C109 A Little Help

As the young girl spoke, she kneaded Little Insect Girl into a round ball, then placed her on the ground and rolled around.

Lo Ya’s head was full of black lines.

A few seconds later, she stretched out her hand again and prepared to knead Lo Ya into a small ball.

“Wait.” Lo Ya quickly stretched out her hands. “That, Big Sister, why did you come to find us?”

The girl stopped and her smile was a little strange. “I remember that you summoned my projection. This kind of wonderful thing has not happened for many years, so I am very curious.”

Sure enough, this guy knew. Lo Ya concluded her guess.

The reason why God was a God should be that kind of high and mighty existence that was difficult to reach. But her current feeling was that God was not that hard to see. From the information of humans that God walked on the earth to seeing this seemingly arrogant Crystal Dragon God with her own eyes. Lo Ya’s concept had been overturned time and time again.

If it was a cultivation world in some fantasy novels, the gods would most likely cultivate to the peak and mortals would not be able to guess. But the girl in front of her was a bit too “ordinary.”

The most important thing was, why did she look like a human? Could it be a dragon that had transformed into a human?

“But that’s not important.” The girl seemed to not care at all, “The projection I left behind is for other creatures to summon. There are too many True Gods in this era. I’m a meaningless existence, so I don’t want to get involved in boring things. ”

The young girl stood up and stretched at the same time.

“True God, is there no meaning?” Lo Ya was puzzled in her heart, but she did not dare to ask too directly.

“There are some special individuals in the mortal world. When they are just born, they are different. Because of some reasons, I cannot give you too much help. However, in order to bring you closer to the truth, I have decided to give you a small gift.”

The young girl stretched out her index finger and lightly tapped Lo Ya’s forehead.

Crystal Dragon God will give you the entrance to Origin Space.

[Crystal Dragon God unlocks your authority in Origin Space and allows you to post quests to the players. ]

“Alright.” Retracting her finger, the girl nodded her head in satisfaction, “This should be within the rules of this world that not even gods can understand. Those that can bring surprises are usually existences that are ignored, I always thought so ”

With that, she lifted the basket and slowly walked towards the south.

“Big sister, wait.” Lo Ya had a flash of inspiration and shouted towards the girl who was about to leave into the distance.

“Hmm?” The other party turned around and saw Lo Ya quickly crawling up.

“Can you give me a few strands of your hair?”

“Hair?” Even though she was puzzled, the girl still pulled off a few strands of long hair from her head and handed them to Lo Ya.

“Wow, thank you.” Lo Ya looked very happy.

The young girl smiled slightly and turned around to leave completely. Lo Ya then went into the grass pile not far away with a face full of excitement.

“Start eating.”

She took a bite.

[Obtained 512 Evolution points. ]

[Obtained a large amount of divine attribute.] ]

[Obtained Components: Eye of Truth.] ”

“Wow, that’s all you got with a single strand of hair?”

Lo Ya took a deep breath and ate again.

Obtained 502 Evolution points. ]

[Obtained a large amount of divine attribute.] ]


[Obtained 530 Evolution points.] ]

[Obtained a large amount of divine attribute.] ]

Obtained a chance to draw cards. ”

“Ah, a chance to draw cards. Long time no see.”

Lo Ya felt very excited. If she had known earlier, she would have asked the other party for more nails or something. Seeing that beautiful big sister, perhaps she did not mind giving a few drops of blood, but in order to prevent her head from exploding, Lo Ya held back her curiosity and did not ask.

Countless cards were facing her from the back.

Lo Ya suddenly had an idea. She secretly grew her neck and wanted to see the pattern on the other side. But unfortunately, the back of these cards was always facing its eyes, so her little trick failed.

She had no choice but to choose one.

Congratulations, you have flipped to a 3-star (R) Race Skill Card: ice needle.

[ice needle Level 1: Second Grade Magic, Highest Level 3.] It can condense 20 ten-centimeter long ice needle in the air and shoot at the opponent. It can hit a target 100 meters away from the target. The ice needle would continuously consume a large amount of spiritual power while hovering in midair. Using this skill for a long period of time would allow one to train the attributes of the Spirit. It could also increase the range of the ___ by a small amount. ]

“I’m shocked. Second Grade Magic?”

Although it was a three-star card, he felt like he had unlocked an even higher star skill.

Lo Ya’s brain was quickly bestowed with the ability to release the ice-type Magic. Because there was no water element summoning, this skill did not receive any supplementary bonus. However, it was still the ability with the greatest range at the moment.

Lo Ya condensed the spiritual power, and 20 ice needle quickly formed in midair.

These ice needle were light blue, crystal clear, and emitting a faint light. They were like fluorescent crystals in the dark, looking very beautiful.

With a thought from Lo Ya, these ice needle flew out one by one and accurately hit a big tree in the distance.

20 round holes lined up in a row, displaying the power of this skill.

“Wow, the Magic is so much stronger after being a First Grade?”

This gap was even greater than the gap between Bronze and Black Iron.

It was indeed somewhat unexpected. Lo Ya now roughly knew that with an average stats of over 10, she would be at the Black Iron Level. If she was above 20, she would be at the Bronze Level. It seemed like there was a huge gap between Black Iron and Bronze. In fact, it was only a difference of 1 time between all attributes. What determined the level of both parties was their battle consciousness, skills, and the usage of their own Strength. Therefore, Lo Ya was confident in her cooperation during the war. They would surround and kill a werewolf with an average quality of one level higher.

“Forget it, let’s continue eating.”

There were still three strands of hair left. Lo Ya hesitated for a moment and still decided to eat it.

After all, this thing had the best effect in her stomach.

[Obtained 480 Evolution points. ]

[Obtained a large amount of divine attribute.] ]

[Obtained 551 Evolution points.] 】

[Obtained a large amount of divine attribute. ]

[Obtained 523 Evolution points.]

Obtained a large amount of divine attribute. 】

“No more.”

Six strands of hair, over 3000 Evolution points, and 6 divine attribute. Lo Ya had mixed feelings.

This was just the hair of a god.

But the effect of the divine attribute did not seem to be very obvious. Perhaps it would only manifest when one was injured or in danger.

After eating her hair, she crawled out of the pile of grass and discovered that the little cutie was chasing a little bunny and running around on the ground. She did not know why there were so many white rabbits around. Lo Ya had seen quite a number of them recently. Of course, there were more grey rats.

After the rabbit ran around for a while, it was finally caught by Little Insect Girl, who was even younger than it. The little cutie grabbed the rabbit’s tail and wriggled all the way to the middle of a pile of tall grass. Then, she carried it and continued to beat it.

The rabbit was stunned for a long time. It realized that the cute little rabbit was really asleep. So, it carefully slipped out of Little Insect Girl’s arms and escaped towards the distance, round and round.

But after a few steps, Lo Ya very evilly blocked in front of the rabbit fungus.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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