C118 Tree Tower

“There are no other wolves left. Does this mean that you are the only one left in the Werewolf Clan?”

Lo Ya had gotten used to the Goblin from the beginning to the werewolves now. There was always a war between different races in this forest. The Insect Girl Clan was not the most powerful. Although she had become the overlord of this small place, she knew that. There were still many creatures at the Gold Level and above in this world.

“We encountered many powerful monsters on the east side, and we suffered heavy losses. We can only retreat here, but…” Speaking up to this point, Ken shook his dizzy head. His tone was filled with despair. The monsters heading east were undefeatable. If they retreated, they would have a conflict with the Insect Girl Clan. Perhaps the heavens had decided that the Werewolf Clan would face this doomsday.

Lo Ya pondered for a moment and slowly opened her mouth to speak, “Begging the competitors to let me go requires an equal condition. Personally, your threat is too great.”

Little Insect Girl could not beat these wolves and compared to the Goblin, Lo Ya naturally felt that these creatures in front of her were too dangerous.

The wolves did not speak, and the grey wolf’s expression was also gloomy. At this moment, they really felt like humans, and their eyes revealed the aura of wisdom.

After pondering for half a minute, Lo Ya gave the order to kill the creatures in front of her.

It could not be helped. The current Little Insect Girl was not even as strong as the weakest werewolf. If these fellows stayed by their side, they would only be a disaster. For the sake of the reproduction of the tribe, Lo Ya sometimes had to learn to be cruel.

Many things had already exploded on the ground. They were all left behind by Insect Girl’s attacks.

Lo Ya went to pick them up one by one and threw them into the inventory one by one.

Very soon, she found something.

[Congratulations on obtaining Treasure Overlapping Machine.]

[Treasure Flipping Machine: You have obtained a random treasure.] 】

Many cards appeared in front of Lo Ya’s eyes. Her eyes lit up and she immediately clicked on one of them.

A golden light flashed…

“Wow, oh.”

[Congratulations, you have obtained the Item Wheel.] ]

[Item Wheel: A random item.]

“Eh, are we going to draw again?”

After all, it was a golden item, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

He clicked on the spin button, and the wheel spun rapidly. Finally, it stopped in a red grid.

[Congratulations, you have obtained the Treasure Flipping Machine.]

[Treasure card player: You have randomly obtained a treasure.] 】

Lo Ya,… “”

Alright, a little more.

[Congratulations, you have obtained the Item Wheel.] ]

[Congratulations, you have obtained the Treasure Flipping Machine.]

[Congratulations, you have obtained a tool chakram.] ]

“Draft Papa!” Lo Ya smashed the huge profit board onto the ground.

Doo, doo, doo…

The money tray produced a joyful melody and the air was filled with a joyous atmosphere.

[Congratulations, you have obtained the Treasure Flipping Machine.]

When they returned to the leaf tent, they picked up Little Insect Girl who was sleeping soundly. Lo Ya also wriggled to the center of everyone and prepared to sleep comfortably.

Dawn had passed and the sky of the first rays of dawn was filled with dark clouds. The natural scenery seemed to have brought Lo Ya to an endless primeval land. The giant trees here were more than a hundred meters tall, and the leaves were one meter wide. Monsters could release powerful Magic, and all kinds of rare and unusual beasts could be found all over the mountains and the earth.

Yes, this was a completely different world from Earth.

Lo Ya had a blurry dream. The home in her dream had been destroyed, and countless creatures were looking for a way to survive in despair. When she thought that hope was no longer there, she was woken up by a little Little Insect Girl.

The little cutie stuck out her tongue and licked Lo Ya’s face. Her black gem-like eyes were sparkling and full of spirit. Her little tail kept rubbing against her chest.

Lo Xin, Lo Lo, Lo Lee, and the other bigger Insect Girl happened to form a circle, like a wall, wrapping Little Insect Girl and the others in the middle. The bodies of the wolf beasts formed an even bigger wall and built it at the outermost layer.

Most of the storms and rain were blocked by the bodies of the wolves, and the remaining part of the rain fell on Little Insect Girl and the rest. Lo Ya did not forget that she was also a young child, so she was very naturally protected.

“Recently, there have been so many nightmares. Why do I feel inexplicably lonely?”

She yawned and prepared to climb out of the “pile of meat” formed by Little Insect Girl when Lo Xin’s hand suddenly reached over and hugged her.

“Lo Ya, it is not good to go out now. It is cold outside.”

“I also know that it is cold, so I went to see if the Sickle Insect had dug a hole in the tree hole.”

Although the price was to empty out a few trees, it was still able to withstand the cold, right? Hiding inside a big tree was still very comfortable. After digging, there was a natural house inside. After building a slanted slope, one could climb all the way to the top and then open a window. The mountains were small.

Lo Ya arrived in front of a tree a hundred meters away and looked up through the hazy fog. Vaguely, she saw the tree leaves that covered the sky and covered the sun.

A Sickle Insect crawled out from a small hole at the side, indicating that the work had been completed.

It was indeed completed, and the cave directly connected to the top.

Lo Ya followed the circular slope inside and wriggled all the way. After half an hour, she arrived at the room at the top. A wooden stopper door that she requested was pulled open and then she saw a boundless dark green.

The tall and low trees were connected to the mountains in the distance. Because of the distance, they could not see the human town. Lo Ya suddenly had an idea. She felt that she could get some watchtowers for detectives.

It was indeed not convenient to let Sickle Insect investigate the enemy situation on the ground. But if they were to look down from high and use the terrain to observe human towns, wouldn’t that be better?

This way, as long as they discovered any unusual movements, they could let Lo Ya know directly through the Spiritual Link.

“Good idea.”

After making this decision, Lo Ya sent three squads of Sickle Insect to the vicinity of the human town.

The task of these insects was to find taller trees and build a few natural observation towers. When they had nothing else to do, they would hide in the tower and rely on hunting to survive.

“I keep feeling that as long as I have a few Sickle Insect, I will be able to see the situation around the territory.” Lo Ya felt that her decision was wise.

The way for Insect Girl Clan to become stronger was actually very simple, it was to eat.

Eating the flesh and blood of stronger creatures, the genes were used in different species. Or perhaps obtaining Components and skills from monsters and equipping them onto Insect Girl’s own bodies.

This evolution process seemed slow, but in fact, it had only been a month or two. Lo Ya’s Little Insect Girl was devouring and fighting almost every day, even when she was lazy. She would not let go of any suspicious food.

For example, just now, a big bug slowly crawled past a certain young Insect Girl. Then, that little guy accurately stuck out its tongue and swallowed the bug with a sizzle.

In fact, she was still sleeping.

Eating in a dream, this might really be a magical ability.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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