C132 The Advice from the Bug Tribe(part I)

Highhorn Mountain, Wild Boar territory.

A group of silly piglets were rolling on the ground. A wild boar girl carried the body of a leopard that weighed more than a hundred jin and threw it onto the ground: “Everyone come to eat meat.”

“Hoo hoo!”

The piglets immediately surrounded them and began to bite the delicious food.

“Sigh, I eat all day. I didn’t eat as much as you guys when I was young. If this goes on, don’t call me a wild boar. Just call me a fat pig. All of you are about to become idiots raised by humans.” The girl pouted angrily, and the pig exhaled. She seemed to be very unhappy.

A piglet that was eating on the ground raised its head and said inarticulately, “Eating is the best pig life.”

“Look, is this pig language?” The wild boar girl kicked it in shock. “You didn’t even learn how to walk upright, yet you are already so fat. Do you think I can raise you for the rest of your life? Hurry up and lose weight. ”

“Gululu, lose weight when you’re full.”

While they were struggling to eat, a wild boar man holding a short spear walked over. “Gululu, the chief wants you to go.”

“Alright.” Wild boar girl… Oh no, the pig girl sighed and followed the wild boar man.

Arriving at a simple straw shed, she saw a few of her fellow tribe members who had just sat down.

“Chief, why are you looking for me?” The gurgling pig asked.

The chief gestured for her to sit down, then said: “Just now, a hunting squad encountered a group of unknown black creatures, and in the end, only a wild boar escaped”

“It can’t be the team that cut the Ji Pig, right?” One of the men’s expression changed slightly.

“It’s them. The Jiji Boar is dead, it’s our tribe’s warrior” The tribe let out a long sigh, patted the two front hooves of the pig, and a wild boar wrapped in bandages walked in.

“Hello, tribe leader and elders.” This Wild Boar Man looked very strong, but compared to the pigs sitting on the scene, it seemed to be much weaker.

“Oh, Coru pig. Tell me about the situation of the enemy.”

“Yes, Patriarch.” Calu Pig nodded, “The enemy we encountered was a group of black insects, and their combat power was about the same as a normal wild boar warrior. They were also acting in small teams. Our six Wild Boar Man were attacked the moment we encountered them. ”

” You’re saying that we started the battle without even saying a word? ” A young wild boar patriarch asked.

“Speak? Pig, how many creatures do you think are as smart as us? If they are magical beasts and not Magical Creature, then it is impossible for them to communicate with each other. ” The other old patriarch said faintly.

The Kuru tribe. nodded. “Indeed, there was no dialogue. Those bugs attacked us. The captain used his combat skill to kill six of them in a row, while I and the other members also killed two. However, just as we were about to retreat, we were surrounded by even more enemies ”

“More of them?”

“[Four teams in a row.]” Kuru sighed, “I’m very helpless, I couldn’t keep up with the victory from the start. After all, not every member is as powerful as the captain. We held on for a while and escaped to the vicinity of the territory. After those bugs were chased away by a large group of Wild Boar Warriors, We immediately stopped chasing and were scared away.”

The Wild Boar Man present looked at each other in dismay. Although the words spoken by the Kohru pig were simple, it indicated that a group of very aggressive creatures had appeared in the north.

Most of the members looked very uneasy. Only one of the female elders asked, “Patriarch, if it’s just a group of insects, there’s no need to be so nervous, right? Our Wild Boar Tribe has thousands of warriors. Who dares to provoke us in this territory?”

The chief frowned. “That’s the key. In fact, after the insects withdrew, there were no more wild beasts in the north. In other words, they stole our prey.”

“Are they trying to steal our prey? I understand. ” The female elder sighed helplessly, “Looks like there’s a need to start a battle, we must chase away the invaders from the north.”

The chief nodded. “I had the same intention. The reason I called you here is to let you lead the most powerful warriors in the tribe to teach those insects in the north a lesson. As for the pig… ”

The patriarch cast his gaze on the wild boar girl. “I hope you can bring more female Wild Boar Man to hunt during this period of time.”

” No problem. ”

The elders of the wild boar tribe quickly picked hundreds of strong warriors and prepared to go up north to search for traces of the Sickle Insect group.

Of course, this operation would not be carried out so hastily. Because they lacked the intelligence of their opponents, the wild pigs only dared to explore nearby areas in small teams.

As a result, almost none of the teams that were sent out returned. Everyone realized the strength of their opponents and began to gather north to prepare for a large-scale battle with the insects.

Elder Baite Pig personally led the team and sat on the back of a pig. He touched his tusks while carefully observing the distance.


The ground trembled abnormally.

Just as it was in shock, the surrounding soil suddenly split open, and countless Sickle Insect rushed out.

Over a thousand of them launched an attack at the wild boar army that was unprepared the moment they appeared.

“Not good, fight, fight!” The pig chief was shocked.

The wild pigs brandished their spears or charged forward with their fangs. However, the huge 60cm sickle of the Sickle Insect was not something to be trifled with. The confrontation between the two sides immediately became extremely bloody.

Lo Xin who was commanding from afar nodded her head in satisfaction. This was the strategy that Lo Ya taught her. If she carried it out perfectly at this moment, she would definitely be praised.

The wild pigs were really going crazy because the combat strength of the Sickle Insect was simply stronger than any enemy they encountered. After resisting for a few minutes, even specialty elder Bai gradually felt despair.

“No, we can’t continue like this. Everyone break out of the encirclement and return to the territory.”

These were the strong warriors of the Wild Boars, they couldn’t die in this kind of disadvantageous battle.

Naturally, they do not understand the power of dinosaurs.

Although dinosaurs were reptiles, in terms of adaptability to the environment, they weren’t as complex as mammals. However, their powerful combat power was obvious to all. How could the Sickle Insect be weak to be able to bear such high strength muscles with such a small body?

More than 400 Wild Boar Man only lasted for less than 20 minutes before they were completely wiped out. Although there were some experts among them with amazing skills, when faced with the swarm of insects, the losses were still far beyond their expectations.

Just as the pig chief thought he was going to die, the swarm suddenly retreated again and gave up on continuing the battle.

“They left. What’s going on?”

It was stunned for a few seconds, feeling that it was unbelievable.

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