C128 The World of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are reptiles, and although they are ancient and primitive compared to mammals, it doesn’t mean they are weak.

When Lo Ya gradually approached the land on the other side, she could already hear terrifying roars filled with primitive aura.

“We are almost there.”

Although they did not see the dinosaurs for the time being, an invisible pressure had already hit them.

There were many towering plants in front of them, and their leaves were flourishing. Perhaps it was because there were so many giant trees that they were able to support enough herbivorous beasts to support the entire ancient era of dinosaurs.

The moment Lo Ya bumped into the opposite side, she immediately climbed to the top of the cliff.

The information showed that the air content here was 28%, the carbon dioxide content was 5 times that of the opposite side, the temperature was 6 degrees, but there were not many changes in other aspects.

Perhaps it was because the Insect Girl Clan’s adaptability was strong, but it was more comfortable in this kind of environment.

She had the Sickle Insect group quickly gather, and sent three teams into the depths of the jungle.

As for herself, she climbed up the high slope formed by rocks, and carefully observed the environment.

Very quickly, a type of creature entered her field of vision.

It was not a dinosaur, but a strange reptilian creature. It looked like a giant rat. It was about a meter long, had two horns on its head, and had square scales on its back.

When the swarm attacked, the rat immediately turned around and ran away. However, Lo Ya promptly gave it a Wind Blade and killed it on the spot.

After picking up the equipment that dropped, she let the Sickle Insect take a few bites. The bugs began a small evolution in front of Lo Ya. The Strength’s attributes increased by 1 point and two small black lines appeared on the side of its body. It seemed to be an organ that increased the balance.

“Phew, any ordinary creature can bring about evolution. Looks like the quality of the monsters here is very high.”

Lo Ya continued to search for enemies with the insects among the mountain rocks.

In more than ten minutes, they had indeed not seen dinosaurs. There were many strange creatures, and the size of the insects could reach dozens of centimeters. Even the half-meter tall Sickle Insect did not seem to have any advantage in size.

After a battle, Lo Ya encountered the small white horned dragon she had seen earlier.

There were about three horned dragons about 1.5 to 2 meters tall, tasting the plants in the dense foliage. The Sickle Insect stealthily climbed up the surrounding rocks and attacked while they were not paying attention.

The black figure flapped the wings on its back at high speed. Like a glider, it rushed towards the dragons on the ground one after another.

When these plant-eating dinosaurs encountered sudden danger, they immediately turned around and fled. Their speed was very fast and they knew how to find narrow cracks in the rocks to dodge.

However, this time, the ones chasing them were not large creatures. Even if they hid in the rocks, the Sickle Insect could still rush up and cut their bodies.

After a wave of battle, the three dragons all turned into corpses.

They began to eat.

After a few bites, a Sickle Insect was soon able to obtain a powerful gene. Its teeth began to become firm, and every muscle on its body was enhanced by the Strength.

The Strength obtained from the evolution this time was immediately used on the Black Wolf Beast and Insect Girl’s bodies.

Feeling that the improvement was obvious, Lo Ya also took the opportunity to use the [Mouth Muscle (White Horned Dragon)] that she had obtained earlier. ] And [Strong Teeth (White Horned Dragon)] He loaded it up.

Although it wasn’t a carnivorous dinosaur’s tooth, it was indeed more powerful than the Strengthened Insect Fang from before.

After eating the food, the few Sickle Insect on the other side also met their match. They had a conflict with two large dragonflies with a wingspan of half a meter, or rather, the insects had unilateral abuse of the dragonflies. They swooped down from a high place and glided down, killing the poor thing.

There were no new Components, but the nutrition was stored and could be turned into a new tail to be born.

Lo Ya was worried that the swarm would not be enough, so she ordered some of the insects to return to the territory to produce. She also ordered 600 Sickle Insect that had not eaten to rush to her side.

Little Insect Girl’s average attributes had already reached Bronze Level, and after the pupa transformation, they had almost all reached the Silver Level.

Everyone crawled on the mountain rock for a distance and arrived at a mountain peak.

Then, Lo Ya looked into the distance and saw a dinosaur.

Crown Triangular Dragon, LV35, Diamond Level, Dinosaur.

“Diamond Level.”

Lo Ya was shocked by the eight-meter long monster that suddenly appeared.

This dinosaur was like a horned dragon that had been magnified many times. It had a huge shield crown on its head. Furthermore, it had two extremely long horns. Not considering its size, just from its appearance alone, this creature was indeed much stronger than the horned dragon. At least it seemed to have a relatively strong combat strength.

The huge monster was constantly using its head to ram into a large tree in front of it. Following a series of cracking sounds, The 20-meter tall tree broke, and the triangular-shaped dragon was like a herbivorous dinosaur. The triangular-shaped dragon slowly ate the branches and leaves on the ground.

Lo Ya tried to get the Sickle Insect closer but found that the monster did not react. It did not seem to treat the bug as a dangerous predator.

It was understandable. This size was much more exaggerated than an elephant’s. It was hard to imagine what kind of small creatures could compete with it.

Lo Ya hid behind the rock. With a thought, a Sickle Insect rushed to the right hind leg of the Crown Triangular Dragon. It waved its sharp blade and slashed down.

Ci ~ ~

There was a cut on the skin, but it did not cut into the flesh. It was obvious that even with a full-powered strike, the Sickle Insect still wouldn’t be able to break through this monster’s defense.

The second blade landed, accurately cutting on the surface of the skin that had been cut open earlier. The triangular dragon finally felt the problem. It roared loudly, and its entire body quickly turned around.

When it saw the Sickle Insect on the ground, it did not say a word and stepped on it, turning it into minced meat.

“Puff, this exaggerated weight.”

It felt as though it had discovered that a mosquito was trying to kill me, so it casually slapped it to death.

Lo Ya really wanted to personally taste the meat of this huge monster, but after carefully looking at its exaggerated outer skin, she ultimately chose to give up.

The difference between Diamond Level and Black Iron Bronze was too great. She really didn’t know what kind of price she would have to pay to kill it. As long as this triangular dragon rolled a few times on the ground, it would be able to crush all of her Sickle Insect to death. There was no way to fight it.

In order to avoid trouble, Lo Ya withdrew the Sickle Insect and took the initiative to leave this area.

The triangular dragon did not chase after her, so she was relieved and began to shuttle through the forest.

Her small tail wiggled on the uneven ground. Lo Ya shook her black hair and blinked as she looked around.

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