C120 Brown Winged Hand Dragon

After saying some important questions, the army set out at noon that day for the capital of the Count’s dominion, the City of Doomberg.

In most people’s memories, Hojo Kingdom had been flourishing. The king had the ambition to expand his territory, and his ability was extraordinary. However, for some reason, in just a few decades, the lord had split his territory and thieves ran amok. The nobles who originally called each other “brothers” fought each other, attacking each other for their own interests.

Under the chaotic situation, the Archduke of Blood Orchid in the eastern part of the Empire wanted to rebel first and sit on the throne. As a result, he received a joint attack from the surrounding nobles.

In order to save his territory, the archduke sought the help of the neighboring country in the east and obtained fifty thousand reinforcements. He also defeated the allied army in the battle of the White Rain River, which shocked the entire country.

Ever since then, the politics of Hojo Kingdom had actually had foreign interference.

Hence, a kingdom that existed in name, a missing princess, and chaotic and collapsing laws… When the civilians recalled the time from several decades ago, it was as if they had been separated from each other for a lifetime.

“So, are thieves nowadays so bold?”

On the way, Little Insect Girl, who was listening to Luya’s narration, raised her head and looked at the group of thieves blocking the way from afar.

“Those are not thieves, but mercenaries. They are obviously not from the country.” Luya frowned slightly, “They are not crazy wolves, right?”

“Mad Wolves?”

Just as Lo Ya was confused, a man’s deep roar came from in front of her, “Hand over 5 gold coins, or else you will be killed without mercy.”

“Awesome, dozens of people blackmailing thousands of people?” Lo Ya was shocked in her heart. The highest level on those heads was Silver Level. It seemed like they did not have an absolute advantage. What gave them the courage to do so?

“A desperate man, a madman raised by a crazy wolf. If you give money, you are a mercenary. If you don’t give money, you are an enemy. You are also an enemy who does not care about his life.”

“If he doesn’t give money, he will fight with his life on the line?”

While Lo Ya was puzzled, a general took out a bag of money from his body and walked over.

“Not bad. I will deduct two gold coins from you next time.” The man in the lead patted the general’s shoulder and smiled. “Brothers, make way. Please let the lord pass.”


The well-equipped mercenaries on the warhorses moved to the sides.

The rebel soldiers at the back looked furious, but there was nothing they could do. Something that could be settled with a few gold coins was not worth the lives of dozens or even hundreds of people. After all, the other side still had so many foreign mounted archers.

Just as the main force was still jogging, another voice suddenly came from the side.

“Wait.” The leader pointed at the dozens of Sickle Insect following behind, “Those are the magic beasts that you raise?”

“Yes.” One of the generals replied.

“Hand over that one, or… hand over this woman”

His fingers moved between Luya and Lo Ya. It could be seen that… These people wanted Lo Ya’s Small even more. Sometimes, this kind of rare magic beast’s value was even higher than a beauty’s because magic beasts could be sold for a lot of money. If there was a lot of money, would beautiful women be afraid of being lacking?

“Oh, you want me?” Lo Ya pointed at her fair little face and spoke in a clear voice.

“Yo, you can talk.” The mercenaries laughed. “Small, you are very cute. Why don’t you follow us?”

“Sure, but in hell.”


A heaven-shaking bug roar suddenly resounded within a radius of several hundred meters. Countless Sickle Insect emerged from the tall slopes on both sides of the mountain. Like a wave, it surged downwards. On the ground around them, pitch-black wolf beasts crawled out with banging sounds. While these people were not paying attention, they waved their claws that were more than ten centimeters long.

“Not good, let’s fight together!”

Hum –

These mercenaries drew their weapons one after another. The mounted archers among them immediately shot their arrows at the wolf in front of them.

The penetrating power of the arrows was astonishing. However, after piercing into the wolf’s skull, they did not cause any fatal injuries.

These large monsters with the basic strength of Bronze Level had an exaggerated weight advantage, even if they were Silver Level. Bang! Therefore, these bronze soldiers didn’t have time to react to such a sudden attack. Two of them were killed. The others waved their weapons and slashed at the wolf in front of them.

The two Undead Insect sitting on the wolf’s back stabbed the short sword in their hands. The sharp and tough sword pierced into the shoulder of a Silver Level mercenary. The opponent groaned and silently chanted, “Flash Slash.” His body turned into a shadow and flashed two meters high in the air.

The sharp blade in his hand did not move much, but the Undead Insect broke into two halves.

“Attention all troops, kill all these bastards!”

The Sickle Insect had already made its move. The general also knew that this battle would not end until one of them died, so he might as well finish it off.

The most troublesome part about this group of outlaws was that they dared to fight more with fewer people, and they would never run away or surrender. They would fight until the last person. The so-called creed of the Bravehearts and Thieves, these idiots all abided by it.

The leader on the opposite side charged towards Lo Ya. However, Luya placed a Magic shield in front of her to block the opponent’s attack.

After succeeding, she hugged Little Insect Girl tightly and quickly retreated backwards.

The Insect Sea had already rushed down, and the black line covered dozens of mercenaries.

In the midst of the crazy slaughter, the enemy leader staggered a few steps back, took out a horn from his body, and blew it towards the sky.

Doo Doo ~

In the next second, a loud roar came from a distant mountain.

The expressions of all the soldiers on the scene changed.

Turning their heads, they saw a huge dragon-type creature with a pair of wings on its back appear on the mountain.

It was different from the other dragons Lo Ya had seen before. This kind of giant dragon had thin wings that were similar to bats. It had a bird’s beak in front of its head and a huge bright red crown on its head. Similar to brown lizard skin and clumsy crawling movements, they could not match a real dragon.

“It’s a Winged Dragon. Where did these mercenaries get the Winged Dragon from?”

The huge dragon flapped its wings and flew into the sky, gliding towards the battlefield.

Brown Winged Hand Dragon, Level 27, Gold Level, Dinosaur.


Lo Ya stared blankly at the giant monster that was flying down from the sky. Luya hugged it tightly and ran towards the forest in the distance.

“Damn it, spearmen go up and protect the other infantry.”

When the rebel general saw the monster diving down, he roared at the surrounding soldiers.

The entire 1000 man army began to move, and the 100 gunmen rushed to the front. Each and every one of them looked nervously at the Winged Hand Dragon that was getting closer and closer. An archer’s square formation also hurriedly pulled their bowstrings, preparing to deal with this sudden monster.

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