C96 Nutrient Slime

Currently, the territory of Insect Girl Clan had reached an astonishing extent.

The tunnels of the Gaeta Insect Swarm had become their territory. The Sickle Insects had gone through every corner of the tunnels and found a large number of eggs that were waiting to be hatched. They carried them to the food storage room.

It could be seen that this surprising number of insect group was also limited by the ability to reproduce. The reproductive speed of female worms seemed to be limited, and each group allowed the existence of only one female worm. Thus, the scale of the Gaeta Insect Swarm had not changed significantly for a long period of time.

This type of situation made Lo Ya think of some termites. Even under the circumstances where the lifespan of termites was limited, the queen ant could only produce a certain amount of eggs every day. So, they could only build new nests and form new tribes as the fastest way to expand their scale.

However, the process was entirely different when it came to Insect Girl Clan. Every single one of them could split up and breed. Although it was not as fast as the female worms of the Gaeta Insect Swarm laying eggs, once the numbers reached a certain level, the numbers would increase exponentially without much effort.

At that time, Lo Yu wriggled over, dragging a bloody thread behind her back.

“Lo Ya, brother werewolf’s butt is swollen from the beating. Do we still have to continue?”

“What? Has it become swollen so quickly?” Then, Lo Ya touched her chin and said, “That stupid wolf is also quite pitiful. It must have been starving for a long time by now. Why don’t you prepare some food for it?”

“Eh, do we really have to do that?” Lo Yu was surprised and a bit hesitant as she asked, “But what food should we feed it?”

“Of course, we can’t let it eat too well. Why don’t we get some small things, such as caterpillars or cockroaches? It must be enough to keep him alive for a while.”

“Oh, alright.” Lo Yu felt that it was quite a pity. When it came to food, she did not want to share it with others. To Little Insect Girls, eating was the biggest source of happiness after all.

She sorrowfully muttered to herself, “Humph, today is a lucky day for that werewolf.”

Ten minutes later…

“Wuwuwu ~ Wuwussler ~” Facing a fat caterpillar full of patterns on its body and wagging its tail, the werewolf brother revealed an incomparably terrified expression.

Lo Yu had a sorrowful expression on her face as she said, “Hey, this is my collection of delicious snacks. Oh, if it wasn’t for Lo Ya, I wouldn’t be willing to share it with you.”

The caterpillar slowly approached the werewolf’s nose senselessly. The werewolf tried to avoid it with all his might as he shook his head, feeling a weird itch rushed to his nose.

Lo Yu removed the thread from his mouth and taking advantage of him opening his mouth in temporary relief, she shoved the caterpillar directly into his mouth.

Slurp! Slurp!

The sound of something being chewed crisply rang out and the feeling of liquid flowing everywhere rushed to his head.

An indescribable sense of touching extremely soft with the tip of the tongue pushed his taste buds to the peak!

The caterpillar seemed to be still struggling as it kept wriggling for a while in the werewolf’s mouth.

Ugh ~

He really wanted to vomit, but his mouth was blocked by silk again.

“What a pity. it was a bug that I found with great difficulty.”

Lo Yu pouted. She felt that it was a waste to feed it to the werewolf, so she picked up the second bug and stuffed it into her mouth. Then, she started to chew on it happily.

‘So disgusting!

The taste of caterpillars is so disgusting!’

The werewolf whined in his mind and felt like he was about to go crazy from the feeling in his mouth.

The creatures in front of him were definitely monsters! How could there be such terrifying creatures in the world?

During this period of time, it had witnessed the horrible behaviors of the Insect Girl Clan that literally devoured the entire world. Everything that was alive and moving could be stuffed into their mouth as if it was all natural. One could often see some little ones from the clan crawling on the ground to dig up the soil, pulling out tragic bugs one after another and eating them directly!

Although it was quite cute, after thinking about it carefully, this kind of harvesting was really hard to accept.

Lo Yu noticed that it looked uncomfortable and untied the thread on its mouth in curiosity. Then, with a ‘yuck’ sound, the werewolf spat it out frantically.

Lo Yu frowned and said, “Looks like you not only do not want to say anything, but also do not know the value of precious food. Fine, we can only fight again.”


“Wait! I will say, aiyo! My butt…”

It was so swollen that he could only lie face down or stand. All the other postures felt like ants were biting and crawling on his butt.

In fact, he really wanted to open his mouth and throw an air cannon while he had the chance, but dreading about the terrifying things he could face, the werewolf gave up on his plan and said,

“Our werewolf clan is a race that lives in the east. We can be considered as neighbors with you.”

“So, our so-called neighbors took the initiative to attack us?” At that time, Lo Ya’s bitter voice came from behind.

The werewolf quickly turned his head and said while shaking his head, “That area used to be our land, but it was occupied by two humans before. The patriarch told us that human alchemists are a group of very dangerous existences, so…”

“So, you came to bully Insect Girl?” Lo Ya interrupted and sighed,” How evil your clan is. Looks like we can only eat you.”

The werewolf was stunned as soon as he heard this.

He was also dumbfounded as he let out a sound with wide eyes, “Huh?”

Whiz, whiz, whiz…

Suddenly, a few Sickle Insects rushed forward and slashed down with their sharp blades upon Lo Ya’s order. In a second, this poor fellow, who was in a state of extreme weakness due to being injured and having been severely punished by spanking, turned into a corpse in an instant.

After that, a shiny pearl exploded with a burst of energy, and a pile of tools dropped on the ground.

The most conspicuous one among them was a large bronze chest.

[Congratulations, you have received Wolf Human Stone (Bronze) and 3 Leaf Balls. You have also obtained 2 Basic Healing Potions and 1 Basic Spiritual Power Recovery Potion.]

[Opening Bronze Treasure Chest, you have received Blue Slime (Pet).]

[Blue Slime (Pet): A fantasy-like magical creature that is as sticky as jelly and does not exist in the real world.]

With a ‘Dong’,

a soft jelly ball jumped out of the box and landed on the ground.

Lo Yu curiously went up and pinched it, realizing that the Slime caved in.

“Gu Gu, I want to eat it, I want to eat it.” A certain very small Little Insect Girl was like a puppy that had smelled delicious food. She wiggled over quickly from afar and opened her mouth to suck on the Slime.

With each bite, Slime’s size shrunk little by little.

“Wow, great!” This small Little Insect Girl tasted it and happily wagged her tail.

“Let me try it, too.” Lo Ya also took a bite and sighed slightly.

[Evolution points + 40]

[Obtained Component: Breathing Glue]

“Wow, so nutritious.”

Lo Ya was shocked. Other than 40 evolution points in one bite, she could also get the components!

So, she ate another bite.

[Evolution points + 45]

Indeed, not only did the blue Slime taste good, but every bite was rich in nutrition. Lo Ya could even imagine her tail getting fat with each bite.

Wondering what type of thing it was, she used the probing technique and a message appeared above the soft ball.

Blue Slime, Level 1, Devil Monster.

“Only Level 1 and it looks very ordinary. But its constitute is extraordinary.” Lo Ya muttered and could not help but suck in another mouthful of jelly.

A few minutes later, there were already a lot of Little Insect Girls surrounding the Slime. Everyone was determined to eat the Slime first before swallowing the werewolf’s corpse. They looked like they were working very hard to improve themselves.

In reality, the Sickle Insects were trying to finish eating the large amount of insect corpses that were accumulated during the war. Otherwise, all of them would become a waste if they rotted.

Two hours later, the food was reduced by half. Insect Girls and the rest were snoring on the grass with a full belly while the other Sickle Insects had given birth to a bunch of cute little Sickle Insects.

As for the Undead Insects, there were also small bones similar to the tail in their bones, waiting to hatch a new batch of little insects.

However, Lo Ya wasn’t adamant on hatching more Undead Insects because their combat strength depended on the fire seed, and they were not like the Sickle Insects that could quickly evolve and become stronger in a matter of time.

For her, the most important thing right now was to quickly increase the clan’s strength.

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