C99 Insect Girl Clan Saw Blood

Ku Lu knew that these insects couldn’t be as strong as the werewolves and grey wolves. Besides, as the warriors of the Werewolf Clan, even the weakest of them had the combat ability of a Black Iron Level warrior. This fact always gave them a certain amount of confidence when facing a human army.

The wolf pack quickly pulled themselves together under the leader’s roar. Although they were attacked from three sides, this did not affect the performance of these warriors.

After a short while of fighting, the scene of flesh and blood spluttering to the ground made the wolves, which had not experienced such an intense scene for a long time, feel somehow uncomfortable.

They were aware that whether it was the devil monster or the magic beasts, they would not be like humans who would specially form an army to launch a large-scale war because their target had always been a small scale territory for survival and food. Typically, those who could not defeat them would immediately flee when they saw that something was wrong.

However, the insect swarm they were facing at this moment didn’t care about their own losses at all. A few of them would charge forward and attack a werewolf, only to die in the end. Even then, the others would still dare to charge forward without caring about the consequences.

After fighting for more than a minute, the Demon Blade Dragon and the Black Evil Lolita suddenly joined the battle.

The heavy battle-axe was enough to break through the leather armor while the bullets in the revolver could be fired in a second. These wolves clearly felt that their combat strength was stronger than the Sickle Insects, but in reality, they would often hit the hard shell of the Insects without being able to break through the defense or giving any damage.

After suffering a few losses, Ku Lu couldn’t help but shout to the other wolves beside him, “Don’t hit their bodies. Only their heads are vital points!”

In fact, even if the vital points were the key, they were only relatively weak. If it was an ordinary attack, it wouldn’t have been able to hurt them at all.

The battle went on for less than 10 minutes. More than 30 grey wolves had died and 5 werewolves had been killed.

When Ku Lu realized the never-ending number of Sickle Insects continuously appearing around them, he had no choice but to order all of them to escape.

However, Lo Ya had already blocked the escape path, circling the wolf pack from all sides. She sat on the shoulder of the summoned skeleton and ordered 20 human-shaped Undead Insects and 100 Sickle Insects to block the east road. She was calmly wagging her tail as she watched them condescendingly as if they were her preys.

The scene of the bug gently shaking its body was somewhat strange in the eyes of the werewolves.

When the retreating wolf pack saw Lo Ya and the horrible-looking Undead Insects, they subconsciously stopped in their tracks.

The skeletons stood there, their bodies emitting a black fog that represented the terrifying fate they could bring. The faint blue flames in their eyes portrayed a cold feeling, as if they were the promise to devour one’s soul.

“Isn’t this the insect that killed Liu?” A werewolf named Jesse, which just used a Wind Claw Technique to kill a level 1 Sickle Insect, staggered a few steps back in horror when he saw Lo Ya.

“Yes, it’s her. I didn’t think that these damn bugs would be stronger than we imagined.” Ku Lu recognized this little thing that had displayed such powerful strength in previous battle and subconsciously took half a step back.

At this moment, under the gaze of these wolves, Lo Ya raised her arm, causing the bug swarm that was fighting fiercely to stop attacking at once. The insects obediently retreated more than ten meters away.

Lo Ya then giggled, “Even the great Werewolf Clan is afraid of a group of insects?”

No matter who listened, it was obvious that she was mocking the wolves.

The werewolves whose pressure suddenly decreased, not only did not relax, but because of Lo Ya’s simple action, they also increasingly felt the horror of the execution of the insect swarm. What was even more bizarre was that Lo Ya just sat there quietly, conveying some indescribable pressure. It was like they were facing a noble existence.

“You must be the leader of this group of insects. I don’t understand why you want to occupy our territory and attack our wolf pack?” Ku Lu knew that the situation on their side was unfavorable, so he hoped to use negotiations to at least protect the wolves behind him.

Lo Ya propped one hand to casually support herself, tidied her hair unhurriedly and responded, “Because I am happy.”

“What?” Ku Lu thought that he heard it wrong.

With a lazy expression, Lo Ya yawned and did not bother to repeat.

From beginning to end, it had always been the werewolves that tried to attack the Insect Girl Clan first. However, in the end, these damn wolves had the audacity to blame her. They were truly shameless.

Lo Ya thought inwardly, ‘Since you guys are acting ridiculous, why should I give you face?’

“It really is a group of lowly creatures.” All of a sudden, an old werewolf that was holding a crutch walked over from the east and snorted disdainfully.

“High Priest.” A few werewolves exclaimed in surprise and the slight sighs of relief could be heard.

“High Priest?” Lo Ya tilted her head and glanced at the newcomer, her expression a bit puzzled. From the way they respectfully addressed this old werewolf, it was obvious that it was an individual who had mastered powerful magic. Lo Ya sighed slightly, thinking that things would get a little troublesome after this.

If things really turned to the worst, she would just bring out the DLC package that she had obtained from Origin Space. There were still 2 copies of the divine art scroll, the protection of the goddess of nature.

The old werewolf spoke, “I think you insects are too arrogant. I’m afraid you have forgotten the time when my werewolf race ruled this forest.”


After he finished, the crutch in his hand hit the ground and instantly, a strange high pitch sound overwhelmed the entire scene. Lo Ya felt a pain in her ears and when it stopped, a buzzing sound still remained in her ears.

“So strong.”

Lo Ya was shocked, especially when the Silver Level sign above the opponent’s head popped up, which confirmed the fact that the opponent was very powerful.

Then, the body of the old werewolf was engulfed by about ten centimeters of Wind Blades, all aiming towards herself. Just like that, they rushed towards her, accompanied by the gusts of strong wind as they span like boomerangs.

With a wave of her hand, Lo Ya quickly summoned a height of 10 cm wall to block in front of her. The skeleton immediately squatted on the ground, protecting her behind the wall.

Poof, poof, poof ~

The wind blades struck the wall one after another, causing a series of muffled sounds to ring out.

After releasing the first wave of attack, the werewolf elder’s expression became a bit more serious.

Lo Ya’s battle spirit did not seem to be weak. She was actually able to react so quickly in the face of his Dizzy Spell. He originally thought that he could quickly kill this Insect Girl with his magic, but now, the situation was unexpected.

Lo Xin also ran up with a group of Sickle Insects and came to Lo Ya’s side.

The battlefield was full of Sickle Insects. A few hundreds of them were not considered as a large number, but it was enough to make the werewolves present suffer heavy losses.

At this time, Casey tried to intervene, his expression looking as if he did not want to fight Insect Girl head on. “Why don’t we make a fair deal? You can return to your territory and give up the land that belongs to us, werewolves. We won’t attack you from now on.”

Thinking about it, who would benefit from the current situation? It was hard to say because a Silver Level mage really had the ability to kill Lo Ya and Lo Xin in an instant. The small earth wall was only a low level defensive spell, and it had limited effect against strong power.

Lo Ya silently measured the winning chance between them and knew that she couldn’t be impulsive. Thus, considering her clan’s safety, she decided to take a step back first. “Okay, I don’t mind agreeing to it. After all, the whole conflict is a misunderstanding. We don’t have any deep hatred either.”

With a grin on his face, Casey replied, “That’s good. Then, we will follow the agreement and…”

Before he finished his sentence, there was a ‘Bang!’

An air cannon suddenly flew towards Lo Ya and exploded.


Lo Ya’s eyes went wide and she hurriedly raised the earth wall to protect herself. However, she did not have enough time to block this powerful wind magic either because of its explosive power or its speed rate. The violent wind striked in front of her and a Sickle Insect moved fast to block the attack for her. Nevertheless, the impact was large and Lo Ya herself was injured.

“You are courting death!” Feeling deceived, Lo Ya’s heart was filled with anger.

Ku Lu was stunned and he angrily glared at Casey. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. My mouth accidentally spat out Air Cannon. I hope Sir Insect Demon won’t be angry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” As he said, Casey’s expression had already been replaced by a strange smile. It was obvious that the Air Cannon just now clearly aimed for Lo Ya’s life, indicating that it was completely different from what the werewolf was saying.

“Squeak squeak ~”

At that moment, more than 400 Sickle Insects and 500 adult insects from all directions roared in unison before charging towards where Lo Ya was.

All of them felt the same as Lo Ya’s rage.

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