C103 The Sickle Worm Competition

At the southern border of Fresnel Forest, within the territory of Hojo Kingdom, in a remote village.

A middle-aged man wearing black leather armor jumped down from his war horse and patted the dust off his body. After that, he walked towards an ordinary looking house in the distance.

When the two men who were chatting at the door saw the person who came, they shook their Spirit and stood up, “General.”

“Yes, sir..” The man nodded and said,” I came this time to provide you with that kind of magic beast last time. I heard that you have other channels to get it? ”

“Yes. I have to thank Luya for her brave negotiation. That’s why we can get these terrifying monsters from the dangerous Magical Creature. ” One of the men said and whistled. A Sickle Insect quickly ran over from afar.

“That’s right. You guys call Luya to see me. I have a very good idea to discuss with her.”


Two minutes later, a girl with long brown hair and a short sword walked over from afar.

It was a grayish-brown soft armor, a light short skirt, and a pair of tight black cotton pants under the skirt. The young girl in front of him was clearly more moving than he had imagined, which made the general look very surprised.

“Luya has come to report.” A simple bow.

“That’s right. Not only is she younger than I thought, she is also very beautiful.” The general smiled and nodded. Although many civilians were suffering from the oppression of the nobles these days, However, not many people dared to stand up and resist. A girl like Luya was definitely rare among the commoners. Even if she was thrown into the circle of nobles, her appearance was still rare. She could definitely be called a stunning beauty. In the end, this little girl could actually bear such suffering and fought side by side with a group of soldiers. It was truly admirable.

“Recently, Victor has been preparing to lead his army to launch an attack in the north, planning to cooperate with our troops. He will completely get rid of the Strength in the Count’s hands. I think this is a good time to show off our Strength. The control of this country should not be concentrated in the hands of those nobles. They will only covet pleasure and not care about the lives of their people.” The general raised his head and looked at the southern sky. It could be imagined that once the military campaign began, After that, they would face bloody storms, not small-scale battles like before.

The two soldiers looked at each other without saying anything. Although everyone was looking forward to the future victory, the hardships of the process would be obvious to all.

“I wonder if my Strength can help in the battle?” Luya asked very excitedly.

“This is also my purpose for coming here. Do you know about the arena in the earl’s territory?”


“[There is a place that specializes in providing personal pet training battles, if you win, there will be a place where you can train your pet to fight, and if you win, there will be a place where you can train your pet to fight.] We’ll get a part of the reward for the audience’s contribution. I’ve been to a few battles and found that most people and magic beasts are ordinary creatures. There’s no such powerful performance as the Sickle Insect.”

“You mean to ask the Sickle Insect to help us earn money?” Luya knew what the other party meant.

To be honest, this suggestion was much better than carrying out all kinds of evil missions. The Sickle Insect were warriors who did not fear death. They should die in glorious battles. They should not be carrying out dirty and stinky tasks in all kinds of dark corners.

“My identity has not been exposed. I am willing to bring it to the arena.” Luya immediately bowed.

“Very good. You are as outstanding as the rumors say.”

Luya’s performance was very positive. Perhaps because she was influenced by her dead brother, this cute girl had an unforgettable hatred towards the nobility.

Half a day later, Luya, who had already put on an ugly mask, arrived at the Doomberg City under the Count.

Doomey Castle used to be called Doomey Castle, a large fort used to defend against enemies. Later on, because of a short period of peace, the defense here was simplified and changed to an ordinary town.

But even so, the residential area in front of her revealed the feeling of a heavy military town.

“Is that the arena?” Looking at the large number of grand circular buildings in the distance, Luya frowned.

A large portion of the earl’s assets came from here. The civilians also made a fortune by gambling. Of course, most of them were unlucky people who went bankrupt.

She touched the Sickle Insect’s head beside her and whispered, “It’s up to you.”

The Sickle Insect’s scarlet eyes flickered twice. She did not know if it understood.

But she did not know that the insect in front of her had already sent the information here to Lo Ya. Other than a certain evolution that Luya saw, every evolution of the Sickle Insect group after that… Lo Ya restrained the insects that were hired. This was mainly to prevent humans from finding out the problem. So the insects that were following Luya now were still the strength before the evolution.

The two insects beside her were both above level 6 and were close to the Black Iron Level. They were the strongest among the batch of Sickle Insect hired, so Luya was very confident.

“Welcome. May I ask if you would like to register for your magic beast?”

As soon as they entered the arena, a man smiled at Luya. However, his eyelids were clearly shocked by the ugly woman’s appearance.

“But this figure is really not bad.”

She had a taste of short skirts and leather armor. The lower half of her body made people feel like she was wearing a sailor suit. It was very attractive.

Luya did not care about the gazes of these people. She took out a silver coin from the pocket at her waist and gave it to the other party. “May I ask how the bonus is calculated?”

“After winning three consecutive matches, you will get a tenth of the profit from each match.”

“That is to say, even if I win the first three matches, I will not get anything. You still need to pay 1 silver coin?” Luya suddenly felt that this arena was not ordinary black. Not to mention how difficult it was to win three matches in a row. Even if they really won, the arena would deliberately make a move. She still had to lose.

“After you win the first three rounds, you will return 50 copper coins. Please believe us, the contestants here are not idiots. Lord Bo will not go against his own reputation. ”

“Then I will try.”

Five minutes later, Luya brought the Sickle Insect to the waiting area of the competition.

There were many people here who were competitors. Most of the magic beasts had collars around their necks. Most of the masters had special devices to control the magical beasts. As long as the magical beasts dared to resist, they would experience the pain of living worse than death.

Luya discovered that many of the magical beasts had serious injuries on their bodies. It could be seen that they had participated in more than one competition.

When the Sickle Insect entered, many of the magical beasts revealed their sharp teeth. They let out low roars towards the surrounding creatures. Some of the magical beasts looked very terrifying, just standing by the side. Luya felt a chill run down her spine.

The Sickle Insect’s size was not considered too big among them, but the two that she brought along were both 50 cm tall. Due to its long body and wings, as well as its scarlet eyes, Its entire body was covered in a black shell, so it looked rather ferocious – just like the human skin mask she was wearing.

After sitting in her seat, the two staff members opposite her started whispering to each other, as if they were talking about her Magical Creature.

Lo Ya, who was far away in the territory, was also very interested in building the Spiritual Link because of this matter, so that she could see the battle on the spot.

Yes, Lo Ya was looking forward to the performance of the Sickle Insect. It would be best if it could eat the corpse on the opposite side during the competition, so as to collect the genetic information for evolution.

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