C94 Inevitable Fate

In fact, Lo Ya was deliberately torturing this poor wolf.

As for the reason…it did not exist! She just wanted to let the wolf think how terrifying the Insect Girl Clan could be so that he could understand that when facing some unreasonable kinds, he could only choose to be obedient.

“Speak! If you don’t say anything, I’ll keep spanking your little butt.”

Pah! Pah!

“Awoo ~ Awoo ~~” Because its mouth was covered, the werewolf could only whimper and the tone was very strange.

“Lo Ya, it is so stubborn. It still won’t speak,” Lo Yu turned around and asked as she felt tired after slapping for a while.

“Oh, okay. Then, tie it up and take it away. We can teach it a lesson every day when we get home.”

Lo Ya’s expression was serious as she ordered the Sickle Insect group to carry the wolf.

The Sickle Insect group brought the captured wolf back the way they came. When they entered the territory, a bunch of idling Little Insect Girls appeared in their field of vision.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya! Luo Jing and Lo Lo have become pupae.”


When Lo Ya heard this news, she hurriedly ran over to take a look at the situation and sure enough, she saw a few very small Little Insect Girls that she had never seen before wiggling about in the grass.

“Oh my, so cute. Are they all newly hatched babies?”

Eight of them were born at the same time. This meant that the current Insect Girl Clan actually no longer had a tail that was waiting to be hatched.

When the little ones saw Lo Ya, they slowly wiggled over and enthusiastically surrounded her.

“So small. Now that I notice myself, I seem to have grown up quite a bit compared to these little insects.”

Lo Ya picked up one and kissed it affectionately before doing so to another one. Then, she rolled and played with the little Little Insect Girls joyfully. These little things were smiliar to little pets. They were very obedient and cute like the most purest things in the world. They would laugh foolishly when they were teased. They were very fun beings.

At that time, Lo Xin excitedly ran over from behind and extended a finger, pressing down on a certain baby Little Insect Girl’s tail. Then, this little fellow could only wriggle on the spot and could not run no matter how hard it tried to.

“Oh, right. What about the two young Goblins?” Lo Ya suddenly remembered about the remaining Goblins.

Lo Xin had a sad expression on her face as she responded, “One of them became sick and died.”

Lo Ya was stunned to hear this and she gasped, “One died?”

She quickly went to the place where Goblin cubs were kept and found out that one of the males had indeed lost his life.

“So, there is only one left.” At that moment, Lo Ya realized a cruel reality. Although some species still existed in the world, they were destined to be extinct somehow.

No matter how much hope there still was for the generation, it would still be extinguished if it was meant to be no matter how difficult one persisted. There was no explanation for this kind of fate.

“How cruel. It clearly laughed so foolishly and innocently not long ago.”

Lo Ya heaved a sorrowful sigh.

At this time, there were still 200 Sickle Insects fighting against the Gaeta Insect Swarm underground. The entire process was carried out stably and steadily, slowly nibbling away at the enemy’s territory. Along the way, they unexpectedly found many buried corpses. Perhaps, it was because the air was not circulating in the tunnel properly or for some other reason, some of the insect corpses still hadn’t rotted and thus, they became food for the Sickle Insects to keep them energetic.

During this period of time, Lo Ya kept up the proper procedure of commanding the Sickle Insects to attack. At that time, a certain insect ate a corpse and it suddenly mutated.

[Congratulations, the Sickle Insect has undergone beneficial evolution. The potential for all attributes has increased and the strength of the carapace has improved.]

[This evolution will not produce a new species, and the results have automatically been applied to all individuals.]

The insect swarm had become stronger.

With this amount of overall increase, the attribute points gained from the upgrade all reached 1.5, which was only below 2 points compared to humans.

Although the upper limit of the level had not changed, the current Sickle Insect only needed to be raised to level 5 to have the strength of the lower Black Iron Level.

The weapon became sharper and bigger.

Nonetheless, this was a great thing for Lo Ya who was facing the threat of the werewolf clan.

The Gaeta Insect Swarm naturally noticed the Sickle Insect group’s sudden evolution. The Spiked Insect that was fighting against the sickle creature saw that the opponent suddenly let out a sharp cry. After that, its size drastically increased by a small amount at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After that, they displayed a sign of an extreme hunger.

In order to replenish the nutrients needed for evolution, the entire Sickle Insect group was naturally forced to launch an even more intense attack, devouring everything they saw in front of them.

The Gaeta Insect Swarm’s core, in the darkness.

“Alfie, how much longer do you want to hide in this broken place? If I don’t come to see you, will you ever come out?” The tone of voice was very smooth. However, it was also a strange voice since this kind of communication usually didn’t exist in the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

The one in question didn’t say anything.

After not getting any reply for a long time, the voice said again, “If you encounter any trouble, I’ll help you. As long as you need it, no matter what it is, I will give it to you.”

A ray of light flashed, illuminating the figure that was speaking.

It was a person, specifically a mage who was wearing a blue robe.

“Get lost, don’t bother me! I’m so ugly. I don’t want to pollute your eyes.” In front of the mage was a terrifying worm. Its whole body was greyish black. It had disgusting fur, and its lower body had numerous short and small legs. In front of its head were countless eyes. Perhaps it was because of its emotions, the worm’s body was rising and falling as it breathed.

“No, when have I ever disliked you? Look, as long as I have time, I will come there to see you. I will just have to keep it secret from those damn Empire people.”

When the big worm heard the word ‘Empire’, its body suddenly trembled violently. “No, no. Don’t say that. I know how different we are. I can’t see you and I can’t understand what you’re saying… I can’t imagine how powerful those humans are.”

The mage in a blue robe sighed slightly and said, “I’m really sorry, you see… there are a lot of things that I can’t control. You can’t either and the Sutton, even more so. This era does not belong to us nor does it belong to all extraordinary existences. It solely belongs to the Gods. Those ancient Gods have all descended upon the earth, destroying the heavens and destroying the earth. They caused all heroes to lose their luster. Perhaps one day, if your luck is good, you will meet one… ”

“What does this have to do with me? Could it be that God can help me?” The big worm crumpled itself into a ball in pain.

At this moment, a Calabash Worm crawled nearby and connected the communication with the big worm in front of it, “Enemies… are too terrifying, they… attack. … powerful… without restrictions.”

The big worm opened all its eyes in shock. “What did you say?”

“They… instantly became powerful, seizing… abilities… powerful.”

The man next to him looked interested as he asked, “What did you encounter?”

“It’s none of your business,” the big worm interrupted.

“Alfie, I have already told you. No matter what you have become, I won’t give up on you. This also applies to what happened in the past, and whatever happens in the future.”

Whoosh –

At that time, a loud noise suddenly came from outside.

A group of Sickle Insects had killed all the Gaeta insects along the way and then pushed down the mud wall, appearing in front of them.

When the person and the big worm came into view, the Sickle Insects immediately stopped after receiving the order from Lo Ya.

“Wow, you guys are finally here?” The man said calmly with a serene expression.

One of the Sickle Insect’s eyes flashed with a faint red light. It was because Lo Ya began to control its body.

She looked at the person with an intent gaze. Battle Mage, Level 36, Human Male, Diamond Level.

Then, she looked at the big worm and figured it out. Tower Queen, Level 16, Devil Monster, Black Iron Level.

“I know you all have wisdom.” The man laughed, “I advise you not to attack the one beside me because that will cause a very, very troublesome matter.”

As he warned, he slowly took two steps forward, and the light in his hand lit up a little.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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