C105 The New Flying Little Bug Girl

Wind element augmentation, speed surge.

The wings on his back flapped at a speed that could not be seen clearly, forming an exaggerated jet of air.

The piglet widened its eyes. It only felt a blur before the Sickle Insect arrived in front of it.

Hum –

The 60-70cm long sickle suddenly lit up. Like a folded wing, it slashed down from a distance.

“Not good, run!” The pig shepherd dog’s owner cried out in alarm.

“Woof ~ ~ ~”

Fresh blood accompanied a blood-curdling scream. The dog with explosive potential hurriedly dodged, but it was still cut in the butt by a sharp blade, causing a chunk of flesh to fly out with blood spurting out.

After receiving this fatal blow, the pig dog crawled forward seven or eight meters, and turned its head in panic. It discovered that the Sickle Insect in the distance had already bent in its original position, and was once again charging at it without slowing down.

“Admit defeat, admit defeat!” The pig dog owner was so frightened that he raised the sign in his hand, and roared with all his strength.

“Quickly stop.” Luya also hurriedly shouted. As long as the other side admitted defeat, they had to give the order to stop. This was the rules of the arena. Otherwise, 50 copper coins would not be able to come back.

However, how could the crazy Sickle Insect listen to this order? There was meat to eat, and there was a chance to evolve. In addition to Lo Ya’s request, it jumped in front of the pig shepherd dog in the blink of an eye and fiercely chopped down its weapon.


A head flew to the wall and bounced back in front of it. The Sickle Insect opened its mouth and bit down on the head, eating the meat in front of everyone.

The scene fell into a strange silence.

“This…” The host was stunned for a long time before he could only say these two words.

When the Sickle Insect ate the corpse, it looked like it was biting tofu. Its hard bones were chewed into pieces with loud cracking sounds. When all of it entered its stomach, it aimed at the lower half of the pig shepherd dog’s body.

“Wait, let it release the corpse.” The owner of the pig shepherd dog shouted at Luya.

Luya saw this and could only shout at the Sickle Insect, “Save some meat and give it to him.”

The owner of the pig dog’s face twitched, What do you mean by leaving a mouthful of meat for me?

The host who came back to his senses coughed twice and awkwardly said to the people present, “My God, I was wrong just now. The pig shepherd was actually the one who lost. He really did not expect this. However, everyone present must be very surprised. Although this battle was short, But it was wonderful. The Sickle Insect displayed the highly efficient action of a dog slaughtering machine, and ruthlessly poked that stupid yellow dog’s anus. ”

” Haha! ” The audience below was amused once again, although some of the people who lost money weren’t happy.

At this moment, the Sickle Insect’s weapon was more than 60 centimeters long. To that poor pig herding dog, this monster was simply too strong.

After eating the meat, it left the arena openly. The audience erupted into applause. The praises made Luya bask in the light.

“Too strong.”

One had to admit that the Sickle Insect now had the ability to fight against regular soldiers. There was no need to do some sneaky work. They could even solo Black Iron Level soldiers who did not have any combat skills, and they had the upper hand in terms of speed.

Returning to the resting area, Luya nervously asked the staff, “Can my 50 copper coins…”

“Sorry, according to the rules…”

“Roar ~ ~ ~” The Sickle Insect revealed its fangs and the man’s words immediately changed, “You should be able to get 50 copper coins.”

“Oh, I thought it was gone.” Luya felt so good, so of course the competition would continue. In fact, after half an hour, the Sickle Insect had already completed three consecutive wins. Next, as long as they won another match, they would be able to earn a large sum of money.

However, those with experience knew that the opponents in the fourth match were usually very strong.

Lo Ya did not care about the battle situation. At most, she would bite off a piece of flesh from her opponent even if she had to risk her life. What if it could evolve? The stronger the enemy, the higher the probability of Sickle Insect obtaining genes.

Indeed… The next enemy was a 1.8m tall giant bull.

Rushing Raging Bull, LV14, Bronze Level.

Lo Ya, who was watching the match, did not want to say anything. “Can this operation be any more obvious?”

In order to avoid a winning streak, they actually sent a Bronze Level monster over.

The battle began. The Sickle Insect became a bullfighter. From time to time, it would pull out two scars from the opponent’s body. It was not easy for him to bite a piece of meat, but he was kicked to death by a hoof. The cheers on the battlefield became louder and louder. The Sickle Insect used Berserk Transformation. It actually relied on its agile movements to fight evenly with the opponent.

The scene of the fight while eating made the audience feel incomparably explosive. Many of the spectators who had placed bets cheered and cheered. It was very likely that they had made a huge profit from this battle.

Until a moment, Lo Ya’s ears rang with a prompt that she had not heard for a long time.

[Congratulations, the Sickle Insect has undergone a beneficial evolution. The physical Strength has been strengthened to a small extent and obtained a sharp horn. ]

[This evolution has become a small mutation, and there will be no new species. The results have been automatically applied to all individuals. ]

[Part of the Sickle Insect’s evolution is suppressed.]

There was a small increase in the Sickle Insect within the tribe. The bigger change was that a sharp black horn over 20 centimeters long grew out of the head. It could effectively protect the vital points of the head, and it could also be used to ram the target.

However, the one who was still fighting in the arena could only take the damage from the opponent and slowly wear it out.

Bronze Level was still very strong. Later on, the Sickle Insect simply did not fight head-on and kept beating around the opponent. After going back and forth for almost twenty minutes, the giant bull’s owner didn’t want his pet to suffer, so he chose to admit defeat.

The Sickle Insect that was carrying injuries earned 18 silver coins for Luya.

In Insect Girl’s territory, Lo Ya was still waiting for the new insects to hatch.

The army had already gathered at the east side of the territory. Taking into account the Werewolf Clan’s strength, this wave of attack would transfer 1500 Sickle Insect to attack the enemy from all directions.

The battle in the arena against the giant bull had increased the attributes of the Sickle Insect by quite a bit. Although the individual changes were not too big, it had greatly increased the strength of the entire clan.

What was even more exaggerated was that many of the lower level insects had broken through the 10 points of the average attribute and entered the Black Iron Level.

It could be said that if they were to fight again now, the pressure that the werewolves would face would be much greater.

As the Sickle Insect gathered towards the border of the territory, Lo Xin crawled over from afar, “Lo Ya, the Lo Jing and Lo Lo’s chrysalis have been successfully transformed.”

“Bring me to take a look.”

Following Lo Xin to the side of the chrysalis, they discovered that a group of Little Insect Girl was pulling Lo Lo’s tail forcefully. She wanted to let her out but this little thing’s hands were tightly hugging the chrysalis. Wuuu, wuuu, wuuu. She wanted to go back inside.

“Phew, the other bugs all feel that the pupae is uncomfortable, why do these idiots like it inside instead?”

Lo Ya wriggled over and found that the Lo Jing also stuck its head out from the pupae with a cute expression and calmly observed what was happening outside.

“Lo Jing, come out quickly. Let me see your wings.”

Upon hearing this, the cute little girl tore open the pupae and crawled out weakly. She waved her powerless wings a few times and then flew unsteadily into the air.

“Very good. The Insect Girl Clan Air Force’s combat strength has increased by another person.”

With this calculation, there were already three Little Insect Girl who could fly. After the chrysalis were completed, their attributes were all better than humans of the same level.

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