C141 Another Consciousness in the Little Bug Girl’s Brain

When the Wild Boar Man incident was over, Lo Ya felt that it was not a big deal anymore.

Although the Sickle Insect were still using the small team as a unit to hunt in the nearby areas, that was only to fill their stomachs and stabilize their reproduction.

Lo Ya originally wanted to go to Origin Space to make some clothes, but now that she thought about it, She found out that the pigeon had been there for a long time. She guessed that the three of them were very worried and couldn’t hand in their quests. Even Lo Ya was nowhere to be seen.

“Cough, let’s find another opportunity to take a look next time.”

Suddenly feeling a little awkward, Lo Ya still decided to continue with the pigeon.

The benefits of that place in Origin Space was indeed too small for her. At present, she still had not figured out what use that place had and what it had to do with the real world. There was no motivation for her to explore it.

When she returned to the territory, a group of cute little Little Insect Girl immediately ran over to welcome her.

Lo Yu was like a child who did not grow up and went up to play with the cute little girls. Not long after, she stuck close to Lo Lo and started to do silly things all day long.

“So what are we doing now? It feels very comfortable even without struggling.”

Little Insect Girl did not need to rush to the front line at all. She just needed to wait at home for the Sickle Insect to send food and half-dead animals back.

They crawled to a mountain rock without any worries and looked at the leader’s land from a high place. Between the tall grass and the sparse trees, more than ten Little Insect Girl were chasing the little rabbit.

Lo Ya saw a little Little Insect Girl standing alone in a corner. She curiously looked at the other little babies and licked her fingers, feeling a little lonely.

Lo Ya immediately wriggled over.

“Oh, it is still the little cutie that was born last.”

Coming in front of her and holding the Small in her arms, Lo Ya pouted and kissed her little face before making a face at the little cutie.

“Yiya. Wuwuwu.”

Suddenly, the little cutie seemed to have thought of something and kept making gestures.

“What do you want to say?”

The two of them were only a few centimeters apart. The little Little Insect Girl tried her best to raise her head and faced Lo Ya’s large eye that was very close to her. She revealed a slightly angry expression.

“Luo… Ya, jump… cliff.”


“Yi ya, I… Hug, cliff.”

He couldn’t say anything. After all, he was just born, and his brain hadn’t fully developed yet.

Lo Ya stretched out a finger and rubbed her cute little head. Who knew that she pouted gloomily.

“You look more lively than Chiang Ya when she was young.”

A few minutes later…

“Wait, you said to jump off the cliff earlier?” Lo Ya suddenly realized something and her pupils shrank. She looked at this little thing in disbelief, “Earth Falls?”

“Oh wow, I, it is… Oh oh. ” The little thing happily rubbed against Lo Ya’s chest. Its weak little tail swayed left and right like a larva, expressing its happy mood.

Stupid, but…

“You are that person’s… reincarnation?” Lo Ya looked at her solemnly.

The little fellow blinked and did not speak.

[Detected that a portion of the soul fragment of the young Insect Girl has awakened may affect the purity of her memory. Would you like to remove it?] ]

A notification popped up in his brain.

Lo Ya’s hand shook and she threw the cute little girl onto the ground, “You are not Insect Girl’s baby?”

The little cutie wrinkled her nose and cried loudly, “Wah.”

“Alright, I made a mistake.” Lo Ya quickly picked her up again and reached out to rub her head. “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. It’s just that I have merged my memories. That’s good too. First, tell me what you have in the memories you obtained. Then I’ll help you remove the soul fragments so that you won’t be affected by other people’s memories. ”

” Waaaaah ~ ” The little baby ignored him and just cried.

Lo Ya quickly wriggled to the side and plucked a small fruit for her. She bit open a bit of the fruit meat and then chewed it. She opened her mouth and fed it to the cute little mouth.

The crystal clear, sweet and fragrant fruit meat made the cute little quickly stop crying and then waved her hands wanting to eat it.

Lo Ya continued to feed her.

After a while, the system notification appeared again.

[You can now change the target’s control over the body and activate the soul fragment in his body. ]

[Note: When the soul fragment is activated, the target’s memories related to Little Insect Girl will be blocked and replaced for the time being.]

Lo Ya frowned.

It seemed that Little Cute had indeed let a human’s soul occupy a portion of the memory. This kind of thing really made her unhappy. She did not want the pure little baby to be contaminated by anything bad.

“Let’s try activating it first.”

[Start activating.] ”

[Insect Girl’s infant control has been removed. ”

The cute little girl’s crying gradually stopped, and then her gaze gradually became complicated.

The aura of wisdom appeared.

“It really is you… Listen, I am older than you right now, so you have to answer my question obediently.” Lo Ya raised her chin and coldly announced this fact.

Obviously, the little thing lying in her arms did not expect to exist in this situation. A few seconds later, she asked in disbelief, “Is this hell? Or did I reincarnate?”

“Hell your big head. Your soul fragment entered Little Insect Girl’s body and affected her memory.”

” This… Is this what happened? Why did I become like this?” Her expression was somewhat fearful.

“You don’t need to worry about that.” Lo Ya’s tone was serious, “First, tell me, what is your identity? Why did you jump off the cliff back then?”

Little Insect Girl blinked her eyes and hesitated for a while. She slowly replied, “I was once the princess of Hojo Kingdom. Unfortunately, that country has completely changed now. Sigh… The king is no longer my father. He is now just a puppet sitting on top.”

” You are the princess? ” Lo Ya poked her nose and scratched her tail. She sounded surprised.

The little thing seemed to be a little uncomfortable. It rolled up because of the itch, hoping to get rid of Lo Ya’s “ravage.”

“I… I already have nothing.” She said with a confused expression, “Father actually left the world a long time ago. Everything in this country has changed. Even Rick is dead. In order to retrieve Rick’s soul, I came to the end of the mountain range, and then I saw it in another world ”

” Another world? ”

“[A world full of undead and skeletons, perhaps even hell itself might not be there]” Saying so, she suddenly became sad, “I don’t know what to do now”

Lo Ya began to think quietly. A few seconds later, she lifted Little Insect Girl up and faced the mountain road in the distance, “I am going to the mountain now. Take me to the other world you talked about.”


” There is no reason. Your memory is in Little Insect Girl’s body. I am temporarily your elder… ”

No wonder Lo Ya must think of a way to get her memory out. The pure Little Insect Girl could not be contaminated by the evil consciousness of an adult human. She absolutely could not!

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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