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In fact, the Insect Girl Clan didn’t just have these insects in front of them. Most of the insects were hunting dangerous beasts in other places.

A few minutes ago, a Sickle Insect team approached an empty deep pool.

The pool was leaning against the cliff, and the liquid inside was dark green. A large amount of cold mist was emitted from it, causing the surrounding temperature to drop to almost zero degrees Celsius.

In some fantasy stories, there would probably be some relatively dangerous demon beasts living in this kind of deep pool.

In fact, there was indeed a demonic beast that looked like a demonic beast living inside – the Hydra of Poisoned Fog.

Not long ago, the scene of 30 grey wolf being killed on the spot after being hit by a wave of thick fog was still vivid in his mind. After the swarm of insects received Lo Ya’s order, They had been trying to get rid of this dangerous monster, but they had never been able to do it efficiently.

The last time they sent a small portion of the bug horde here, they were all wiped out. In the end, they only managed to create two shallow wounds on the Hydra’s body.

Level 30, the highest level of Gold Level. He was only a hair away from the stronger Diamond Level. When he was hiding in the water… His body was surrounded by a thick layer of ice. The poison it spat out could make a Sickle Insect lose its ability to fight within 20 seconds. Therefore, within 20 seconds… The bugs had to break through the fog and arrive in front of the hydra, using their sharp weapons to break through the ice. They attacked their target.

Lo Ya wanted to know the situation here, so she built a Spiritual Link with a Sickle Insect and shared their vision.

The deep pool in front of her was bubbling, and it was impossible to tell what kind of creature was inside. The water that was like a swamp was extremely muddy, and it was all mud. The poisonous creatures that filled the air had killed all the plants in a radius of dozens of meters. Almost no living creatures dared to approach.

“If we attack without caring about the cost, it’s not like we can’t kill this monster.”

Lo Ya’s Spirit command began to sweep across the bug swarm within 30 kilometers.

Half an hour later, over 400 Sickle Insect gathered in this area.

Under her command, a small team began to charge and jumped into the water one after another. The originally calm surface of the water suddenly fluctuated. A few huge snake heads appeared, and a poisonous fog appeared in front of them.

The bugs that were affected by the liquid and air poison immediately felt their bodies go numb. However, they still desperately swam towards the monster in front of them and swung their sickles down heavily.

The ice covering the surface of the snake body was not very thick, but it was very hard. These Sickle Insect weapons hacked down at a speed that was a few seconds per second, and very quickly shattered the ice on the outside.

The nine heads of the snakes all popped out. They bit down on a bug, and all of them were crushed.

But at the same time, the second team also charged forward.

The ten bugs were divided into two groups. After the first group charged into the poisonous fog, they immediately brandished their sickles, creating wounds on the opponent’s body. The second group circled to the sides, attempting to launch an attack from the other side of the Hydra monster.

Next was the third group, the fourth group…

As if they didn’t care about their lives, these weak Sickle Insect were like emotionless fighting machines, slowly consuming the giant snake in the deep pool.

In less than two minutes, the scarred Hydra hid under the water in pain, but it was to no avail. It was because these bugs all knew how to swim.

Under the suicidal attack, some Sickle Insect began to take advantage of the last few seconds before they died. They opened their mouths and swallowed the snake blood that was mixed in with the venom. Although doing so sped up the process of their own death, it also increased the probability of obtaining the snake meat gene in advance.

Under the wave after wave of risking their lives, the 10 Sickle Insect squads all died in less than 5 minutes. As for the Nine-Headed Snake life points, it was finally reduced to less than half.

At this time, a certain bug suddenly cried out in excitement. Its entire body began to undergo a strange change.

[Due to long-term corrosion by the poison, the Sickle Insect has obtained a high level of toxicity resistance. This attribute has been used throughout the entire clan (including Insect Girl). ]

[Obtained part of the Hydra’s gene, + 2 for all individual branches of the tribe. All attributes increased by a small margin. Insect Girl life points + 2. Basic attributes increased by a small margin. ]

[Obtained a large amount of genes. Able to evolve into a branch species – Venomous Bug. ]

[Venomous Bug Spray: An extremely expensive thread-shaped insect, each requires 100 Sickle Insect’s energy.] This worm is 1 meter long and 30 centimeters thick. Its body is relatively weak. It had a large number of strong limbs that allowed it to move quickly underground. It could spit out poisonous fog that could cause terrifying lasting damage to enemies within a 100 meter radius. (The closer you get to the center, the greater the damage) After using the poison once, you die. ]

“That’s great.” Lo Ya jumped up happily when she saw the message of the new bug.

First of all, regardless of what the bug looked like, since it could release poisonous fog, it was equivalent to adding another trump card to the Insect Girl Clan.

However, the cost of 100 Sickle Insect still made Lo Ya a little annoyed. After all, the price of losing one Sickle Insect was too high, and she couldn’t bear it at all.

She shook her head and opened the panel to take a look at the basic values of these insects.

[Magical Creature: Spitting Poisonous Insects (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 5]

[HP: 10 / 10]

[Strength: 10, Spirit: 20, Magic: 40, Agility: 10, Vitality: 10]

He didn’t know what to say about the attributes.

Even with the damage of a Gold Level Magic, the Spirit was only at the Bronze Level. The rest were at the lowest level of a Black Iron Level. Obviously, this monster wasn’t used for close combat, and it wasn’t very durable either. After all, the Vitality was only worth 10 points, and it would kill him if he used it once.

“Looks like it’s still suitable to deal with powerhouses.”

High cost often meant a high cost-effectiveness ratio. At least, the genes of the Insect Girl Clan would not allow things to be wasted too much. It could only be said that this Magic’s poison was very difficult to cure. Many creatures could not bear it.

While Lo Ya was thinking, the evolved Sickle Insect already had a very high resistance to poison. It was basically able to withstand the poison and continue fighting.

This way, in the face of continuous damage, this Hydra quickly used up most of the life points.

At this time, Lo Ya immediately informed Lo Lee who was the closest to here and told her to rush over to use the Magic to harvest lives.

In reality, Lo Ya wanted to give these experience points to Lo Wen because after that little fellow failed to comprehend a new skill after the chrysalis transformation, coupled with its low level, it was becoming more and more unable to keep up with the group’s pace.

Don’t look at her happy and silly face on the surface, but in fact, every time she felt her Spirit, there was a trace of sadness.

Perhaps there would be many similar Little Insect Girl appearing in the future. Although in everyone’s eyes, Lo Wen was no different from the other members, but who could stop her feeling of inferiority?

She must become stronger.

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