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After a period of observation, Lo Ya was sure that the level of the brain determined the upper limit of a creature’s intelligence, and not the lower limit.

The dumbest young Insect Girl and the smartest Little Insect Girl, the former might only have the intelligence of a newborn human. The latter was comparable to a few years old child. At present, to Little Insect Girl, the most difficult problem was the acceleration within 10. Or perhaps… Counting out the number of objects within 100.

In fact, humans only started to learn the 10 + plus subtraction method in kindergarten. Some human children who developed intelligence later might not be able to calculate the plus and subtraction method until they were 8 or 9 years old. However, as they learned, they could learn a large amount of knowledge in a very short few years. They could also quickly increase the difficulty and move towards maturity.

Lo Ya realized that the biggest problem with a Level-2 brain was that once it was raised to a very low level, it would be very difficult to take another step forward.

The performance of an adult Insect Girl also had a large difference. The dumber Lo Lo and Lo Yu were not even as smart as the young Insect Girl and the smarter young Insect Girl (Chiang Ya) even made Lo Ya exclaim in admiration in some aspects.

Lo Ya discovered that Insect Girl was actually also learning… Or rather, it was the accumulation of primitive wisdom. Of course, this kind of learning must be passively and not forcefully instilled.

For example, if a group of Sickle Insect could be given to them to command, Little Insect Girl, who did not have any feelings towards numbers, would start to consider calculating and counting. Although the final result was not satisfactory, it could also effectively nurture them.

Lo Ya more than once remembered Little Insect Girl’s happy expression when they saw her. She realized that… Insect Girl was different from humans who needed to live in groups. They could live in groups. However, she did not reject living alone. Lo Ya’s lonely memories from her childhood might have been preserved through some kind of genes, so that these little cute girls could live on their own. They could also take the initiative to maintain their survival and not be like weak human infants. Losing a mother could only be a pitiful death.

“I don’t know why, but I’m still a little envious of these little fellows. They’re so happy every day, and seeing food is like having the whole world”

Besides, the food was too messy, and basically, anything that could be eaten would be stuffed into their mouths. Of course this is a good thing, omnivores are purer. Meat and vegetarian food were much better.

Lo Ya felt that Insect Girl was better than humans because every baby would be treated as their own child. Although she was often unable to tell which tail was born by herself when she was born, it did not matter at all. Even the other babies of Little Insect Girl were treated equally in their eyes. They should all receive the best care.

Early in the morning, the bugs began to enthusiastically form a hunting team and went out to find food. Lo Xin led a few small teams to pick up grass in the forest, seemingly planning to eat vegetables.

The underground tunnel under the leader started to be built. Not only was there a waterproof canal, there were also some small traps that even Lo Ya was amazed at. This made her look at the abilities of the Sickle Insect even more in a different light.

When she was free, Lo Ya thought of the Origin Space entrance that Crystal Dragon God had given her.

The water gate that was summoned was actually no different from the one that was stolen from the human world. After entering, it was the same scene. However, on the Origin Space’s interface, there was an additional special function: [Mission Announcement]

After clicking in, he found that [Normal Mission], [Chain Mission], [Hidden Mission], [Main Mission], and a special [Epic Mission] popped up below.

Without a doubt, other than the Main Mission, the rest were all side missions. Lo Ya found that she had the authority to give out eight ballad silver coins and 500 experience points for free every day. If she wanted to give out other higher-level missions, She would need to pay experience points or tools.

“But why is there a limit to everything other than regular and chain missions?”

Just as Lo Ya was struggling to find an introduction, a notification suddenly popped up in the system in her head.

[Pay 500 Evolution points to break the relevant rules. Do you want to pay?]

“F * ck, I want money.”

In Lo Ya’s mind, the Evolution points was much more valuable than other things. It was a treasure that could increase the abilities of the entire family.

But she did not hesitate and still chose to pay.

[cracking mission rules…]

[Breaking mission rules…]

[The content is as follows: When any indigenous resident requests or requests the player’s help, the corresponding mission will be automatically generated.] If this mission is closely related to the development direction of this world and can significantly promote the development of the world, It will be the main mission. If it had nothing to do with the world structure, it would have a strong historical impact. The missions with rich rewards were called epic missions. The rest would be decided by the specific content. ]

[Identity of the indigenous people, requirements, rewards, and other factors will affect the level of the mission. As you have broken the rules, you can issue all the missions. It is recommended that you give more rewards when issuing high level missions. ]

“Alright, I don’t quite understand.”

However, there was one thing that he knew, and that was that he did not pay the 500 Evolution points, so Lo Ya could only give out regular and chain missions, but now… it seemed like she could give them all.

“Origin Space is becoming more and more like a game, maybe there are really a lot of players.”

There were too many mysteries, and it was hard to understand.

This time, Lo Ya was still at the place where she left last time.

She was not far from the nearest town. She looked at the ballad silver coins on her body and decided to buy a Magic Stone for summoning.

“But it’s a little strange. My body has clearly grown so much, why is it still so big in this world?”

Although it was strange, Lo Ya did not know why.

As they walked past more places, humans began to appear around them. Lo Ya transformed her legs and glanced at the tattered clothes on her body. She decided to go and get a pile of clothes first.

It was mainly for Insect Girl to wear.

Actually, the clothes were easy to get. She sneaked into a wooden house and stole a large pile of female clothing.

She did not need to wear pants when she was in a worm’s tail state, but it was important to transform into a human form.

She put on one of them and put on a hat. Lo Ya sneaked into the town. She was very beautiful, so the rate of her turning back was a little high. In order to avoid trouble, she deliberately walked through the empty alley. Then, she met a player that she hadn’t seen for a long time.

“Did you trigger any quests? This stupid game is really weird. It’s fine if you don’t have a panel, but there aren’t many missions either. Your level is as slow as a turtle’s crawl.”

“Stop complaining, such a realistic immersion, it’s not bad to just treat it as a foreign world tour”

“Tch, I don’t think this place is that interesting But the setting of the card battle is pretty good, but after staying here for a long time, I’m starting to suspect that our world is the real game ”

” Haha, I really think that our world is a game, this is the real world ”

The two men were chatting as a young girl wearing a Magic master’s robe and wearing a pointy hat followed behind them.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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