C144 An Exaggerated Reproductive Efficiency

“Shooting Reproductive Insect, try throwing it in that direction.”

Lo Ya motioned for the beetle to head towards the periphery of the swarm, and then threw the flourishing ball on its back into the distance. She planned to test the combat strength of these insects first, to breed a thousand in an hour. This meant an average of 3. In 6 seconds, one insect joined the battle. Although their combat strength was relatively weak, Lo Ya, who had experienced the benefits of the Insect Sea many times, understood the value of these insects. Even if they could not kill their opponent, they could still kill them.

Arriving at the edge of the grass and looking at the dense forest in the distance, the Shooting Reproductive Insect immediately half-squatted on the ground. Its back was like a catapult as it suddenly shot out, shooting the ball out.

In the howling gale, the flourishing ball, which was wrapped in a large number of larvae, instantly rushed out a hundred meters away. Then, it quickly slowed down and landed on the ground.


A burst of air buffer. Lo Ya saw with her own eyes that the moment the ___ hit the ground, it shot out a burst of gas, causing its speed to be greatly reduced. Finally, it rolled more than ten times on the ground.

Rumble, rumble, rumble ~

The first batch of larvae had about three minutes, followed by a strange sound. The white worm began to stiffen, and in the end, it actually turned into a hard cocoon. If one listened carefully, one would be able to hear the sound of the cocoon’s heart beating.

In fact, the whole process took less than a minute. When a few grey wolf curiously approached the ball, 30cm long worms crawled out from inside.

“It’s growing too fast.”

In a total of four minutes, it had already become such a terrifying bug.

They jumped out of the flourishing ball one after another. They had a pair of hard forelimbs that were ten centimeters long on their foreheads and wings on their backs. With a jump of their legs, they could jump to a height of three meters and glide in the air for dozens of meters.

After these insects came out, they immediately entered a state of alert.

Even so, their bodies were still changing rapidly. It was only after five minutes of evolution that they grew to an adult body that was 35 centimeters long.

The first batch of bugs was a total of 85.

Such an exaggerated amount of bugs made the grey wolf very vigilant. One of them actually opened its mouth and spat out a Wind Blade. It cut on the flourishing ball and left a deep cut on it.

As a result, over 80 bugs immediately swarmed towards it and the wolf beside it.

Lo Ya sat on the back of the Sickle Insect and got closer to this place. She observed the battle from a few hundred meters away.

She saw that after the first batch of insects landed, something similar to a root grew from the bottom of the flourishing ball. It expanded and sank deep into the ground. The head of the root actually had a mouth like opening. After it entered the ground, it immediately swallowed the soil at an exaggerated speed.

The length of these roots seemed to have a way to extend to dozens of meters, so the entire underground was quickly controlled by the flourishing ball. The huge roots swelled and shrank, just like a wriggling intestine. It swallowed the soil and underground creatures into its own body. On the other side, the tubes discharged the worthless waste that had been completely absorbed.

Perhaps due to the special nature of the gene, the energy usage rate of the flourishing ball was far from 50%.

“Oh, it’s still not bad. When can we eat dirt to completely replenish our energy consumption?” Lo Ya said enviously.

Actually, it was already possible. It was just that the efficiency was very low. Moreover, the kind of thing that was rotting was a little disgusting to eat. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Little Insect Girl would not eat it. (Lo Ya guessed)

The small Beetle Army flapped its wings and hit the grey wolf’s body. It opened its large pincers and bit their meat. Although they were small, their pincers were as hard as the Sickle Insect’s weapons. Their strength was not small either. Although their average attributes hadn’t reached the Black Iron Level, they were still able to deal damage to a Black Iron Level.

When so many bugs bit down on the grey wolf’s body, these poor things finally knew the trouble they were in.

One of them bit down on a beetle, but the other pincer hit its butt. After protecting its butt, Ding Ding faced the threat again.

The grey wolf had no choice but to spit out Wind Blade while waving its claws and slapping. But the insect shell was quite firm and could not be patted at all. If he used his mouth to bite, it would be even more painful if his tongue was bitten by the pincer.

There were a total of four wolves. One of them was lucky enough to run far away, while the other three experienced the taste of being bitten by a swarm of insects. The damned beetles knew how to attack their vitals, and they specifically looked for their necks, eyes, and abdomen to attack.

“So terrifying.”

Lo Ya finally understood the strength of the numerical advantage. Moreover, these little insects themselves were not weak. Thinking about the high cost of Shooting Reproductive Insect and flourishing ball, it was understandable that these little insects could produce this kind of power.

“I’m afraid that only the warriors with extremely high defensive power or using Magic to attack can have a certain effect.”

One hour for 1,000 bugs, that meant 24,000 bugs a day.

As long as the soil was supplied, there would be an endless stream of them.

“Oh, wait a minute, small bugs grow up by relying on the nutrients in the soil, wouldn’t big bugs be able to eat small bugs?”

Lo Ya suddenly felt that the future was still bright.

What food chain? Don’t worry about it for a short period of time. At most, if there was no food, they would eat these little bugs who only knew about war. Anyway, they wouldn’t mind and were even very happy.

After killing the three grey wolf, these small beetle continued to return to the flourishing ball’s surroundings to protect it.

Although they had the upper hand in the previous battle, they still lost 15 of them. It could be seen that in terms of combat strength, they were still inferior to ordinary creatures. Especially the previous few grey wolf, whose attributes had not even reached the Black Iron Level. However, they still caused a great deal of damage to the small beetle.

Five minutes later, the second batch of 83 bugs was born.

This batch of bugs began to have the courage to expand to the surrounding areas. They slowly drilled into the nearby underbrush areas. Exploring and killing the creatures within. Once they discovered an opponent too strong, the Spirit’s connection would immediately be transmitted to the surrounding bugs. After that, the surrounding insects would swarm over to help.

In the third five minutes, there were 83 more insects.

The fourth five minutes, 84 bugs.

Lo Ya quickly found out that the number of bugs in each batch was not fixed, between 80 to 85. Occasionally, there would also be situations where the numbers deviated, and the reason was still unknown for the time being.

“It’s about time. Let the Sickle Insect protect it first.”

Lo Ya sent a Sickle Insect team over and let the flourishing ball take back its roots. They stopped breeding and sent it back to the safe zone in the territory.

After a day, when the total number of insects exceeded twenty thousand, Lo Ya decided to officially expand.

The task was very simple. It was to let these insects catch half-dead animals and bring back experience and food for Little Insect Girl and herself. Actually, to Lo Ya, it was also very fast to level up. She just needed to spend a certain amount of time.

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