C98 The Werewolf Clan That Was Ambushed

In the end, she only took all the flowers and gems that she could pick up and glanced at the mysterious girl in the distance. No matter what she did, she could not get close, so she had to give up.

When they finally left the cave, a long time seemed to have already passed outside.

Lo Xin was lying at the door of the room, sleeping soundly.

All this time, five hundred Sickle Insects had been loyally guarding the surroundings. Most of their attention was focused on the east side to prevent the werewolf tribe from suddenly attacking.

Lo Ya went up and hugged Lo Xin, lifting her up. Before she could sit on the back of the Sickle Insect, the sleeping fellow rubbed her eyes and woke up dazedly.

She asked lowly, “Lo Ya, can we start attacking the hound?”

Then, Lo Xin who was carried by Lo Ya yawned and jumped onto the ground. After that, she went up and held Lo Ya in her arms instead.

“Lo Ya is so cute.” *Rub, Rub*

“Wuu, my face…”

Feeling squished, Lo Ya tried to struggle, but it was not easy for her to break free from Lo Xin’s chest. She took a few breaths and helplessly replied, “Now, we should be able to get rid of those troubles. But before that, I have to do one thing.”

Lo Ya said as she took out a divine attribute White Flower Stone Garlic. Then, she plucked a long and thin petal from it and put it into her mouth.

[Obtained Minute Divine Attribute.]

[Divine attribute: The life points will recover with time. Additional damage will be removed (Passive) along with Mental Intimidation (Passive). It also has other unknown effects.]

Lo Yu said in surprise, “Oh, you obtained the divine attribute?

Divine attribute, is this the trait possessed by a God?”

Lo Ya’s mind was filled with anticipation as she stuffed the entire flower into her mouth before taking out another flower and throwing it to Lo Xin.


“Okay.” Lo Xin nodded and stuffed it into her mouth.

The taste was ordinary and she did not detect any obvious change as she swallowed. Maybe it was because she ate too little.

So, Lo Ya took out half of the flower and split it with Lo Xin.

After eating, under Lo Ya’s command, the Sickle Insect group got up from their resting state and began to gather around.

At this moment, in the territory of the werewolf clan not far away,

the patriarch of the werewolf clan sat on a huge stone chair while supporting his head with his hand. He looked at the werewolf in front of him who was much smaller than him and asked in shock, “Ku Lu, is what you said true? After the two human alchemists left, a group of insects occupied that piece of land?”

“Yes, they captured Liu. Those insects were not particularly strong. What was troublesome was a strange creature which had a body that was half-human and half-insect. It also mastered very strange magic.”

“Mastered magic and had a human form? It seems that we have encountered a group of devil monsters that we have never seen before.” The leader of the Werewolf Clan tapped the arm of the chair with his finger before he suddenly shouted towards the outside of the wooden house, “Casey.”

“I’m coming…” At that moment, an unusually strong-looking werewolf walked in from the outside.

The leader asked, “How’s the progress in training the grey wolf?”

Casey nodded and said confidently, “It’s in a very good condition and it has become even stronger than before. I believe that even if we meet a Tree Demon, we can still defeat it.”

The leader was satisfied as he nodded. “Very good, Casey. Ku Lu, I’m going to ask you to bring your wolves to test those insects. Can you complete the mission?”

“No problem, it’s just a bunch of bugs after all. This time, I will definitely take them down.”

“Very good. As expected of my clan’s bravest warriors.” The Werewolf Clan Chief’s mind was filled with satisfaction as he ordered, “Go.”

“Yes, my lord,” Ku Lu complied as he bowed before rushing out.

The wolf pack was dispatched. At first, a large number of them seemed to be as tall as a meter. As a strong grey wolf ran out from the tribe’s wooden house, something flashed in the other wolves’ eyes and suddenly, their bodies swelled and turned into werewolves that were nearly three meters tall.

They did not stop running with their strong legs, hopping over the obstacles along the way and piercing into the heart of the complex forest.

A werewolf approached Ku Lu and said arrogantly, “Ku Lu, by now, it has been a long time since we returned to the forest in the west. I think the Goblins living in that area has almost forgotten our terror. Hehe, when we return this time, I’m sure we can make them hand over all the tributes they owe us.”

Ku Lu also replied proudly as they kept rushing through the forest, “Of course. We are the overlords of this area. Who would have thought that only a few years after we left, some devil monsters would already forget about how scary and overbearing we are? Now, it’s time to make them regret it.”

Then, he shouted, “Everyone, speed up!”

With this encouragement, wolf howls shot into the sky. If one could look at the scene from the sky, one could see the thrilling scene where large groups of grey wolves were moving their legs agilely and continuously running in the dense forest.

The werewolves relied on their strong muscles to run at the speed of the grey wolf. The dark green grass and trees revealed some hostile energy because of the existence of this group of creatures on their land. When the herbivorous beasts saw this scene, they were scared out of their wits as they turned around and fled into the distance.

However, what the wolf pack did not expect was that not long after they ran, an axe with a cold light suddenly flew out of the dense forest towards them. It spun dozens of times in the air and cut off the head of a werewolf in front.

Blood spurted out and dyed the ground red, the atmosphere getting overwhelmed by the strong killing intent immediately. The axe spun in the air for half a circle before flying back into the forest.

“Roar ~”

Witnessing this scene, the werewolves roared and turned to stare vigilantly in the direction of the forest. In their line of sight, they saw a black demonic creature, that was slightly bigger than a human, wielding a battle-axe as it walked out step by step, its steps matching the thunderous heartbeat of everyone present.

Black armor, black horns, a pair of deep eyes, and skin that was completely made up of solid shells. For a moment, Ku Lu thought that it was a human wearing armor.

“Who is this guy?” A werewolf asked as he looked at the creature with extreme vigilance.

Everyone stilled for a moment as they tried to figure out, and in the next moment, their expressions changed drastically.


An astonishing number of insects!

Before their eyes, countless Sickle Insects rushed out from the two sides of the forest, their killing intent soaring to the heavens.

These four-legged monsters with an average height of nearly 50 centimeters came out while flapping their wings extremely fast to a shocking degree. In an instant, they went into berserk mode and with a terrifying roar, they rushed towards the grey wolf that had hastily turned around to flee, feeling the danger.

Just like that, the wolf pack suffered a large-scale assault.

“Damn it! We didn’t expect to get ambushed. All of you, prepare to fight!”

Once the command was issued, a werewolf let out a furious roar, opened his sharp claws, and charged towards the Sickle Insect in front of him. Then, he swung his palm forward with a strong force.

Pah ~

The huge palm actually sent the Sickle Insect’s head flying with one strike. Its incapacitated body fell forward due to inertia and the sharp blade stabbed into the werewolf’s arm, leaving a long and narrow cut.

The werewolf groaned in pain, “Hiss ~ This monster.”

It was obvious that these were no longer the Sickle Insects from before. After a complete evolution, coupled with their indifference towards death, their combat strength was enough to make the wolf pack feel an astonishing pressure within a period.


An air cannon shot out and sent one Sickle Insect flying. However, the other Sickle Insect behind him had already flown up and slashed towards the wolf’s back with its sharp blade mercilessly. The wolf instantly lost the confidence to fight as he slapped away the enemy with his sharp claws before retreating into the depths of the pack with difficulty.

Nevertheless, there were too many Sickle Insects. The werewolves had to bear wave after wave of attacks with each wave of them consisted of 10 teams, a total of 100 of them. They constantly charged from three different directions and formed themselves as huge nets, trying to surround these unlucky fellows.

Ku Lu gritted his teeth and shouted, “Everyone, stay calm. For the sake of Werewolf Clan, we must kill all these lowly insects!”

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