C117 End of Failure Map

It’s not metal, it actually looks like a weird technological creation. Because they were too far away, they couldn’t see what it looked like clearly.

“Alien?” Lo Ya frowned.

After all, the Eye of Truth was not an astronomical telescope. Even if she tried her best, she could not identify the specific situation.

The clouds quickly covered the moon again. The rain did not subside. There was a short and distant howl in the distance, and then it returned to silence.

Two hours later, the insects on the east side suddenly roared in unison. A group of creatures of unknown origin rushed out from the darkness and fought with them.

It was the Werewolf Clan!

Lo Ya immediately shared the vision of the Sickle Insect and saw pairs of ghostly green eyes flickering in the darkness. The low roars of the grey wolf rose and fell one after another. The Sickle Insect that were at the border of the tribe quickly clashed with these monsters.

She did not know what was going on, but the combat strength of these wolves was extraordinary. Ordinary grey wolf had the strength of a Mid Black Iron Level, and the wolfmen had a qualitative leap. Their average quality was close to the peak of the Black Iron Level.

“Wolf Cavalry, go and crush them!”

Lo Ya did not want to give these wolfmen any face. Luckily, these guys came to attack. If Insect Girl had come earlier, they would not have been able to devour the tiger’s meat. The loss of this battle would have been beyond her imagination.

The leading werewolf repelled a Sickle Insect in the dark and staggered two steps back. The pain on his palm made him frown slightly, as if he was wondering about the Strength displayed by these bugs.

Furthermore, each Sickle Insect had a sharp horn on their heads, causing many wolves to be unable to attack their heads. Sometimes, if one was not careful, not only would they not be unable to cause fatal injuries to the other party, but they would also be unable to cause fatal injuries to the other party. On the contrary, it would cause fatal injuries to the other party. A wound had been poked on his side.

“Kenta, the ones fighting against us are their elites”

Feeling that something was amiss, the werewolf quickly retreated from the battlefield and shouted at another werewolf not too far away.

“I saw it.” Ken’s expression was a little strange. The wolf’s vision was quite good in the dark. Hence, it could see that the Sickle Insect squads that had gathered around the area were increasing in number. Some bugs even charged from the side of the battlefield, charging at the wolf pack’s front line one by one.

Moonlight once again shot through the gaps in the clouds, and the hazy drizzle shone with a mysterious color. The grey wolf seemed to have received the enhancement of the unknown Strength, becoming more and more aggressive and aggressive.

At first, it was true that the Sickle Insect side had lost even more, but as they fought and the number of insects gathered around them became more and more exaggerated, the scale of this war was already leaning towards the Insect Girl Clan side.

“Rabat, gather the Strength and break through them in one wave. We can’t lose this battle!”

The night was the wolf’s time, and Ken knew that this was their last chance to take revenge.

The hundreds of grey wolf and dozens of werewolves behind him gathered together and started running towards the insect swarm’s flank.

However, what shocked them was that the insects suddenly began to retreat on a large scale. At the same time, countless black Wolf Cavalry appeared on the high ground on the side. Like heavy tanks, they rushed towards the southwest side of the wolf charging line.

“Turn around, be careful of the insects on the side.”

In terms of formation, these wolves were far inferior to humans. Furthermore, Lo Ya’s orders were conveyed at once, allowing every insect to cooperate very well.

When the 40 Wolf Cavalry crashed into the side of the wolf pack like a tsunami, the mixed screams pushed the night attack to its peak. The black wave broke through the rows of grey wolf, and its speed did not decrease at all. It jumped and pressed forward. After recklessly trampling, the hundreds of Sickle Insect that followed behind also waved their sharp blades along the way. They killed the wild wolves beside them.

A werewolf saw the heavy monster charging forward, gritted his teeth, and roared in anger. Then, he collided with the monster.


With a dull thud, the rebounding force of the monster was unbelievable, followed by the crisp sound of bones breaking. After its head buzzed for a while, it found that its body had already fallen to the ground. Only the heavy “iron hooves” trampled over its body. The dark skeleton lowered its head and pulled out the arrow that had pierced its chest. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the distance.

“Ghost fire…”

Seeing the blue flames in its eye sockets, the werewolf subconsciously muttered to himself. A moment later, the spreading pain interrupted its thoughts. The Sickle Insect behind it had already swung its sharp blade at its neck. It used the last of its strength to spit out an air cannon, blasting the Sickle Insect away. Immediately after, it lost consciousness.

The Werewolf Clan’s entire line was defeated. The huge swarm of insects completely surrounded them in just a few minutes. Over 1,300 Sickle Insect and over 40 Wolf Cavalry crazily surrounded and killed these giant wolves that were struggling to resist.

Lo Ya saw that the losses on her side were too great. She also approached the battlefield and set up the ice needle. The other adult Insect Girl imitated her and carried out close range support of the Magic. As a result, the situation of the battle was more focused on Insect Girl’s side.

After half a night, the swarm began to take turns to rest, leaving only a small number of insects to fight in turns to continuously exhaust the wolf pack that was stubbornly resisting.

Dawn was about to arrive, and the moonlight’s amplification was almost negligible. Under the impact of despair, the exhausted wolf pack was on the verge of giving up on resisting. The werewolf was willing to express his thoughts of surrendering too many times, but unfortunately, he discovered that these insects did not seem to have any possibility of communicating. No matter how he shouted, it was useless.

Until the last three werewolves and 20 grey wolf. When the pressure of the battle suddenly disappeared, the swarm of insects retreated dozens of meters and opened up a wide path.

In the storm, a few adult Insect Girl appeared in front of these wolves.

She was clearly small and cute on the outside, but she was like a high and mighty king sitting on the mighty Black Wolf Beast.

Lo Ya, who was at the front, gently raised her hand, and a sharp ice needle condensed in the air.

“How many individuals are left in the Werewolf Clan?” Her question was very direct.

Ken Tai slowly lowered his claws and shook his dizzy head. He realized that he had lost too much blood and could not hold on much longer.

The cold rain hit his body and felt extremely comfortable. He did not immediately answer Insect Girl’s question but sat down on the ground.

The other werewolves also kept silent.

After a long time, a voice came from the wolf pack. “There are no other wolves.”

It was like the indescribable sorrow of losing all their property in gambling.

But who caused all of this?

Underestimating his opponent’s strength, overestimating himself, thinking that he could rely on his Strength to make a comeback after losing.

Yes, if the Insect Girl Clan did not undergo the tiger’s evolution, the werewolf might really be able to obtain victory. The reason why they lost was because their luck was bad.

Sometimes, the word luck could decide the future of life and even species.



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