C104 The Battle Begins

Blackshell Kun, Level 7, Black Iron Level.

Fat cow, Level 4.

Pig herding dog, Level 9, Black Iron Level.

“What are these things?” After Lo Ya used the Detection, she looked speechlessly at the large group of magic beasts in front of her. However, what surprised her was that there were actually quite a number of Black Iron Level monsters in front of her.

Luya did not sit for long in her seat, but she gradually realized that something was not right. At first, she felt that her opponents were not strong, but now, she felt a strange sense of danger.

Very soon, her sensitive ears caught a bit of information from the conversation of the staff members.

“The higher ups have arranged for the more dangerous magic beasts to be here. Do you think we can control them if these monsters go crazy?”

“Who knows? It seems like something happened last year. An unlucky guy had his neck bitten off by his own magic beast before he used the electric button.”

Luya’s expression became serious. The Sickle Insect might have been regarded as a large dangerous magic beast because of its ferocious appearance. This could also be understood. After all, those who had the ability to raise this kind of monster were mostly aristocrats or wealthy people. The competition between these people was naturally very exciting. They would specially set up the number of tickets and bets that were more expensive. In order to earn more money.

Although the income of the participants would be higher, the risks would also be much greater. She began to lose confidence in the Sickle Insect’s situation.

However, a few seconds later, something unexpected happened.

The Sickle Insect suddenly shook its head, as if it wanted to push Luya somewhere.

The surrounding staff members were all shocked and pulled out their weapons.

But fortunately, the Sickle Insect did not do anything too exaggerated. Luya looked at the surrounding people and smiled awkwardly (ugly-looking). Then, she was brought to the female toilet by the Sickle Insect.

“Squeak squeak.” In the corner where no one was around, the two Sickle Insect made an evil sound and slowly moved closer.

“Wait, wait… What are you doing?” Luya hugged her chest tightly and retreated to the corner in a panic.

The Sickle Insect was getting closer and closer and a disgusting breath came over.

Then… she realized that she was thinking too much.

The two worms shook their bodies and began to evolve right under her nose.

The power that fell from the great evolution earlier was replenished in a few seconds. Not only did it increase in size, but its outer shell also became thicker and heavier.

Luya opened her eyes wide.

Other people had never seen the evolution of the Sickle Insect, but she had seen it before.

This time, the impact was even stronger. Although she was not clear about the mechanism of the bugs becoming stronger, she was still shocked to see these monsters become stronger in the blink of an eye.

After the evolution was completed, the Sickle Insect’s gaze seemed to become even colder. It didn’t need to look carefully to notice the changes within.

“I understand. You guys are trying to obtain the strength to defeat the opponent, right?”

Currently, he was already a Black Iron Level, and his strength was about the same as the strongest opponent. If he went berserk, who knew how many of his opponents would be able to defeat him?

When he returned to his seat, all the magical beasts on the opposite side let out a low roar that sounded like a deterrent. The Sickle Insect immediately opened its huge mouth, revealing countless sharp and terrifying bug teeth. After that, all of them withered away.

Motherf * cker, it was a bit scary.

They were all in two rows. The Sickle Insect’s mouth was simply full, and even its esophagus was pierced downwards.

Luya, who was next to them, twitched her face. She roughly understood why these monsters ate so quickly.

She began to think of Lo Ya. How could that cute Little Insect Girl obtain the loyalty of these insects? Could it be that she was only cute?

Just like how it was very hard for her to imagine the scene of a brawny man humming, the scene of the Sickle Insect acting cute in front of Insect Girl was also very different.

But this had indeed happened many times.

“Hu, I have to work hard to earn money. When I have money, I can have even more Sickle Insect.”

After waiting for half an hour, the people in front of them entered the competition one by one until a staff member came to inform Luya.

“Follow me.”

Walking through a long and narrow passage, they arrived at the back of an iron fence. A man gestured for Luya to walk onto the viewing platform.


With a loud sound, the iron cage above his head fell down, trapping the Sickle Insect within.

Luya walked past a metal door at the side, and with a kick, she stepped onto the platform that belonged to the contestants. Waves of excited shouts instantly filled her ears.

“Do your best, pig herding dog! Kill it!”

There were more spectators than expected. The venue that was enough to seat 600 people was now three-quarters full. Compared to the empty streets, this seemed to be a different world.

In the circular Dou Technique arena below, a fierce large dog crazily tore apart a fist thick large green snake. A certain person who was watching from the opposite side had a gloomy expression as he quickly raised the surrender token in his hand.

Unfortunately, the huge snake had already been torn into two halves.

“Oh no, the Pig Dog won without suffering any injuries. The Green Scaled Snake lost three consecutive victories. Seeing its owner so angry that he was about to vomit blood, let’s cheer for his defeat.” The pilot’s shout immediately attracted the laughter of the audience.

When the laughter ended, a few beautiful girls came to the stage and danced an extremely exposed dance. The cheers became even more enthusiastic. Luya suspected that the audience above did not watch the competition at all. They were watching these beautiful young ladies dance.

Five minutes later, the host picked up a small piece of wood. He read it on the screen, “Next match, oh, next match is still Pig Dog. Looks like its owner is very confident in it, haha… as expected of a hero among dogs. I think the ladies here must really want to have a bout of lust with this wild hound. Dead… Cough cough, I didn’t say anything. Let’s just watch the match.”

As the audience laughed, one end of the iron cage opened. The pig dog from before rushed out of the door in a harmless state and roared at the audience as if it was demonstrating its power.

Yes, Luya could see that it was showing off. This little thing seemed to like the compliments of humans and wanted to use the competition to please its owner.

“So fierce.” Luya thought to herself.

“Then, the first one has already appeared, and the next one is… Sickle Insect, what kind of lousy name is this? A magic beast that I have never seen before… Forget it, let it go, it probably won’t last more than a second. ”

The iron cage not far from Luya slowly opened. The Sickle Insect calmly walked out from inside.

Many of the audience stretched their necks. When they saw this kind of ferocious monster, their expressions all changed.

“Haha, I take back what I said before. This guy seems to be very good at fighting. He might be able to hold on for another two seconds.” When the host saw this, he could not help but mock once again. It was precisely because of this that… It made everyone look forward to the performance of this new magical beast.

“Then let’s cut the crap. Prepare for the competition. Requesting the masters of both parties to give the order, prepare… 3, 2, 1. Begin! ”

The owner of the pig shepherd dog immediately shouted, “Defeat it!”

The Sickle Worm on the other side was even more straightforward. Without waiting for Luya to speak, it directly bent its legs and left the place at an exaggerated speed with a bang.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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