C127 Fly to the Other Side

“Eh, it can’t be, right?”

Lo Ya tried to walk back again and the gravity beneath her changed again. It changed by 45 degrees. She found it unbelievable, so she let her body stand at the center of the top of the hill. At the same time, the magical gravity in both directions worked on her body, as if something was pulling her.

“Anti-Gravity Broken Rift… Is that what it means?”

The climate gradually changed and Lo Ya could already feel it. In other aspects, other than feeling that her breathing was smoother, she did not feel any other changes.

“Lo Jing, Lo Lee, Lo Bing, let’s go to the end and take a look. If there is any danger, come back immediately.”

It was not clear if it was a fracture like the waterfall of the earth. She remembered that she did not see the situation here when she was in the sky. Maybe it was because she was too far away that she did not notice it.

The Sickle Insect army began to explore the path. There were indeed many dangerous creatures ahead. A cheetah was squatting on the grass, staring at the west. Seeing the black Sickle Insect approaching, it stood up vigilantly. It chose to dodge.

Little Insect Girl had fought two battles against Silver Level opponents along the way. She had also killed a portion of the monsters and obtained the Components for the night vision.

But now that she had the Eye of Truth, Lo Ya actually did not care about these ordinary Components.

After running for about an hour, the trees in front of them suddenly became sparse. A large grassland that was a hundred meters wide appeared in front of them.

On the other side of the grassland was a huge abyss, and over a hundred kilometers away from the abyss was another bottomless cliff.

Little Insect Girl and the others wriggled to the side of the abyss. Looking down, they found that there was a light blue ocean thousands of meters below them.

Many creatures lived on the cliff as if they were walking on flat ground, as if they were standing on rocks.

“Anti-gravity, could it be…”

Lo Ya felt something and tried to stretch her tail down. In the end…

“Wow, it really is like that.”

Lo Ya got bolder and jumped forward. She was directly attracted to the side wall of the cliff.

She raised her head and flicked her tail. She seemed to have received a mysterious attraction and flew towards the opposite side of the cliff.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya.” Little Insect Girl looked at the main consciousness flying towards the opposite side in shock and cried out in shock.

Lo Ya waved her hands in the air a few times and her speed actually gradually slowed down. Then, she was sucked back by the cliff behind her.

[Detected that the oxygen content has reached 25%. The concentration of carbon dioxide has increased. The temperature has increased by 5 degrees. ]

A notification sounded in his ear.

Returning to Little Insect Girl’s side and thinking about this scene that went against common sense, Lo Ya felt that she should not look down on this place.

This place was indeed as magnificent as a myth. Although it was not as vast as the Earth’s Waterfall, it also had a visual impact.

Furthermore, the plant on the other side seemed to be bigger and bigger than here. Lo Ya’s Eye of Truth closed the distance on the other side and in the end, she saw a terrifying giant beast.

This broken belt seemed to separate the two worlds. The opposite side was similar to the climate of the dinosaur era. There were a lot of primitive plants and reptiles, and this was the modern climate. The two sides could travel freely, but it was obvious that the dinosaurs were unable to adapt to the environment here. Therefore, it was very rare for them to cross the anti-gravity sea to come here.

“To be honest, do you want to hunt dragons on the other side?” Lo Ya had an impulse.

With a jump, the bicycle turned into a motorcycle. She would give it another try. The motorcycle would become a high-speed rail.

“Emm, come on. For the sake of the prosperity of the race, if worst comes to worst, you can just die and become a newborn Little Insect Girl.” She made up her mind.

There was no evidence to prove that the small creatures of the dinosaur era could not survive. In fact, the Winged Dragon was only at the Gold Level level. Lo Ya had advanced to the Bronze Level in all aspects, and with the help of the Magic, No matter what, it should not be a problem.

Furthermore, there was a huge pile of insects killing a few little dinosaurs. If she successfully captured the genes, she would at least be able to obtain a tiger-class strengthening.

“Lo Lee, Lo Jing, Lo Bing, you guys go back now. I want to bring 300 Sickle Insect to the other side.”

After saying that, he commanded with his head. A portion of the swarm climbed to the side of the cliff and jumped with all their strength, flying towards the other side.

Lo Ya’s Eye of Truth had already determined a relatively safe landing point and also jumped forward.

The three Little Insect Girl looked at each other and said helplessly, “Then let’s listen to Lo Ya.”


So everyone held hands and went home together.

Lo Ya kept flying and her speed was extremely fast. The wind by her ears was like a whistling knife, cutting her face so much that it hurt.

There were also a few creatures flying on the sea, and most of them did not dare to take the initiative to approach.

But this did not mean that it was safe.

A gray-skinned creature flew over from the opposite side.

White Horned Dragon, Level 17, Bronze Level, Dinosaur.

Its body was only two meters long, and it looked like a four-legged herbivorous dinosaur. It didn’t have a horn, but it looked a bit ferocious.

Seeing that the distance was getting closer, the dinosaur fiercely swung its four legs and braked.

However, the Sickle Insect waved their insect limbs and charged forward, clashing with it in midair.

After a series of crackling sounds, half of the tragic dragon’s life force was lost.

Lo Ya waved her tail and floated in front of the dragon like a swim. She swung two Wind Blade and found that the power was limited. So she used the wolfman stone to shoot the air cannon and waved her claws several times. After killing it, he bit the flesh and blood within.

Awoo ~

[Evolution points + 22]

[Obtained Components: Mouth Muscle (White Horned Dragon)]

[Components obtained: Strong Teeth (White Horned Dragon)]

[Evolution points + 22]

It wasn’t just the Components. In fact, there were even items dropped next to it.

[Obtained Beginner Healing Potion.]

[Beginner Spiritual Power Recovery Potion.]

[Obtained Vitality 0.5 Enhancement coupon, White Horned Dragon Stone (Bronze Level).] ]

[White Horned Dragon Stone (Bronze Level): Become a White Horned Dragon for 3 seconds. Able to launch attacks of the same level.]

“Phew, such a great harvest.”

Especially the 0.5 Vitality Enhancement coupon. It was a treasure that could be used by the entire clan.

Calculating it, Lo Ya was currently at level 17. A 0.5 Enhancement coupon was equivalent to adding 16 levels of 0.5 units of Vitality attributes to her, which was also 8 points. In the future, it would increase again.

And the Sickle Insect that came to eat meat seemed to have bad luck and did not obtain the entire clan’s evolution.

But now the probability itself was very high. Lo Ya estimated that by killing a few more dragons, she would be able to obtain the opponent’s gene.

When it was about time to eat, the land in front of them, where many dinosaurs, magic beasts and Magical Creature lived, was close.

Lo Ya suddenly had a feeling that she had walked out of the Beginner Village.

Yes, there was a high level leveling area in front of her, and it was the kind that could greatly increase her combat strength in a short period of time.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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