C147 Beetles Can also be Shot

Because at the beginning of this barbecue, a bunch of bugs are obsessed with the smell of barbeque. This directly led to a pile of Little Insect Girl and Sickle Insect roasting meat every day in this open space.

The rabbits were forced to line up in a long line, taking turns to wait to be slaughtered. Later on, they found that the taste of the rat meat was not bad, so there was an extra line of rats.

This scene was a little funny in Lo Ya’s eyes. Those little animals were all obedient. Under the coercion of the evil forces, they timidly looked left and right. Finally, their heads were chopped off in front of the grill. Useless internal organs were dug out and turned into delicious meat in the end.

The closer he got to the guillotine, the more nervous he became. He wanted to run, but he didn’t dare to.

Little Insect Girl looked at them arrogantly.

Later on, considering that the number of rabbits was lesser than the number of rats, they decided to use rats as the main food for barbecuing. These clever ones were not obedient at all and always took the opportunity to escape. In the end, they were still chased back by the Sickle Insect and obediently queued up to die.

Although Lo Ya was already a lot of salted fish, she could not be like Little Insect Girl who thought about eating all day long.

The insects were expanding very quickly now, and many of the surrounding areas had already been disturbed by the wave after wave of Insect Sea. Every day, at least half of the 48,000 insects would die in battle, but at the same time, the increase not only made up for the losses, but also made up for the losses. There would also be a large group of them.

Lo Ya came to the hundred miles of coastline of the territory and found that the swarm was attacking almost all the places in front of them with small teams.

A line that was several kilometers long separated the black swarm from the other animals on the other side. Some of the creatures ran away after being attacked, while others were forced to resist.

Most of the creatures would be dragged to the territory by the insects after they were beaten until they were half-dead, giving Insect Girl more experience.

Lo Ya’s level was already very high, and from time to time, she would get the Enhancement coupon and the Book of Attributes. It was also unconsciously increasing its combat strength. It was very likely that before she broke through to the Space Level, she had some attributes that could break through 100. She had reached the level of an extraordinary lifeform.

However, high attributes did not mean that she was truly extraordinary. At that time, she would have to cross a bottleneck.

“It’s said that other creatures are different from us. It seems like we can’t become stronger by killing our enemies.”

In other words, other creatures relied on cultivation, while Insect Girl relied on killing the enemy.

She felt that something was wrong.

“Oh, although the insects are strong, it doesn’t seem safe to rely on throwing balls.”

The flourishing ball itself was relatively easy to break through. Once it was shot into the enemy’s ranks, the new bugs would probably be wiped out before they could even come out.

“If only I could directly shoot the birth small beetle into the enemy’s ranks.”

Lo Ya suddenly had an idea and used her will to call the Shooting Reproductive Insect over.

A few beetles sat on the launch pad and with a swoosh, these bugs flew out.

Their weight was not too heavy, but at an extremely high speed, these Small still flew several hundred meters away, and then smashed into the ground.

One by one, they all suffered different degrees of injuries.

Lo Ya frowned.

The little bugs were actually very resistant to falling, but if they were randomly thrown, there was still a huge risk.

Looking at the current situation, they still had to give the small beetle a wave of strengthening before they could safely throw it into the distance.

One could imagine how much chaos it would cause when a war broke out in the future, the Shooting Reproductive Insect would project a large amount of small beetle produced into the enemy’s army formation.

This effect was much better than a bow and arrow.

Furthermore, Lo Ya could also throw the Leaf Ball or other weapons of mass destruction, such as stones, oil, and so on.

“Phew, I still need to let Sickle Insect eat more meat.”

Lo Ya let a few hundred Sickle Insect follow behind the small beetle, continuously tasting the meat they got.

Weak creatures could occasionally bring about evolution, but the effects were not obvious. Usually, they extracted some useful parts from the genes they obtained and used them on their bodies.

Not long after, a type of beneficial gene obtained from the SpongeBob Monster was used in the small beetle.

Buffer cotton. This special cell could be used to cushion the impact of external forces. It could also reduce the damage to the internal organs. When they were used on the small beetle, the defensive power of the insects seemed to be even more powerful. When they were launching long-range shots, not only were they not injured, And get up from the ground in a shorter time and get into battle mode.

The Shooting Reproductive Insect was able to throw the beetle 600 meters away, 100 meters away from the sphere. This distance was more than enough for the ancient war. Lo Ya even considered fighting on the battlefield between the rebel army and the humans. It was to test the combat strength of these small insects.

“It is indeed a good idea. If there are new insects in the future, we can test them on small-scale battlefields.”

This kind of small ‘cannon fodder’ army could even be used to exchange food with the rebel army. It had the same effect as the Sickle Insect transaction.

“Oh right, isn’t there a battlefield now?”

She suddenly thought of the Jackal Man tribe.

After defeating the Wild Boar Man, Lo Ya would occasionally send a group of troops to the Wild Boar territory, preparing to expand the Strength there so that they could launch a wave of attack and completely defeat that opponent.

The main problem now was that the scale of the bug swarm was not particularly large. Once the battle situation was not good, their side would suffer a heavy blow.

Furthermore, they did not know much about the strength of the Jackal Man. Their territory did not seem to be small and there were other subsidiary or alliance races around. If they attacked blindly, they might pay a painful price.

“Send some small bugs to explore first.”

She made this decision.

Because the small beetle was 30 centimeters long, it was less than 10 centimeters tall. It was very suitable to hide in a small pile of grass. Even if they were discovered, they probably wouldn’t be treated as an intelligent Magical Creature Corporation. Hence, they were the best scouts at the current stage.

Actually, Lo Ya could also let Little Insect Girl, who had turned into a chrysalis, go to the sky to investigate the enemy, but there were many large birds in this area. Unless she had no other choice, Lo Ya did not want her little lovers to be chased by a bunch of birds and their tails would be pecked. She was just afraid that if they pecked, they would give birth to a big idiot like Lo Lo.

She returned to the territory and specially picked 500 smaller beetle troops. She let them ride the Sickle Insect to the wild boar territory.

These insects would be spread out to a few hundred kilometers of land. They would carefully approach the territory of the Jackal Man and observe the situation inside.

After confirming the enemy’s combat strength, perhaps they could launch an attack.

In this war, Lo Ya would train a few powerful Little Insect Girl to the Gold Level, and then send them to the front line to fight.

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