C139 Summon

It was another one-sided massacre. This time, the swarm of insects were all at least level 2 and above. The dozens of Wolf Cavalry led by them charged towards the position of the patriarch and the elders who were leading the group.

Relying on their agility, the heavy Black Wolf Beast crashed into the group of Wild Boar Man and crossed through the flock of pigs at an exaggerated speed.

Although the boars were large in size, they could not muster up any courage to fight when faced with the agile Sickle Insect and the war chariot like wolf beasts.

Seeing that the situation was not good, the patriarch immediately shouted, “Everyone, follow me in the battle. There aren’t many of them. We can only hold on until the end if we pick up our weapons.”

Rushing over, the patriarch bit his lips and roared. He raised his spear and rushed towards the wolf riders that were rushing over.


The collision between the two sides was so heavy that it shocked everyone. There was even the sound of bones breaking.

The huge wolf was actually knocked back, and even the Sickle Insect behind it had its limbs broken. The patriarch waved his hands with force, causing the iron head and wooden body spear to pierce through the wolf beast’s abdomen. It went from the bottom to the top, and stuck into the bone of the Undead Insect.

A short knife was slashed down from above. The patriarch tried his best to dodge it, but he was still cut in the shoulder.

Both sides rolled on the ground.

In the midst of the fresh blood, the roars of Wild Boar Man could be heard from the surroundings.

“We won’t lose!”


They bravely charged forward, protecting the weak and the old behind them. They engaged in a cruel battle with the ‘demons’ with blood-red eyes that had no future.

The Sickle Insect did not have pity in their hearts. Their minds only had the thought of fighting for Little Insect Girl. This was an instinct that was carved into their genes and even their souls. No matter what they did, they did not have any complaints.

The patriarch, who was lying on the ground, held back his anger as he engaged in a life and death battle with the Undead Insect. The moment the Black Wolf Beast, who had been struck by the spear, got up, it also brandished its sharp claws and slapped towards its neck.

After a burst of intense pain, blood gushed out from the wound on the right side of its throat. The Undead Insect made another stab, stabbing the sharp blade into its abdomen, creating a third wound.

The patriarch’s thoughts gradually became chaotic, and he couldn’t think of anything. Soon, he fell into darkness.

The Wolf Cavalry and the Sickle Insect attacked repeatedly in the group of Wild Boar Man. They went back and forth dozens of times. Many of the piglets who lacked combat strength could only cry out in fear. However, their pitiful appearance did not receive the pity of the swarm, and they died as scheduled.

The battle continued for the entire night. When the dawn arrived, there were only dozens of the most powerful Wild Boar Man warriors left on the scene, relying on each other.

The swarm surrounded them.

The ratio of casualties on both sides did not increase by too much. The main reason was that these Wild Boar Man were the elites of the entire race. The Strength they displayed caused the swarm to suffer considerable losses.

The last elder used his weapon to support his body. He looked at the majestic leader of the Wolf Cavalry and finally sat on the ground in despair.

He never would have thought that in just a few days, the Wild Boar tribe would turn from a powerful competitor to a pathetic tribe that was wiped out by the enemy.

He knew that this was not the only thing that he saw in the swarm of insects. It was just like when the Wild Boar Man slaughtered the other smaller Magical Creature tribes, it would not use its trump card, the Strength.

“Elder, it seems like they don’t intend to make a move.”

After waiting quietly for a few minutes, a Wild Boar Man discovered that the surrounding insects had yet to make a move, so it whispered to the elder.

“I know, could it be that they want to wait until we’re in a bad state before making a move?”

All of them were the essence of the Wild Boar Man, and their average strength was at the Silver Level. If they forcefully attacked, even the Wolf Cavalry’s team would suffer a great loss.

At this moment of silence, the sky gradually lit up.

A Sickle Insect crawled out, and on top of it sat Little Insect Girl, who was less than 20 centimeters tall.

“Now, I will give you two choices. Surrender, become an auxiliary race, or die.”

Lo Ya looked down from above, calculating the gains and losses of this war in her head.

The first wave of attack killed hundreds of Wild Boar Man, but it caused the patriarch to escape with a thousand Wild Boar Man.

Hence, the bug swarm split into two parts. The large but average strength part surrounded the wild boar that did not have time to escape in the territory. As for the small number and high level ones, they chased for more than ten kilometers. With the smaller numbers, they basically used up all the enemies.

This kind of thing. This kind of cold weapon and physical battle consumed the most of one’s physical strength. The valor displayed by the Wild Boar Man at the beginning had already disappeared after more than half an hour. After that, these exhausted pigs faced the insects that could not feel the loss of physical strength at all. They struggled for an entire night.

Lo Ya advised the remaining 600 big and small wild boars in the territory to surrender before dawn, most of them were young and female.

Now, it was ready to make these strong wild boar warriors become vassals of the bug swarm.

After all, pork could not be eaten for many days, but living pigs were different. It could be used to fight for the swarm, and it could also attract the enemy’s hatred. It could also provide a long-term source of food for Insect Girl.

Facing Lo Ya’s persuasion to surrender, these unwilling Wild Boar Man warriors who were full of hatred fell into hesitation.

Finally, the elder threw down his weapon, “I surrender.”

Seeing that the leader gave up resisting, the other Wild Boar Warriors also threw down their weapons.

“Very good, I will bring you back to the territory. There are 600 living Wild Boar Man waiting for you there.”

These soldiers were stunned for a moment, then they let out a sigh of relief, “Do you still have 600 Wild Boar Man?”

They thought that they were all dead.

But then they felt a wave of sorrow. There were only 600 left.

More than half of the thousands of members died in one night. When he thought of the children and the women begging for mercy, the elder’s heart was filled with pain.

Was he blaming the enemy for being too cruel, or was he blaming himself for being too weak?

If the Wild Boar Man did not laze around every day and instead trained diligently, perhaps this disaster could be avoided.

The soldiers were escorted by over a hundred bugs into the territory.

Many houses were knocked down by the ramming bugs. Large groups of wild boar pups leaned against each other in fear, surrounded by over a thousand bugs.

When the elder and the dozens of soldiers were brought back, Lo Ya climbed onto the back of a ramming insect and began to speak to the Wild Boar Man.

“Insect Girl Clan will not treat its subordinate as cruelly as humans. We are willing to accept you as one of us. But that requires a lot of conditions.” After Lo Ya’s words were shouted out, all the Wild Boar Man on the scene raised their heads and looked at her.

Many of the members did not know what was going on in their hearts. They did not even dare to believe that such a small creature was actually the leader of this group of powerful insects.

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