C97 The Relic Girl

After the feast was finished, Lo Ya began to lead a troop of insects towards the east. All the way, the fog accompanied them along as they passed through the forest.

Before long, another round of rain started and it brought fresh air filled with the scent of the soil and plants. As the rain became heavier, Lo Ya and Lo Xin who were sitting on the back of a Sickle Insect finally decided to jump to a stop near the alchemy hut.

“We can feel rest assured. There are already 500 Sickle Insects guarding in the vicinity. Even if the wolf pack comes to look for trouble, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Lo Ya was very confident about this battle against the werewolf clan. After all, the Insect Girl Clan had experienced a complete evolution and it now had many Black Iron Level warriors. This battle would definitely make the werewolf clan fall into despair.

Lo Xin looked around the hut as she asked, “Lo Ya, what should we do now?”

“We wil let the Sickle Insect inspect this house first.”

She refrained from touching these potions, but she also thought that there might be some good stuff inside which could benefit the clan.

Under the instruction of Lo Ya, a few bugs rushed into the house and began to rummage through the boxes and cabinets.

It was only when a low and deep roaring sound sounded out, Lo Ya’s interest piqued.

The bookshelf which located on the corner of the hut had unknowingly moved half a meter to the side, revealing a small entrance. It was a deep tunnel which mysteriously extended into the dark underground.

“Is it a secret tunnel?” She had a feeling that the place the old man had given up actually had another world.

Lo Ya was a bit hesitant in venturing into an unknown place, but after thinking for a while, she decided to take a risk as she let Sickle Insect drill into it and quickly crawl down the slope. Through the Sickle Insect’s vision, she could barely see the uneven pitch-black rock wall in the darkness. If she knocked lightly, there would be a clear ringing sound.

“This rock seems to be ordinary.”

When the Sickle Insect climbed down and reached into the deeper place, she suddenly felt that there was an obvious change of style between this place and previous rock wall.

In this place, it had turned into neat stone slabs… No, this type of scenery couldn’t be said to be the stone slabs either. The complicated patterns and strange stripes on the walls made the scenery in front of them seem very mysterious.

It was like a ruin.

As the depth increased, the tunnel also gradually expanded. Even the stones under the Sickle Insect’s legs gradually turned into stairs for people to walk on.

Suddenly, she saw a faint blue light shining from below.

Countless blue crystals formed the shape of pentagram, hanging in the air like a string. The Sickle Insect curiously crawled to the side of the shining crystals like stars, stretched out its front leg and knocked.

Ding, ding, ding ~

A sound as clear as music rang out through the tunnel.

There were flowers that emitted a faint glow of various colors in the surrounding. They caused this environment to appear dreamlike while the firefly-like dots of light floated in the surroundings, causing this strange environment to look like a mysterious starry sky.

In the middle of the starry sky, Lo Ya unexpectedly saw a figure lying in the glowing flowers.

The person had an extremely fair skin, blue eyes which were half-opened dimly, and long hair that glowed with blue and white light. That person was wearing a simple long dress, emitting a sense of purity.

She was an extremely beautiful girl, but she was like a statue, lying quietly in the sea of flowers and not moving at all.

Lo Ya used the probing technique.

???, ???, ???。

A string of question marks appeared, unable to detect any information about this girl.

Lo Ya was surprised and she wondered, “Who is that?”

Lo Ya tried to control the Sickle Insect to crawl forward in order to figure out more about the girl, but the scene in front of her was like a distant horizon. It was within a reach of hand yet so far. No matter how hard she tried, she could not get close.

“What a strange feeling.”

She felt that the whole atmosphere here was not right. The girl who was lying in the sea of flowers was clearly so beautiful, but she was engulfed by a heavy atmosphere.

She let the Sickle Insect quietly climb up to the top of the slope.

Standing at a high place, the shape of the space became distinct before her eyes. It was a rectangular shape with a dome at the top while unrecognizable characters were carved into the protruding corners of the room.

Although she did not know what the meaning of these words were, it still gave Lo Ya a very familiar feeling.

She thought quietly for a few seconds as she looked at the shape of the flowers and stars on the ground. Suddenly, she realized something and felt a chill run down her spine. “Isn’t this a coffin?”

Yes, this whole space seemed to be inside a coffin.

Perhaps, her discovery had affected something, in the next moment, a voice appeared in her mind:

[Discovered Unknown Area: Sinking Coffin]

“Sinking Coffin? Indeed, this is a strange place.

Who exactly is the girl buried there?”

Lo Ya couldn’t help it anymore and decided to go down personally to take a look at the situation. She sat on the back of the Sickle Insect and quickly entered the dark underground.

When she came here personally, the scene in front of her had an indescribable mysterious feeling.

She directly wriggled to the side of the young girl and her gaze fell on her face. At that moment, the dull eyeball suddenly shook and slowly turned around.

Suddenly, her eyes seemed to have been lit up, emitting a faint blue and white fluorescence.

“A corpse?” Lo Ya was so scared by this realization that her tail flicked and her entire body jumped dozens of centimeters backwards.

Surprisingly, a request for a Spiritual Link suddenly entered her brain. Lo Ya was stunned, but she hesitantly let it connect her mind. Then, a faint voice entered her mind, “Who…are you?”

It was a very weak and intermittent voice.

“I am Lo Ya,” she carefully answered.

The girl was silent for a while. A transparent teardrop that reflected light flowed down from her eyes as she looked at Lo Ya. “Not… a human.”

Then, she asked weakly, “Humans… are they still…?”

“Er… Yes.” Lo Ya felt puzzled when she was faced with this question.

‘Why is the girl asking this? What era did this girl come from? Also, what the hell is this place?’

“It’s not here… it’s gone, the humans… are gone.” The girl’s intermittent voice carried the vicissitudes of life. A spotlessly white right arm slowly and spiritlessly lifted up and light flickered between her fingers. “They are all gone.”

“Why do you say so?” Furrowing her brows, Lo Ya asked seriously, “I saw humans. There are many people.”

“No…” The girl no longer paid attention to her and her gaze seemed to be distant.

God knew what she was talking about.

Lo Ya was confused and felt a little depressed. She found that the girl’s arm slowly fell and her eyes, which had been open all this time, also seemed to have lost their vitality and did not move anymore.

[Target is dead. For unknown reasons, it is impossible to approach.]

“She is dead?”

Thinking about it, the inside of this coffin-like space was like the starry sky, and the atmosphere was actually a little warm. She wasn’t sure whether it was the sea of the flowers or the stars either.

Lo Ya picked up a star gem from the ground.

[Received Collapse Energy Stone.]

[Collapse Energy Stone: Pure Energy Body (Constraint). The boundary maintains the crystal state in the form of vibration. Specific information unknown.]

“Wow, pure energy?”

This concept was somewhat terrifying.

“What if I throw it into the inventory?” Lo Ya tried it and actually succeeded.

She inexplicably felt that this ruin also hid a huge secret like the Earth Falls, but with the various informations that she had heard recently, she had already become numb. Lo Ya felt that she should still live her own life without caring about those messy things.

“In the future, I should restrain my curiosity.”

While thinking, she kept the Star Gem and unconsciously touched a flower.

[Obtained White Flower Stone Garlic (divine attribute)]

[White Flower Stone Garlic (divine attribute)] : An ordinary flower from the ancient era. It has existed until now because of the divine attribute.]

“Divine attribute? Could this have something to do with Gods?

White Flower Stone Garlic sounded rather familiar. Have I seen it before?”

Lo Ya felt that the items she gained from this trip to the ruins were a bit shocking.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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