C102 Mini Reconnaissance Doll

“Cops, I’ll give you a shower.”

Lo Ya lifted a certain young Little Insect Girl and placed her in front of her. She began to gently rub her body with her hands.

The little fellow licked Lo Ya’s hands and hugged its tail. It shook and shook and opened its mouth to bite on it. It felt like it was eating itself.

Alright, the stupid little guys are not so stupid as to treat themselves as food.

A cute little girl actually learned how to swim. She laid on the water and slept. The water slowly pushed her into the distance. Then, a row of Sickle Insect deliberately blocked in front of her to prevent her from getting further away.

After playing in the water for more than half an hour, all of Insect Girl had already gathered at this place. Most of the combat power of the tribe had gathered around. There was even a portion of the Sickle Insect’s tail that was jumping and jumping in the distance.

“Although I lost 300 Sickle Insect in this battle, it seems like there are even more of them.”

In reality, when this batch of insects grew up, the scale of the swarm would increase to 1800.

The terrifying number, aside from the low overall strength, Insect Girl Clan was already a large tribe. In addition to the Sickle Insect, Lo Ya was also preparing to increase the number of Black Wolf Beast. She wanted to form the Wolf Cavalry’s troops to further strengthen the combat strength of the tribe.

Little Insect Girl, who was the core of the army, only had 25 of them. It could not be helped. After all, the breeding cycle had been extended to three months.

“I am still too anxious. In the future, there will definitely be more and more little fellows.”

Lo Ya knew that there were some things that needed to be taken slowly, so she did not force the tribe to do anything. She had nothing to do and was bored. She sank to the bottom of the water and spread out her arms in the clear stream, swimming slowly.

A small stalk of grass came into view and Lo Ya curiously went forward to grab it.

[Water Cage Grass found.]

[Water Cage Grass: When a worm on land falls into the water, it will subconsciously touch this grass and then be preyed on. 】

“Aiya ~ ~”

The little green grass suddenly expanded and wrapped Lo Ya inside.

A few seconds later, a Dark Melting corroded the outer wall of the grass and Lo Ya successfully escaped.

[Received water afraid beef jerky, miniature scouting doll.]

[Water afraid beef jerky: beef jerky that doesn’t taste good when it’s in contact with water.] ]

[Mini Scout Puppet: Mosquito sized Scout Puppet, an ancient alchemy product, powered by solar energy, can be charged for 72 hours a day. ”


A Little Insect Girl was wagging her tail as she passed by Lo Ya. After she left, she was afraid that the dried beef had already disappeared.

“Didn’t you say that it will not taste good when you encounter water?” Lo Ya was speechless when she saw the little guy chewing so happily.

Little Insect Girl found that when she was talking underwater, she could also control the movement of her esophagus to expel the liquid that entered her body. This very well ensured the process of eating underwater.

There was a bronze treasure chest at the bottom of the water. Lo Ya tried to knock it open.

[Opening bronze treasure chest. Congratulations, you have obtained a low-grade Magic contract.] ]

[Inferior Magic contract: Sign a contract with a designated target. The one who violates the contract first will suffer a Second Grade Spirit Magic assault.] ]

“Good stuff.”

Lo Ya threw the Magic contract into the inventory and then took the mosquito sized miniature scouting doll to the surface of the water.

With a buzzing sound of mosquitoes, the scouting doll slowly flew up. Then it flew towards the territory of Werewolf Clan. The information it collected would go through a special Magic instrument (A black ball the size of a marble) It was projected in front of Lo Ya.


A light screen was projected in the air. It was the scene that the scouting puppet saw.

“So clear.” Lo Ya nodded her head in satisfaction.

“Awoo, awoo, awoo…” Another little Little Insect Girl swam over with her mouth wide open.


“Get lost, you can’t eat this.”

She pressed a finger on the little thing’s head, then no matter how much she swam, she could only swim on the spot.

The Sickle Insect group had already begun to prepare for the general attack. The Gaeta Insect Swarm had already been destroyed, and the humans had yet to launch an attack. Therefore, attacking the Werewolf Clan at this time was the fastest way to increase their strength.

To Insect Girl, using war to nurture her strength could indeed become stronger.

Lo Ya once again dived into the water and began to search for fish or other creatures under the water.

There were many strange-looking plants in the small stream, and there were even a lot of caged grass in the middle. Two of the little Little Insect Girl were accidentally caught. Of course, the consequence was that the caged grass became their food.

As expected, even when they were bathing, they did not forget to eat and sleep.

Half an hour later, the miniature scouting doll saw traces of the werewolf. Lo Ya left the water surface and began to observe the situation through the Magic instrument.

One by one, the wooden houses with tattered structures, and the huge grey wolf that was lying on the grass to bask in the sun. The werewolves seemed to have evolved from the grey wolf. It could be seen that they were all waiting for the grey wolf to evolve into a true werewolf.

Lo Ya had used the Detection on them before, and found that the words above the grey wolf were written by magical beasts, and the wolfmen were Magical Creature. It could be seen that in terms of species, the two were different.

The Scout Puppet slowly flew to a large wooden house and saw an exaggerated werewolf sitting inside. Its mouth was open, and no one knew what it was saying.

The Scout Puppet approached its target, and the large werewolf sneezed.

“I can’t hear anything, but it looks like these werewolves aren’t in a good mood. Could it be that they know the result of the battle?”

On the other side, in the Werewolf Clan group.

“Patriarch, Ku Lu, Casey, and the High Priest haven’t returned yet. Could it be that so many wolves will be in danger? ” The gray-white werewolves sitting below were uneasy and uneasy. They simply walked around anxiously in the room.

“I said, stop shaking. My head is dizzy.” The werewolf beside him said impatiently.

The Werewolf Clan’s chief wagged his tail and said with a worried face, “I think the biggest problem this time is that we are too confident. He did not investigate the other party’s situation and acted rashly. However, we all know which races live in this area. There’s no reason for a group of damn bugs to suddenly appear. ”

” Could it be humans? ” The werewolf beside the chief suddenly had an idea.

“Human, my ass!” The leader knocked on the werewolf’s head with a chestnut. “What does the life force of humans have to do with insects? I think it’s a group of magic beasts that migrated from somewhere. I’m afraid the Goblin tribe is in trouble.”

“Tribe leader, if even the high priest’s Strength failed, what should we do?”

“Fight! What can we do? We can’t sacrifice more than a hundred grey wolf and dozens of werewolves for nothing. Our werewolf tribe doesn’t need to fear a group of insects.”

Perhaps it was because of their personality, or perhaps it was because of some other reason, but in short, the werewolf tribe wasn’t as sinister and cunning as the wild wolves. Instead, they showed their heroicness and heroism.

The miniature scouting doll flew past the werewolf tribe and found that the territory below was far bigger than they had imagined. Coincidentally, after a grey wolf howled, its entire body swelled up. It turned into a werewolf and made Lo Ya understand some things about this tribe.

And from their totems, a full moon seemed to have a very important symbolic meaning.

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