C151 The Gnolls’ Worries

Almost at the jackal territory.

“It’s been three days, and there’s no news from the Wild Boar tribe. It looks like they don’t need us to do anything, they can solve the problem.”

“Of course, Wild Boars are all cowards. They are afraid of the slightest danger. That’s why they can’t become as strong as our Werewolf Clan.”

Two young Jackal Man were walking in the dense rainforest. As all the dangerous creatures in this area had been expelled, there were almost no creatures that could threaten them.

It had been three days since the last time they sent the wolves to investigate. It seemed like it was only a short time, but the northern land always had a strange atmosphere.

The jackals had plans to dig holes. Sometimes, when they hid underground, they could hear the sound of digging on the other side, but when they listened carefully, they disappeared completely.

“Child, what are you worried about?” An old jackal looked at a child with worried eyes and asked faintly.

“Is the Jackal Man really the most powerful race?” The child asked.

“Of course. Up until now, there hasn’t been any race that can defeat us in the great forest. One day, the Jackal Man will become the strongest.”

Such a scene was very common in this tribe. Everyone seemed to have never been worried about danger. Thus, when a few of the wolf scout teams completely lost contact, the Jackal Man were furious.

“Those wild boars really don’t take us seriously anymore. Don’t tell me it’s for revenge?” The patriarch’s roar could be heard from a few houses away.

“I don’t think the wild boars have the guts, most likely they really encountered trouble.” A certain gnoll official replied.

“So you’re saying…”

“If the enemy is really strong, then they will come to our gnoll tribe sooner or later. I suggest that we prepare to face a strong enemy.”

The chief looked at the gnoll guards around him and seemed to be in deep thought.

The Jackal Man was an invasive creature. They had always wanted to defeat the weak Wild Boar Man and seize its territory.

In fact, this was a good opportunity for it.

“Since that’s the case, let’s mobilize a few large teams to scout out the enemy. Regardless of whether the opponent is a Wild Boar Man or an even more dangerous creature, we need to test their strength.”

The highly efficient Jackal Tribe quickly mobilized 200 soldiers and began to march towards the Wild Boar Man Tribe in the north.

However, what welcomed them was a surprise attack from the surroundings.

After the two captains were about 10 kilometers away from the tribe, they suddenly encountered a group of strange insects.

These insects charged towards these terrified wolves in groups. Not only were there many of them, but they were also very powerful.

The 560 centimeter sickle was able to pierce through the body of the gnoll warrior.

One of the gnoll priests saw that something was wrong and chanted a long spell. A green light fell under the feet of a few Sickle Insect, and then a three to four meter wide poisonous swamp appeared, causing the bugs to fall.

“What a strong poison resistance.”

Realizing that the Sickle Insect were struggling, the priest’s tone was very surprised.

“Lord priest, we have to retreat. There is indeed an unknown Magical Creature in the north. We have to return and report.” The captain shouted at it.

The swarm of insects appeared in groups of ten. More and more appeared. They seemed to have been lying in ambush in the grass, waiting for these unlucky jackals to come and die.

Thus, everyone retreated while fighting.

The combat strength of both sides was not very close. The First Grade Sickle Insect and the Magical Creature already had a huge advantage over each other. If not for the fact that the 12 teams lying in ambush here were too far away from each other and lacked reinforcements, They would have taken care of these 200 jackals a long time ago.

At this moment, Lo Ya’s side already knew about the situation here and understood that the conflict between the two parties still broke out.

The countless Magical Creature species that lived on the ground could only develop to a few thousand or tens of thousands in scale.

Insect Girl was unique to transforming from one or two simple monsters into tens of thousands of monsters in a few months’ time. She believed that Crystal Dragon God chose Little Insect Girl not only because they were cute but also because of their hidden huge potential.

At this moment in the wild boar territory, it was still a relaxed environment.

“Lo Ya, don’t we need to communicate with the Jackal Man tribe?”

Lo Yu, who was lying a few meters away from the roasted meat, asked as she chewed on it.

“No need. Experts don’t need to communicate.” Lo Ya said very confidently, “Of course, we can also use communication to reduce losses. Lo Yu, do you know what the greatest happiness in this world is?”


“It is confidence. It is a kind of confidence that is stronger than others. It can do whatever it wants without any fear. This is a realm that almost every individual pursues. We also need this kind of confidence.”

” Yeah, but I only need everyone. ” When Lo Ya said this, Little Lo Yu had already brought the roast meat in front of her and tore off a piece of meat and stuffed it into her mouth.

“Wu, Wu, it’s delicious. Lo Yu, you learned how to roast tender meat so quickly?”

Little Insect Girl and the others became smarter. Now, it seemed that other than the young Little Insect Girl, everyone else was growing up.

“Of course.” Lo Yu raised her chin, “One day, I will turn Lo Ya into an idiot.”

She would make herself smarter than Lo Ya. Lo Ya was an idiot. It was true!

“Don’t worry, you can’t be smarter than me.” Lo Ya raised her chin with more confidence. In the end, she found that she was barely able to reach Lo Yu’s chest.

Whoosh –

Lo Yu used her chest to press her head down.

At this moment, the gnolls that were continuously retreating and fighting in the Sickle Insect were completely surrounded.

The agility and coordination of the Sickle Insect were far superior to theirs. In addition to the difference in combat strength, the Jackal Man discovered that their numbers were already smaller than the swarm.

“Damn it, these guys don’t consider losses at all… Priest, how many Strength do you have left?” The only remaining captain retreated to the second line and looked at his comrades who were being dragged out by the Sickle Insect from time to time. His tone was anxious.

The priest’s hand trembled. “There’s not enough spiritual power. I can’t release it anymore.”

“F * ck you! Everyone, hold on! The territory is right in front of us!”

Not far away, there were werewolves in the tribe who saw the situation here. They began to send a large number of wolves to provide support.

When the large group was only a kilometer away from the battlefield, the Sickle Insect in the battle knew fear. Each of them held a corpse in their mouths and retreated to the north.

At this time, the captain was panting heavily as he counted the number of troops. His heart immediately sank.

There were 32 left.

The number of enemies increased to the number of enemies reduced to the number of enemies reduced to the number of enemies reduced.

And judging from the final result, it was very likely that the enemy had come with the mentality of hunting.

The hundreds of wolves in the rear chased over, but when the tribe leader saw this scene, the muscles on his face twitched. “There’s only this little left?”

The captain gasped: “Yes, they all died. We encountered that group of bugs on the way, the battle was very intense”

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