtained skill: Enlarge Illusions.] ]

[Large Illusions: Creates an illusion that increases in size. It can be touched (actually fake). Combined with the ability to construct illusions, it can deceive most extraordinary life forms. This skill requires a continuous consumption of a small amount of spiritual power.]

“Isn’t it a race skill?”

Although it was not a race skill, this thing made Lo Ya’s eyes light up.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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