C149 Noah’s Question

Time gradually came to the night.

Perhaps it was because of the arrival of the cold air, but the area on the other side of the Great Rift had also dropped by one to two degrees. However, the effect of this tiny difference in temperature was almost negligible. Lo Ya roughly estimated that the temperature of this place was close to 20 degrees. And the territory might be close to 5 degrees.

During the day, the dinosaur hunting did not encounter too many problems. Apart from the muscular dragons and the brown winged dragons, the rest were all small dinosaurs.

Because they could win by relying on the strength of the Sickle Insect, Lo Ya basically did not go up to fight.

She hugged the instrument and tried for a while, but found that there was no signal that could be received.

Yes, there was no signal, not even the microwave background radiation of the universe.

After waiting for a long time, a line of words appeared on the mechanical rectangular device: Surveillance failed, please confirm that the local signal is not blocked.

Lo Ya shook the radar reception device on it.

The embedded Monster Core indicated that this was a mysterious alchemy product, not a technological creation.

But it was obvious that this machine did not display its function.

“Completely blocked, could it be that this planet can’t send any signals in?”

Lo Ya remembered the scene she saw on the satellite. The position of the planet that should have existed was empty. It was so silent that it made people panic. It was as if it was connected to hell.

“Why don’t we go to the territory and try it out?”

Lo Ya returned to the place where she was born and found that this thing still had no signal.

In order to verify her guess, she spent a day to go to the valley at the end of the mountain range. She crossed the black door and came to the Undead World (Silver Moon).

Dudu dudu dudu…

The moment she stepped out of the door, the instrument let out all sorts of chaotic sounds. The display on top immediately began to spin in a crazy manner. A large number of wavelengths that were called “Universe Background Signal” and “Normal Celestial Body Signal” filled the screen.

“As expected.”

It was blocked.

Earlier, the entire planet had been blocked.

Perhaps all the electromagnetic waves had really been concealed, isolating the planet that Lo Ya was born on from the depths of the universe.

It was like a man-made isolation space.

“Could it be that our world is a test site for some advanced civilization?” Lo Ya could not help but make such a guess.

Thinking about it carefully, it was really impossible for the universe to develop such a special planet by itself.

All kinds of magical intelligent species, a land filled with a sense of miracle. And that cave hidden in the mountain range at the end, this door, was like the only way out of the world.

“I really can’t understand it”

Lo Ya thought as she looked at the Undead Insect and Sickle Insect hunting the undead creatures in the distance.

“If this is a test field set up by some advanced alien civilization and we are the subject of observation, then everything I’m doing right now, wouldn’t I be discovered?”

She suddenly felt a chill run down her spine.

She felt as if there was a pair of invisible eyes staring at her in the dark sky.

She swallowed hard, touched her heart, and forced herself to calm down.

“Impossible, everything is too unreasonable right now. There can’t be any alien civilizations watching, unless I’m in the brain in the tank or something even stranger.”

The more Lo Ya thought about it, the more terrifying it became. She simply knocked on her own head and stopped thinking about it.

“If there’s really no other way, ask Crystal Dragon God.”

Thinking about this, she made such a decision. She was prepared to ask the next time she saw a god.

Currently, she continued to monitor for two hours and did not discover anything, so Lo Ya brought the instrument back to her own planet.

Without a doubt, the information from the intelligent civilization from outer space was not that easy to receive. Although the cost of 1420 trillion Hz waves was relatively low, it was still quite common in the universe. But there was no reason for aliens to use this frequency.

When they returned to the territory, Lo Ya was considering continuing to hunt dinosaurs.

Then, very coincidentally, Crystal Dragon God appeared.

Of course, to Lo Ya, this might not be a coincidence. It might be that the other party sensed something.

“Small, you ran to the other side of the rupture belt again?”

The young girl suddenly appeared in front of her eyes and carried Lo Ya into the air.

“Ah.” Lo Ya instinctively waved her hand and slapped over. Only when she was in the air did she realize who it was and quickly turned into a scratching motion.

“What did you do just now?” Crystal Dragon God was suddenly amused and poked Lo Ya’s head. ” This is amazing. He even dared to run to the other side of the Great Rift. He doesn’t take your loyal followers seriously at all! He actually sent them to their deaths! ”


Loyal people should be referring to a branch race, right?

Lo Ya thought for a while and replied, “No, actually, their relationship with us is similar to hands and heads.”

“Hm?” Crystal Dragon God was puzzled.

“The Sickle Insect are the arms, and I am the head. Of course you have to rely on your hands to take things. If you encounter danger… You must use your arms to attack and defend. Similarly, if someone else attacks my head… I can only use my hands to block it. ”

Lo Ya’s explanation simply explained her relationship with the branch clans.

The Insect Girl Clan was like this. It was an individual, and when linked, it was a whole. And as a whole, wasn’t it also an individual?

When humans encountered a chopping knife that was aimed at their heads, their instinctive reaction was to reach out to block it. If the Insect Girl Clan was a single person, then the Sickle Insect was equivalent to a human’s hand.

Of course, Lo Ya did not really understand the specifics.

“I understand. You guys are a bit similar to some of the allied races.”

She suddenly kissed Lo Ya’s face and left a water mark on it.

“Wow.” Lo Ya quickly touched her face, “Sister Crystal Dragon God, why are you looking for me?”

“Hey, do you know who I am?” The young girl’s expression was a little surprised, “I don’t think I have told you about my identity?”

Lo Ya,… “”

“Although I think you should know that I am a god, it is not easy to know the specific information.” She touched Lo Ya’s head. “Actually, I came this time to remind you not to head east. In the end, I found that you have already gone over. And you are doing well. You really made me worry for nothing. ”

“Older sister Crystal Dragon God, why is there a rift over there?” Lo Ya asked carefully.

“This question, of course, is to prevent the ancient creatures from running over. A long time ago, a disaster appeared in this world. In order to prevent the extinction of the ancient creatures, the gods set up a quarantine zone. The barrier separated the disaster to the other side. Therefore, the scene you saw over there was actually the same as the ancient times. However, because the ancient creatures here had long since perished, a group of life forms with completely different environmental adaptability were born. All of you are one of them.”

– – – -the dividing line.

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