C95 Sutton’s Contract with the Empire

Despite the dreading premonition in her heart, Lo Ya found that there was no reaction from the Sickle Insects.

Lo Ya looked at the scene and realized that the man’s intention was not to attack, but to inspect the appearance of the Sickle Insect.

The situation was somehow a little awkward. There were all kinds of strange-looking insects around with a person at front. This kind of scene was really rare and eccentric.

“It seems that you don’t want to communicate, or rather, I’ve misunderstood. You are not able to communicate in the first place.” The man’s tone revealed a trace of helplessness.

At this moment, the Sickle Insects did not continue to attack.

In the outsiders’ view, both sides seemed to be in a stalemate, but in reality, a large number of insects were killing their way along the tunnels and surrounding the area where the Tower Queen and the man were.

However, this process didn’t go too smoothly either because there were still quite a number of high-level insects in the Gaeta Insect Swarm. A fierce battle was still breaking out between them and the Sickle Insects.

Some high-level Sickle Insects took the lead and faced these terrifying high-level big bugs. When facing them, the warriors at the Black Iron Level weren’t able to gain any advantage at all. Therefore, the Sickle Insects changed their tactic from the complete annihilation to a war of attrition.

“Alright, shut up.” The Tower Queen bug communicated with the man with her spirit, “All the bug groups are facing the danger of collapsing by now. Not to mention that some of the leaders are gathering here while making me the target.”

“Oh, my dear, it seems like you won’t be able to compete with others in population strength.” The man smiled and patted the worm’s body.

She replied with a tone of disgust, “Don’t call me ‘dear’.” Hearing this nauseating term of addressing, the Tower Queen’s body dramatically shivered.

“What a strange display of affection…” As an audience to this scene, Lo Ya did not quite understand the relationship between the two of them.

She couldn’t guess if the man was deliberately acting to stall for time, or if he was purely protecting the Tower Queen. Moreover, what could a human like him have to do with the Gaeta Insect Swarm? However, one thing was sure. It seemed that the leader of the swarm was not at all a creature with low intelligence; rather, its thoughts were very meaningful.

At this moment, Lo Ya’s location wasn’t far from the battlefield. In order to obtain more information, she decided to take a risk and sat on a Sickle Insect to quickly approach this place.

After trying to figure out for a long time but in vain, and seeing that the Sickle Insect still did not speak, the man prepared to make a move.

At that time, the Sickle Insects began to retreat like tidal waves, staying at a certain distance.

“What… is wrong with them?” The one who spoke was a large beetle that had just crawled over from the tunnel behind them.

“I’m not sure, but they seem to know that we are strong, so they don’t want to start a war.” The man could only think so.

Half a minute later, a Sickle Insect crawled out from the group and a small figure came down from it.

“Hello, bugs… and human.” This figure was none other than Lo Ya who landed on the ground in the form of legs, letting out a crisp and pleasant sound from her mouth.

“Oh? Are you also a joint species?” The male mage asked with a smile, the interest in his eyes evident.

“Yeah, kind of.” Lo Ya naturally would not tell the other party about her origin. She spoke meaningfully, “I think it’s best to avoid some overly dangerous battles for both sides.”

What Lo Ya actually meant was that she didn’t want to fight with a level-30 Battle Mage!

The strongest enemy they had encountered before was only at the Silver Level. Even then, they had to rely on a large number of Sickle Insects to win. Not to mention fighting with this Diamond-Level mage in front of them. It was basically a mission impossible!

“What an interesting creature!” The man’s expression had always been kind throughout the interaction. She didn’t know if it was simply his personality or if he was just putting on an act. He said to Lo Ya, “In return, let me tell you something important.”

“Okay.” Lo Ya blinked and nodded.

He thought for a few seconds and said, “The agreement between the Sutton and the Empire is not equal.”


If one wanted to understand the his words, one first had to know what the empire was and where it was, also about the signed treaty. Unfortunately, Lo Ya knew nothing about it.

Nevertheless, this did not stop her from getting curious.

“Could you be more specific?”

“It looks like you’re interested in this topic.” The man revealed a meaningful expression before continuing, “You might know this… In order to prevent the humans at the border from attacking the Forest of Ferner, Sutton personally lived in the border between the forest and Hojo Kingdom. That way, if the humans decided to launch a war, it would inevitably lead the dragons into the human territory. However, I have to tell you that, unlike what we know, Sutton is actually under house arrest.”

Lo Ya was confused and enlightened at the same time. “Oh?”

“Hahaha, don’t make such a cute expression now. How I wish that Alfie would become like you!” The man suddenly let out a grin and shook his head. “Anyway, the Empire is indeed afraid of the Gods in the forest. Or rather… it’s just a small matter which took place under the influence of the competition between the Gods. It seems that they are protecting the magical creatures, but in reality, aren’t they protecting humans as well?”

Lo Ya frowned and thought about this debate-worthy topic.

“Alright, that’s all I want to say. I think you should understand that this matter has something to do with you. You are welcome.” After saying that, the man knocked the staff in his hand against the ground, and suddenly, a teleportation array appeared.

“Alfie, let’s go.” Without warning, he grabbed the Tower Queen’s giant worm body and the two disappeared into a hazy light.

Before they completely disappeared, one could still hear the Tower Queen’s voice scolding, “You pervert, do you really like bugs that much? Hey, where are you touching? Damn it!”

“Phew.” Lo Ya breathed out a sigh of relief, but she had mixed feelings along with the complicated questions.

What did he mean by saying this matter was related to her? What did it have to do with her anyway?

How could a tiny Insect Girl Clan have anything to do with a matter like this?

No matter what, when he actually revealed a lot of information, the thing that caught her attention the most was not the treaty, which was not like everyone was thinking, nor was it Sutton, who seemed to make the decision and rule the forest, but a mysterious ancient God.

“Could it be that he wants to let me know that I am safe?”

Something flashed across her mind and Lo Ya inexplicably felt that she was about to grasp some important truth.

“Why does it feel like there is a God playing a big game of chess and we are all but his pawns?”

Lo Ya felt that it was better not to think too much about it. The most important thing right now was that, since the Gaeta Insect Swarm had lost their Tower Queen, many of the insects’ combat strength had been significantly reduced. It was a good opportunity for Insect Girl Clan.

Hence, the majority of the Sickle Insects were ordered to move out so as to strengthen their attacks. The Undead Insects also worked together with some high-level Sickle Insects to effectively surround and kill the high-level insects of the enemy.

To Insect Girl Clan, this war had already reached its end with the evident victory on their side.

However, the losses in the last battle with the wolves were relatively heavy. Now, the enemy’s high-level insect warriors came out in full force, and the evolved Sickle Insects were all under immense pressure.

After the session of intense consumption, the corpses of the 150 dead Sickle Insect were transported back to their territory.

Lo Ya carefully considered the matter of props exploding and leveling up. Taking it into account, she let the little Insect Girls run to the front line and hide behind the swarm so that they could release acid and magic, effectively causing the enemy to be caged by different types of attack.

After a few rounds of battle, a large pile of won items were added to the inventory.

What was more, since Lo Ya ate a lot of food, she obtained thousands of evolution points.

In addition, the Strength Enhancement Bonds + 0.2, the Agility Book + 2, the Strength Book + 1, and the Species Life Book + 3 also increased the overall attributes of Insect Girl Clan and Lo Ya.

Although the loss of this siege battle was a bit greater than they initially expected, the post-war harvest was amazing. At least, one more good thing was that Insect Girl Clan had one less enemy that could threaten them at any moment, which also meant that from now on, they had become the overlord of this small region.

And so, their next target would be the Werewolf Clan which resided in the east.

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