C121 Two-thirds of the Continent

The brown-winged dragon crashed into the crowd like a tank, its seemingly fragile wings showing incredible tenacity. The crazy impact sent more than ten people flying. The one meter long beak bit downwards. It clamped a soldier in its mouth. It raised its head and with a gulp, the poor soldier was swallowed into its stomach.

“There are dinosaurs in this world?”

Although they were brought to the dense forest, Lo Ya still saw the dragon rampaging through the crowd.

This was definitely not the kind of Winged Dragon that existed in ancient times. Although the size of the Winged Dragon was shocking, it was not to this extent, let alone killing people as efficiently as killing chickens.

The spearman had already reached the front of the Winged Hand Dragon, and the sharp spearhead ruthlessly hit the skin of this creature. The expected scene of flesh and blood being pierced through did not appear. The spear barely managed to pierce through a bit of skin. It was broken by the huge Strength.

Many soldiers were crushed to death by the weight of a ton.

Lo Ya realized that the mercenaries also wanted to escape, but under the joint attack of the swarm, Even Silver Level soldiers could not hold on for long. The Sickle Insect attacked with their lives on the line. If one was not careful, these unlucky fellows would be pierced by the sharp blades.

In a short five minutes, all the mercenaries died. The only enemy left on the battlefield was the brown-winged dragon.

This huge monster forcefully charged past the crowd of people. After being injured, it fell into a frenzied state and directly charged into the pile of Sickle Insect.

Although its skin was rough and thick, this Gold Level creature was still unable to withstand the sharp sickle. Soon, it became drenched in blood.

After feeling that it could not take it anymore, the Winged Hand Dragon prepared to escape. Unfortunately, Lo Ya did not give it a chance. It directly let a large number of insects jump onto its back and wings to attack it, causing it to barely fly up and be pulled to the ground.

With a knife and a knife, the giant dragon made a turn and crashed into the crowd again amidst shrill screams. The soldiers waved their blades and unleashed their combat techniques, stabbing the wound on the monster time and time again with Earth Spike.

After seven or eight minutes, the Winged Hand Dragon finally fell to the ground.

Seeing that the life points was almost gone, Lo Ya immediately broke free from her embrace. She jumped onto the back of a Sickle Insect and rushed towards the other side.

Unfortunately, she was still a step too late, and was unable to make another cut.

“Ah, what a pity.”

The experience points were gone, but it didn’t matter. It would be a waste not to eat Gold Level meat.

After wriggling over, she and the bugs ate the dinosaur meat in front of the rebel army.

[Evolution points + 30]

[Evolution points + 26]

“This…” Some of the soldiers turned to look at their general, only to see him shake his head and say, “Let them eat.”

Without the swarm, who knows how many people would be lost in this battle.

The human soldiers began to calculate the number of casualties, and in the end, found out that it was the ten plus minutes of torment. Since more than 30 people had died, more than 40 people had suffered varying degrees of injuries. The situation of the swarm was slightly better, mainly because the Winged Dragon’s situation was already bad when it rushed in. It began to lose its will to fight.

“The result of this battle’s calculations is a profit”

Lo Ya retracted her will from Buggy and nodded her head in satisfaction.

The high efficiency of converting the insects resulted in them being able to withstand the consumption to a large extent even when they went through tough battles.

The soldiers saw the insects cut the meat with their own eyes. Then, they gathered together and began to eat it.

Other than Lo Ya who needed to chew, the other insects could even swallow the meat directly into their stomachs.

20 minutes later, the meat was finished, and the army began to pull it out.

Little Insect Girl, who had returned to Luya’s side, wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth as she happily rubbed her belly.

The satisfaction after eating was really too great. My appearance must be about the same as young Little Insect Girl.

“As expected, it’s all my fault. I passed down my bad habits to them.” She helplessly spat out a sentence and suddenly thought of something. She turned her head and said, “Oh right, Luya, was that monster from before also a dragon?”

This one… The Battle Mage was stunned for a moment and then shook her head. “No, it shouldn’t be. The Winged Hand Dragon is a creature that lives in the deeper parts of Fresnel Forest. It is usually very difficult to adapt to the food and climate here.”

“Are there a lot of monsters in the Fresnel Forest?”

“Of course there are a lot of them. I’ve heard from the priest that most of the prehistoric creatures in the vicinity of Star Abyss are prehistoric creatures. Most of them are monsters that are beyond our imagination. The environment there is much worse compared to other places, and it is hot and humid. It’s hard to survive.”

“Dinosaurs?” The first thing that came to Lo Ya’s mind was Jurassic Park.

“Dinosaurs… That’s right, isn’t it? It’s really scary, haha. After all, Fresnel Forest occupied a third of the entire world. It can be considered the home of Magical Creature.”

Lo Ya maintained her silence.

When she was flying in the sky, she had indeed seen a boundless forest. But because the distance was too far, she did not notice many details.

Only now did she realize that this boundless forest was really terrifying.

The main force arrived at the northern part of Doomberg City.

After hearing Lo Ya’s suggestion to attack from the side, the general only sent about two-thirds of the troops to fight outside the city.

The earl on the city narrowed his eyes and looked at the troops in the distance. He roughly estimated the strength of these enemies and turned to say to the commander, “Go out and fight.”

Both sides came to a fair battle in the city.

This might be the standard fighting style among the nobles of Hojo Kingdom. Both sides set up a battle formation and charged at each other.

In the battle, Lo Ya led the swarm to the west side of the battlefield. While the humans were not paying attention, they started to charge from a few kilometers away.

When the Sickle Insect was close to a thousand meters away, some of the soldiers who were watching the battle noticed the black swarm of insects in the shape of awls.

“Not good, it’s a magic beast. Let the shield-bearers go up and block it.” The commander hurriedly ordered the messenger beside him.

A blue-grey flag was waved, and the troops below immediately formed a formation. The soldiers at the side turned their heads in fear. They looked at the swarm that was charging at them like a tsunami and cried out in alarm.

The Sickle Insect now had the strength of a Black Iron Level even when it was just born. Although the carapace on their bodies was not as hard as human metal armor, it was still very powerful. However, the sickle was comparable to an iron knife, and its sharpness was even greater. During the battle, the monsters that were covered in armor and metal pieces could only be compared to the Noble Army, which only had a few parts of its body covered in armor and metal pieces. Of course, they were better than the monsters from the ___.

However, the weakness of the Sickle Insect was obvious. It just didn’t practice any combat skills.

A Black Iron Level soldier with a combat skill might even be able to kill a Bronze Level creature. If they cooperated well, even a Silver Level could be turned over.

However, under such a large scale attack, Lo Ya felt that this small gap could be made up for.

The moment the collision occurred, both sides’ losses were shocking.

In addition, the east side also suffered the charge of another third of the rebel army. It could be said that the count army was completely surrounded.

In the midst of the battle, the Sickle Insect group felt a tremendous pressure.

The losses were greater than the casualties, and this was even under the circumstances where there were a small number of wolf beasts supporting them.

Lo Ya was actually not willing to let the insects lose too much, so there were more parts to play in the battle. Correspondingly, the expressions of the count and the group of soldiers standing in the city were quite interesting.

“Commander, were those the insects we previously fought?”

“I think so.” The commander blushed with shame.

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