C131 Time for Development Given by the Treaty

In my sleep…

A group of cute little hands formed a soft and furry blanket and softly covered his body. He crawled around and rolled around…

Lo Ya revealed a blissful expression and suddenly her face sank. She suddenly woke up and knew that a heavy tail had slapped her face.

“Wow, what the hell is going on?”

She pushed the tail away and realized that it was Lo Lo.

“Lo Lo, what are you doing? Why are you disturbing my sleep?” Lo Ya said angrily.

“Lo Ya, you still said that you can’t snore outside. You clearly did it yourself.” Lo Lo pouted.

“That’s because this place is very safe.” Lo Ya picked up her tail and dragged her to a patch of grass. “Listen, don’t disturb me. You can sleep here.”

After saying this, Lo Ya conveniently said. She snatched the rat meat from the other party’s hand and put it into her mouth to chew. “Awoo, this is compensation for waking me up. Awoo, it’s delicious. ”

Lo Lo blinked her eyes and lowered her head to look at her empty hand. Then she looked at the piece of meat in Lo Ya’s mouth and her eyes immediately turned red.

“Very good. That’s it. Don’t disturb my sleep.”

Lo Ya swallowed the piece of meat and shook her head. She wriggled back to her previous small nest and entered a beautiful sleep.

Wah! Wah! Wah!

… Two hours later, Lo Ya woke up and found that Lo Lo was still crawling around with nothing to do, so she did not pay attention to her.

A communication talisman in the item space had already been broken and it was obvious that the rebel army was looking for a trade. Lo Ya found Lo Xin and once again gave this difficult task to her.

Now it was different from the time. Because there was no Gaeta Insect Swarm blocking the way, Lo Xin only needed to sit on the back of the Sickle Insect and they would be able to reach their destination very quickly.

When Luya appeared in front of her eyes, she could not help but be shocked.

“Luya, why did you injure yourself?”

It was all blood. There was a long and narrow cut on the right thigh and there was quite a lot of blood on the body.

When she heard that she had hurt herself, Luya, who was already in a bad mood, suddenly had black lines on her face. “Who would be stupid enough to hurt themselves? I am being hunted.”


“[The anti-resistance army has been surrounded by several nobles. We have underestimated the enemy’s strength, so we need to increase our combat strength…] [The anti-resistance army has been attacked by several nobles. We have underestimated the enemy’s strength, so we need to increase our combat strength…]” As she said that, she waved her hand and seven to eight Sickle Insect carrying large amounts of money crawled out.

“Deducting the Sickle Insect that died, the total value is 70 gold coins. We have practically sent over most of the money in the Earl’s mansion.”

“Ah, that’s great. But compared to money, I want more meat.” Lo Xin rubbed her belly.


The image of Insect Girl eating human flesh flashed across Luya’s mind.

“We can also use gold coins to buy the meat of magic beasts. The higher the level, the better. Moreover, using meat to exchange for Sickle Insect, the price can be a little cheaper. ”

Lo Xin’s words were actually taught by Lo Ya to exchange for the meat of magical beasts. At the very least, it could replenish the food and genes of the Insect Girl Clan and produce more offspring. Lo Ya felt that the speed of development of the race was actually faster than most species. If not for the fact that there were monsters at the level of extraordinary life in this world. Why was the branch race in such a hurry to reproduce?

“Alright, there is no problem with the meat of the magic beasts. Cough cough, but we need to get support immediately.”

“Don’t you want to treat your injuries?”

Lo Ya, who had been hiding and observing not far away, popped her head out.

“Lo Ya, you are here too?”

“Yes, the defeat of the rebel army was actually within my expectations.” Lo Ya transformed her legs and came in front of Luya. “Although I am not a good person, it is also very uncomfortable for the partner to be forced into an alley. So… the army that I gave you this time is all the best.”

Luya saw the rustling of the Sickle Insect. Compared to the last time they evolved, they were much stronger.

No, it was not a lot, but the difference between heaven and earth.

The current Sickle Insect was simply a monster. At the first level, it had the strength of a Black Iron Level, but at the eighth level, it was basically the combat strength of a lower Silver Level.

“Lo Ya, can the Sickle Insect increase its strength quickly in a short period of time?”

Luya felt more and more that this Magical Creature (devil beast) tribe was mysterious.

The first battle at the beach was not like this. At that time, the scale of the swarm was pitifully small, with only a few hundred insects.

“Actually, this is what the Sickle Insect should look like.” Lo Ya’s face did not turn red at all, “We were only suppressed by the Strength. When it recovers, it will definitely be very strong.”

“Is that so? Cough.” Luya suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood. Her body, which was leaning against the tree, seemed to be unable to hold on. “I am very happy that you guys are strong because the rebel army needs this kind of Strength.”

Lo Ya immediately threw a Healing Nature at her and finally made her feel a little more comfortable.

“As expected, in terms of Magic talent, you are much stronger than me.” Luya touched the rapidly healed wound and said gratefully.

“No, I think you are the strong one. Combat mages, this profession doesn’t seem to be many among humans.” Lo Ya praised from the bottom of her heart.

Lo Xin crawled over in confusion and poked Luya’s leg.

“Do you want to come up?”

“ Yes, yes. ” Lo Xin nodded.

Hence, Luya carried her to her chest.

“Wow, so soft. Rub, rub, rub.”

Under Lo Ya’s jealous gaze, the two of them started to play shamelessly.

“Oh right, recently the Church’s Knights have started to appear in the vicinity, and they have a destination to target the Sickle Insect. If there is nothing else, it is better that you do not casually leave the forest.”

Lo Ya slightly frowned, “Is the Church connected to the Empire?”

“Yes, but the Knights and Clerics of the Church are basically locals. The Pope from the Empire would not normally come to such a rural place. The Empire is so far away from here, how could they care about the small matters here?”

“So that’s how it is” Lo Ya nodded happily, “Then I don’t have to worry too much.”

The conversation with Luya this time quickly ended. 700 Sickle Insect were delivered.

The more insects they contributed, the more food the humans had to provide for them. This kind of behavior on the surface did not seem like much, but the enormous appetite of the Sickle Insect had actually been doing things to make a fortune. Every now and then, it would return to the forest and give birth to its tail.

As long as they helped the rebel army stabilize the front lines, then the non-aggression pact that both sides signed would basically not be torn apart. Lo Ya hoped to gain time for her own development by supporting the other side in battle.

After all, once the internal matters of the human race were settled, it was hard to guarantee that they would not fight with the Insect Girl Clan.

In the past month, the number of insects had actually reached 8,000. In the second month, Lo Ya began to send the insect army to the south, using 1,000 units to launch attacks against some magical beast groups.

A few adult Insect Girl had made great progress. Lo Xin, for example, had already gotten rid of the strategy of “rushing, rushing,” and started to try some simple strategies such as hitting the east and attacking the west.

Although the result was worrying, it had some effect on the demon beasts.

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