C138 The Wild Pigs on the Run

At night, in the north of the Wild Boar territory, the army is marching.


Rumble! ~~

Lo Xin and Lo Yu, who were sitting on the back of the bug, raised their hands and shouted. The bug wave around them was like a black wave that crossed over a large patch of dark green and rushed towards the Wild Boar Man territory a few kilometers away.

Lo Ya sat on the other charging bug’s back. While yawning, she looked at the worn-out wooden houses that were getting closer and closer.

The pigmen in the wild boar territory did not seem to have realized that danger was coming. They were still making preparations for the relocation, hoping to avoid danger three or four days later and lure the Insect Girl Clan to the Jackal Man territory.

“Gulp, pig, did you hear that strange sound?” A certain wild boar lying on the ground suddenly raised its head.

“What sound?” The little pig’s words made the glug pig feel very strange, “You seem a bit abnormal recently.”

“No, I’m very normal, okay? Get down.”

“Why do you have to lie down?”

“You’ll hear me if you get down on your stomach.”

Gulp followed his instructions and lowered his head. As expected, he heard a series of deep rumbles. Because the sound was too soft, he couldn’t hear it without paying attention.

Suddenly, the little pig jumped onto the back of the pig.

“What are you doing?”

“The last time I saw Elder Brett trying to jump onto your back, I slapped it twice. In the end, I was sent flying by your kick. I was very happy.”

“Get lost.” Gulp the Pig’s face turned red as he similarly kicked Little Pig down. “There are some things that children don’t need to know.”


The sound inexplicably became louder and louder, and gradually, it felt like an earthquake.

“What’s going on?” Gulp Pig started to feel that something was wrong. He raised his head as if he had sensed something. In the end, he realized something that shocked her.

Countless black insects were rushing over from afar, and at the very front, there were ten three-meter long insects. Two meter tall giant lizards. Although they weren’t much bigger than boars, their thick bodies… And… The strong muscles hinted at the Strength within.

“Not good, those monsters are here. We need to inform the patriarch.”

Just as Glug was about to run back to inform the other members, he saw a large group of Wild Boar Man running out of the wooden house in a panic.

“What’s going on? What happened?”

“Damn, what’s that black thing over there?”

“Not good, those bugs are coming over.”

The distance was already very close. When it was close to night time, the wild pigs’ eyesight was not good. If they did not look carefully, they might not be able to see the existence of the Insect Girl Clan’s army.

Just as the combat troops of the Wild Boar Man were rushing to gather, the ground suddenly trembled. One Sickle Insect after another broke out of the ground and attacked these poor guys.

Instantly, blood mixed with various cries and cries. Countless wild boar warriors could only fight the Sickle Insect alone with weapons that they casually picked up.

Perhaps their individual abilities were not weaker than the insects, but in this situation where they were attacked, their performance was extremely poor. They could not withstand the sixty centimeter large sickle at all.

Blood splattered all over the ground, and the huge charging bug killed in front of the wild pigs. It rampaged all the way, crushing all the piglets on the ground until they were crushed into pieces.

“Quickly hide in the wooden house.”

Elder Bai Te rushed out of the wooden house, and waved at the panicking Wild Boar Man in the distance.

Unfortunately, in his line of sight, those pitiful Wild Boar Man did not have the time to run over. They could only wave their weapons and face the lizard-like insects that were charging at them.

The short spear in his hand forcefully stabbed forward as if it had stabbed into a wall. It only managed to pierce a little bit into the wall before it was snapped with a bang.

The huge body directly rushed forward. With two cracking sounds, it was like a war chariot that had run over the body, directly crushing the few Wild Boar Man’s bodies into pieces.

Seeing that the monster was charging towards him, the Hundred Te Clan’s Patriarch immediately turned around and rushed into the house.


With two pipa sounds, the wooden pillar was broken. The charging bug opened its fangs and rushed forward. It bit down on the Hundred Territories Chief’s upper body and chewed hard. The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

In less than a second, half of the bloody body fell to the ground.

The Sickle Insect that swarmed in grabbed the corpse and began to eat it on the spot.

The combat strength of the Wild Boar Man was on average at the Black Iron Level. Although there were a few experts among them, they couldn’t compare to the high-level insects that had reached the Silver Level or Gold Level.

Whether it was the Wolf Cavalry that was chasing the pig man from the side or the charging insects that were charging at them with their tank-like bodies, all of them had an absolute advantage against these poor enemies.

The Wild Boar Man patriarch was relatively far away from the area where the attack had come from. He had heard the noise in the distance a long time ago. He hurriedly gathered a few hundred pigs and prepared to support the battle in front of him.

At this time, more than half of the three thousand wild boars in the tribe had died in the sudden attack. The remaining boars had barely formed their combat strength. However, as more and more insects crawled out of the ground without warning, these Wild Boar Man who originally had the courage to charge to the front line gradually lost their courage.

“Damn it, all the soldiers who can run, follow me and leave this place.”

No matter what, they directly headed towards the gnolls’ territory.

Over a thousand wild boar troops fled in panic, and behind them were countless pursuers.

Groups of bugs slaughtered the poor pigs, destroying everything in their path.

Lo Yu, who was sitting on the back of the charging insects, cried out loudly. Facing the food on the ground, she wished she could jump down and eat immediately. However, under Lo Ya’s absolute command, she had no choice but to “command” everyone to finish the battle.

The purpose of this battle was not to eat one-time food, but to clear the threats near the territory, expand the territory, and at the same time hunt more dangerous species.

Ten minutes later, the Wild Boar Man patriarch had already brought one-third of the members away from their home.

The other two elders beside him were all very angry.

“That bug lied to us. She said she would give us five days to think about it, but she didn’t do it. Damn it, if we had fought them fairly, we definitely wouldn’t have lost so badly”

” Yeah, but it’s too late now. We don’t know what to do. ”

The two elders spoke in anger and helplessness. Everything happened too fast, so fast that they didn’t have time to react.

“Don’t worry, we still have hope.” The patriarch could only comfort his subordinates like this. “The competition in the Great Forest has always been so cruel. At least this time let us know. Any creature could be a malicious swindler. As long as we endure and develop, there will be a day when we will take back our territory. ”

Snatch it back… No way, even the patriarch himself is not confident in his words.

During a battle, it could be said that when one was blinded by the battle, one would be able to see clearly. It had long seen the fighting style of the bugs from afar: nimble and good at fighting, not afraid of pain, and knew how to cooperate with each other. This was something that no Wild Boar Man could do.

How could such an opponent be defeated?

“Not good, the enemy is chasing us!”

Just as the patriarch and the elders were expressing their anger, cries of fear came from the back of the group.

The patriarch hurriedly turned around and saw a group of Wolf Cavalry had arrived in the northeast with hundreds of Sickle Insect.

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