C107 Expel the Werewolves(last Part)

“F * ck, trouble.” Du Mu cursed in his heart. He had discovered that the enemy was unexpectedly strong.

A Undead Insect riding on a Black Wolf Beast brandished its blade and slashed down at him. Sensing the Strength within, Du Mu quickly retreated. His neck was pushed back, barely managing to dodge the attack. However, the black beast’s massive body also launched an attack. Its thick and large claws descended. It ruthlessly swept towards its arm.


With a temporary block, the front arm of the wolf let out a cracking sound of bones cracking. Du Mu also staggered a few steps back due to the immense force, but in the end, he still did not stand firm. He was stepped on by the other Wolf Cavalry who had pounced on him from the side.

The exaggerated kinetic energy directly crushed his bones. Under the stimulation of the intense pain, Du Mu roared angrily and was forced to go berserk. However, the second short sword swept over with a whirlwind and pierced through his chest.

“This…” Realizing that he had suffered a fatal injury, Du Mu’s mind went blank.

Lo Yu took advantage of the moment when he was unprepared and quickly moved up. She placed her hands on both sides of her forehead and triggered the Electric Shock.


The visible charred gas caused the werewolf to twitch all over the ground. Lo Yu swung her fist again, and with a layer of frost attached to it, half of its head was frozen stiff.

“Wow, this piece of meat must be pretty good.” Lo Yu took the opportunity to secretly take a bite, then pretended that I did not secretly eat it and worked very hard. She looked at Lo Ya.

“You really are an idiot. You even ate it on the battlefield.” Lo Ya wiped the cold sweat off her forehead when she saw its bulging mouth.

It was surrounded by enemies.

“Du Mu!!”

The Werewolf Clan Master saw that his trusted subordinate was killed by a group of insects in just a few seconds. His eyes were bloodshot.

He knew that he was too confident. When Insect Girl was fighting, He had almost gathered all of his most powerful Strength to deal with the werewolves. Lo Yu’s combat strength was not enough to fight against these terrifying giant wolves, but with the cooperation of a large group of high-level insects, This Little Insect Girl displayed shocking strength and successfully achieved the magnificent feat of killing enemies above her level.

On the other side, Lo Lo, who had successfully transformed into a chrysalis, had actually broken through to the Bronze Level. Her Magic’s damage could already be compared to some middle-level Bronze Level warriors. Therefore, her performance was not any worse than Lo Yu’s.

Yes, she was only at level 9, but she had the attributes of a human at level 10.

But even so, Lo Lo was surrounded by a large group of bug guards. Under Lo Ya’s request, she ordered the high level bug swarm to concentrate and attack the enemy werewolf. Even at all costs, they had to quickly eliminate their elites.

Seeing the danger, the patriarch jumped down from the house and rushed to Lo Yu’s position.

With one step, his tall body jumped more than ten meters into the sky, and then heavily landed on the ground. The wind from his fist brought along a whistling air flow as he fiercely attacked from more than ten meters away.

“Source of Strength!” Lo Bing activated her skill and gave Lo Yu 20% Magic damage and the Strength’s BUFF.

“Wow, eat my Chain Explosion!”

With the Strength’s bonus, Lo Yu immediately pulled out the energy from her tail and spat out a fist-sized silk rope. After the silk string flew out, it quickly flew over the head of the Werewolf Clan and made a series of explosions.

The first two times, dozens of long and thin silk spears exploded and shot towards the patriarch from top to bottom.

The third wave formed a white silk shield with no gap between the two of them.

“Wave Fist.” The aura of the Werewolf Clan was condensed to the extreme. The peak Bronze Level Strength was condensed on his arm. Then, he threw out a punch that shook the heavens and earth… and struck the silk shield.

The Qi wave broke through the spider silk, and hit Lo Yu’s body. At the same time, more than ten silk spears pierced into the patriarch’s skin.

Lo Ya saw that the situation was not good. After casting Nature’s Heal on Lo Yu from a distance, she ordered the swarm of bugs to rush forward to protect her.

“This patriarch is simply a monster.”

20% of the BUFs were not enough. Lo Yu almost used her trump card, but in the end, she was also injured quite badly.

Looking down from the sky, the werewolf tribe was already in chaos. The bugs relied on their advantage in numbers and key points to break through and successfully surrounded the grey wolf group. Even if a small number of werewolves gathered together, they would still have to face Lo Ya and Insect Girl’s critical attacks.

The Werewolf Clan’s patriarch realized that the situation was not good. He wanted to stay away from danger, but the small dragon with the magic blade that had been staring at him since long ago had already jumped in front of him. It swung the battle-ax and chopped at his shoulder.

Seeing this scene, Lo Ya, who was originally worried about Insect Girl and the others, relaxed.

She was going to win.

There were still a lot of losses in this battle, but at least the entire front line was fighting against the wolves. Although the command system of Insect Girl Clan was very chaotic, relying on the instant communication of information, they still formed a good cooperation.

Of course, this also depended on Lo Ya’s highest authority to command. If she did not keep a close eye on the scene, Little Insect Girl and the rest would probably “charge, charge,” and start from scratch.

After the death of the patriarch, the werewolf began to retreat towards the east. Insect Girl Clan After chasing for a few kilometers, they suddenly encountered a huge monster. The monster had nine heads and four legs, and it looked like a giant snake. After rushing out of the water, it spat out a large amount of poison. More than 30 grey wolf fell to the ground, twitching on the spot.

Seeing the words’ LV30 ‘above the opponent’s head, Lo Ya did not dare to continue chasing. She immediately ordered the entire clan to stop chasing and retreat back to the werewolf’s territory.

After calculating, the total number of Sickle Insect lost in this battle had actually reached 500. The Wolf Cavalry, which was specifically used to attack werewolves, had also lost 12 of them. The total number of corpses of the enemies was only around 300. This was because they had launched a surprise attack.

“Fortunately, the grey wolf’s corpse is big enough. After eating it, it can give birth to a few more tails. Otherwise, it would be a huge loss.” Lo Ya still had lingering fears.

This time around. This battle had allowed her to see the huge potential of the Black Wolf Beast. She was prepared to set up 20 teams, which would be 200 Wolf Cavalry, to deal with powerful enemies.

“Lo Ya, we won.”

Lo Xin happily wriggled over, like a child waiting to be praised. She looked at Lo Ya with star-like eyes.

“Yeah, everyone is so powerful.” Lo Ya nodded her head fiercely.

“What are we going to do next?”

“Let’s eat. In the future, if we have new food, we will eat first.”

“Then let’s eat Lo Ya.”

“Okay!” Lo Ya nodded. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

The current Insect Girl was indeed a little weak. Everyone’s average level up to now was not more than 10. This was not good news. Lo Ya was prepared to let the insects bring back half-dead creatures to practice making extra cuts. Especially the little rats with amazing reproductive ability… Although most of the experience points were not more than 10 points, there were thousands of them. It was estimated that it would not take long for Insect Girl and the rest to reach level 15 and above.

Yes, kill the rats.

In addition, he also wanted to let the little fools learn how to use their illusions.

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