C143 Shooting the Breeding Ball

In fact, Little Insect Girl’s population was much larger than before. There was no new tail for the time being. However, there were 32 Little Insect Girl who were still alive, 24 of which were underage. 8 of them were adult. It was estimated that in less than a month’s time, 10 of them would completely grow up. Chiang Ya was one of them.

Every time Lo Ya looked at the floor full of Little Insect Girl playing like an idiot, she would feel a sense of melancholy.

She could not help but recall the scene when she gave birth to Lo Xin.

At that time, the two Small were not even as big as ordinary insects and lived in small holes dug out from the branches. They often did not dare to go out. There were terrifying large insects outside, and the ignorant and ignorant little Lo Xin always foolishly crawled around Lo Ya’s side. She did not know what she was doing.

Later on, she grew up a little and Lo Ya had no choice but to go out to hunt for food in order to survive. In the end, when she returned home, she found that the little fool foolishly came to the outside of the tree trunk and crawled around aimlessly. Not far away, there was a super monster that could swallow Lo Xin in one bite.

At that time, there was clearly no danger, but Lo Ya was still scared to death. As she spat out the stupid intelligence, she felt her heart ache as she brought her home.

Lo Ya knew that in this world, only she and her child depended on each other. There was no other reliance.

It could be imagined how lonely the ancestors of the species were. Some creatures were like Insect Girl, starting from a few individuals to struggle for survival, and finally gaining a place in the cruel nature.

It could be said that in the later stages of the complex food chain, it was definitely formed from continuous’ attempts’ in the initial stages.

Many animals would actually taste things that they had never come into contact with when they were hungry. Once they were certain that they could be eaten, And if they persisted for a long period of time, then the consumers might very well join the food chain. Become predators.

Some of the more tragic herbivores might have many natural enemies at the same time. As for the carnivores at the top, they didn’t need to be afraid every day, running around for their own survival.

“If it was Earth, the advantage of having intelligence is that it has everything. But what exactly is going on with this world?”

Lo Ya actually wanted to ask Crystal Dragon God some things, such as the three moons in the sky. For example, the truth of the Earth’s Waterfall. Many seemingly unrelated things always had a vague connection in some unknown places, as if reminding something.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, little bunny.”

A rabbit escaped from not far away from Lo Ya and Lo Lo chased from behind. When she saw Lo Ya, she quickly called for help.

“I will help.”

Lo Ya immediately wagged her tail and wriggled over.

Because of the Wind Elemental Control, the rabbit could not outrun Little Insect Girl. In less than half a minute, the poor white rabbit fell into her hands.

“Wow, it’s quite big. It’s about the same size as me.”

Yes, a rabbit that was 20 centimeters long.

To be honest, such a big rabbit looked quite cute. Unfortunately, in the eyes of those foodies, this thing was only worth filling their stomachs. The effects of the current foodie attributes inherited from the white worm era were really far-reaching.

Lo Lo came in front of her with joy. She picked up the rabbit and kissed it. It could be seen that this big white idiot turned its head in fear, as if it did not know what to do.

“Lo Lo, don’t you usually be bored?”

Facing the happy Little Insect Girl, Lo Ya could not help but ask.

Lo Lo wrinkled her nose, “What good food is bored?”


Lo Ya slapped her tail, “You are hopeless.”

Lo Lo revealed a wronged expression.

Silly people would not be bored. Only those with high intelligence would be bored. Lo Ya was very sure now.

Lo Ya had the mood to stroll around as she moved to Lo Wen’s side. In the end, she discovered that this cute little one dug out a round thing from the soil and stuffed it into her mouth. It was pitch black like a nut ball. When it bit, it made cracking sounds. Lo Ya, She took a look behind her and found that there were many small white worms inside.

“Lo Wen, what are you eating?”

“This.” The little guy raised the nut shell in his hand.

Multi-wave Insect Reproduction Lair, LV1.

There were a lot of bumps and hollows inside, and they were crawling with disgusting larvae.

“Emmm… A creature with a bit of fear definitely can’t bear to eat.”

However, Lo Wen ate very happily. Sure enough, as long as there was nutrition that could be stuffed into her stomach, it was all good stuff.

Glancing at the many sealed little balls on the ground, Lo Ya picked one up and tried to bite open the outer shell.

The bug pile inside was revealed.

“I think it tastes good. Sure enough, my sense of taste has nothing to do with humans anymore.”

Forget it, let’s eat first.

Ah! Crispy, protein and soft taste. Actually, this thing was very small. After all, Little Insect Girl’s body size was only the size of a fist in her hand, but there were so many bugs inside that it was scary.

[Evolution points + 14]

It was not very nutritious.

He felt that it was impossible for such a weak Components to be good.

It was enough to replenish the Evolution points. It could be considered a small snack.

“Why do you always find delicious food?” Lo Ya looked at the cute Lo Wen in shock.

Lo Yin had a small green hat (but the hat was eaten) That was true. Every time she found a piece of soil and dug, there would be piles of insects that she would find.

[Evolution points + 16]

The second small ball provided 16 points.

Perhaps it was too small, and nothing dropped.

She threw one to the nearby Sickle Insect, letting it crawl over and take a bite.


[Received special gene, matching and reforming…]

[New Bug Type: Shooting Reproductive Insect] 】

[Shooting Reproductive Insect: Divided into firing bug bodies and throwing organs. Large in size, similar to a beetle. There are huge eating organs and developed stomachs. There is a large flourishing ball body on its head that can be thrown 500 meters away. And… It consumed a lot of energy to produce small combat larvae (1,000 larvae per hour). The larvae could grow to adult small beetle within 5 minutes. It also possesses a certain level of combat strength. small beetle can live for a long time through eating (Maximum lifespan of 1 year). The cost of a single Shooting Reproductive Insect was 200 times that of a Sickle Insect. ]

“Oh, what is this?”

Lo Ya noticed that the Sickle Insect had started to evolve and was about to become the first Shooting Reproductive Insect.

The process was a little long, but it was only an hour. During the process, the Sickle Insect kept eating.

After the transformation was completed, it reached a height of two meters and a length of five meters. Its back was dark red and the other areas were black. The big ball with a diameter of one meter was on its back. It looked like an enlarged version of… food.

Lo Ya lowered her head and glanced at Lo Wen who was still eating. She picked up a multiwave insect breeding nest and compared it to the ball on the back of the insect breeding to confirm that there were still some differences between the two.

This big guy seemed to have started to beg for food, so Lo Ya asked the Sickle Insect to send over a large amount of meat.

The breeding bug began to eat in front of Lo Ya and not long after the ball on its back changed. The color changed from red to black, and a crack appeared. Countless thumb-sized white worms slowly grew out of it, like maggots.

They grew and transformed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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