C122 No Violation of the Treaty

Ten minutes later, half of the Earl’s army were still fighting desperately outside the city. Unfortunately, because of the Insect Girl Clan’s fast speed, the commander had to order the city gates to be closed in advance.

The dozens of archers on the wall had limited damage to the insects. The main reason was that the insects were too agile, and most of the arrows could not hit the fatal areas.

The soldiers who were blocked outside the gate became more and more desperate. They were enemies on all sides, and it was impossible for them to break out of the encirclement. Looking at the situation now, the only thing they could do was to fight until they died.

However, what surprised the humans and Lo Ya was that the insects suddenly made a shocking move at this moment – climbing the wall!

The Sickle Insect’s sickle quickly stabbed into the wall, and like a nimble cheetah, it climbed up the wall with a swoosh.

The count, who was originally standing calmly on the city wall, was stunned. The general behind him saw that something was wrong and immediately stepped forward and said, “Lord Count, please return to the mansion. It is dangerous here.”

“Yes.” The count nodded and immediately turned around to leave with the two soldiers.

Just as the Sickle Insect was about to climb up the city wall, the hundreds of soldiers on top waved their weapons downwards. Some of the archers shot down vertically and were fortunate enough to kill the two insects. However, as these monsters charged up in piles, the archers on top had no choice but to pull out their short blades and engage in close combat.

“Damn it, hit them down, don’t let them charge up”

The Army Commander’s sharp blades began to flash with light, and his long sword flashed with two afterimages at a rapid speed. The two Sickle Insect that had just jumped onto the city wall were killed. However, many of the surrounding soldiers did not have the strength to attack in a group like him. A large number of insects quickly jumped onto the sparse city walls. After they stabilized themselves, they immediately brandished their blades to the side, causing the soldiers to have no choice but to shift their attention to the city.

Following that, more bugs took advantage of the situation and arrived at the city.

Lo Ya touched her chin and her pupils slightly adjusted, drawing the scene of the city to her eyes.

The Eye of Truth even saw the expressions of every soldier.

“I didn’t think that the Sickle Insect would surprise me again.”

The rebel generals who were commanding the battle in the distance also had mixed feelings.

The fighting style of the Insect Girl Clan had left a deep impression on them. In terms of individual combat strength, the Sickle Insect did not have any advantage, but when combined, it was like a violent machine.

“General, a portion of the bugs are eating meat.”

A general suddenly pointed his finger behind the charging line of the bugs.

The general frowned, and only after a while did he spread out his wings and reply, “Let them eat, leave behind their bones.”


Half an hour later, the army broke through the city and began to clean up the remaining streets. Along the way, the Sickle Insect slaughtered the soldiers who dared to resist. In less than 30 minutes, the alliance army gathered in front of the lord’s manor.

Lo Ya followed Wolf Cavalry into the hall.

The earl was sitting on a chair with a few family members and soldiers standing beside him.

“Count, we meet again.” The general walked in with a smile and swaggered into the chair beside him.

The count’s face was gloomy and he did not say a word.

“It seems that the Count is not in a good mood.” The general sneered and shook his head. “I’m afraid you have never thought that as the famous First Count, one day, you will be defeated by a lowly commoner who even looks down on you.”

“Luther, pay attention to your tone. After all, the person in front of you is a count of the kingdom.” The commander standing next to the Count raised the sword in his hand.

“Oh, of course I know.” The general smiled in disdain, “Unfortunately, how many people still recognize you? I think the count must be very afraid, right? Afraid of dying in the hands of a group of lowly peasants.”

“Shut up, you traitors” The Count slammed his palm on the chair, his face gloomy. “I’ve always lived up to my conscience.”

“My conscience? Who would believe your words? I don’t believe that you won’t be able to see the lives of so many poor people! Lord Count, I think you are a noble of the kingdom. If you beg for mercy on the spot, or swear a venomous oath to change yourself, perhaps we will let you go. Otherwise… ”

The commander frowned. “Luther, what are you saying? The Count is a man of steel. Why would he kneel down and swear to you? ”


The Count knelt on the ground.

“I was wrong, please spare me. I swear that I will change myself in the future, or else I will have no children!”

The audience was instantly dumbfounded.

[The Toxic Oath Growth Device has taken effect.] 】

While Lo Ya was still in a daze, an old man who looked like a housekeeper ran out of the house in a hurry. “Lord Count, congratulations, your child is born.”

The Count’s expression changed. He turned his head and asked, “It was born so quickly, didn’t it only take eight months?”

“Yes, it was born early and very healthy. That’s right, he…” When the housekeeper said this, he coughed awkwardly. His eyes swept over the top of his head and his expression did not seem right.

“What is it?” The Count’s heart skipped a beat again.

“Your child, that is him… No peck! ”


No Pi?

The Count’s brain buzzed.

“Hahahaha, karma, karma, even the gods are unhappy with you. I’m going to punish you.” One of the generals suddenly laughed towards the sky, two streams of tears actually flowed out from his eyes. ” When my mother died at the hands of nobles like you, I never thought that such a day would come ”

The matter was too sudden, and no one noticed how strange it was.

Even the commander was dumbfounded. “Count, you…”

“Too ruthless.”

Lo Ya shivered. She felt that this thing in the item space was not a normal item.

The poison oath generator had affected the logic of the development of things.

The earl seemed to have regained his senses and almost vomited blood. He did not know what had just happened to him, but he had actually thought of begging for mercy. This had completely ruined his image over the years, and it had gone against his original intention.

And his own child…

“Lo Ya, the earl is also your enemy, right? What do you think we should do with him?” The general’s gaze fell on Lo Ya, who had been silent the whole time.

“I have already dealt with him.” Lo Ya giggled, “I am not very interested in the upcoming war with the rebel army. As a Magical Creature, I only want to sign a non-aggression pact with the forces you represent.”

“Of course.” Hearing that Lo Ya did not have any intentions of prying into human territory, the general immediately smiled.

Lo Ya had always insisted that she did not want to negotiate with humans to avoid bringing disaster to Insect Girl Clan. To the cute little fellows, the large forest on the east side of the territory and the countless high grade Magical Creature. That was the direction where the Insect Girl Clan would become stronger.

Even though they could not see Lo Ya’s efforts for the time being.

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