C93 Fighting Against The Werewolf Clan

Human corpse couldn’t give Lo Ya too many good components. The only value was probably higher nutritional value than anything else.

Of course, as the corpse was an intelligent creature, Lo Ya actually hoped that it could drop something called the brain.

However, there was nothing.

The goal of the advanced brain was still unachievable.

Most of the corpse was eaten by the two Little Insect Girls while the rest was distributed to the Sickle Insect group.

After finishing, Lo Ya thoroughly observed the alchemy room and was about to bring Lo Yu back.

However, at this time, she encountered trouble again.

A sharp wooden fork flew over from afar and hit a certain Sickle Insect that was lying on the grass and resting.

The other Sickle Insects were also alarmed as they stood up, vigilantly looking in the direction of the attack.

A moment later, they saw a lot of huge grey wolves coming out of the dark.

These wolves scuttled out of the bushes and let out low hissing sounds before one of them suddenly jumped up a few steps and bit the neck of a certain Sickle Insect. Two of the other insects were also killed in a short moment.

Seeing this scene, another Sickle Insect squad which was resting at more than twenty meters away immediately went berserk and charged towards these grey wolves.

Under the attack of insect’s sharp blades, the wolf pack quickly felt the pressure. After losing a few of their own, they realized that even more insects had charged towards them, so they turned around and retreated dozens of meters away with a low hiss.

Then, a few wolves which seemed to be in high honor position, with a height of 2 to 3 meters and the wooden forks in their hands appeared.

Werewolves, Bronze Level Creatures.

After Lo Ya learned of the situation, she quickly ordered the Sickle Insect swarm which was in a guarding stance beside the alchemy hut to rush to the target location where the battle was taking place.

She had never seen a large grey wolf on the ground personally, but she was aware of the existence of the werewolves.

She remembered that Luya and the two professionals had dealt with this kind of creature in the forest.

At this moment, ‘Bang!’

The werewolf leader opened its mouth and shot a blast of air towards the Sickle Insect on the ground.

It hurriedly jumped to the side, barely managing to dodge this powerful attack.

When more and more insects appeared nearby, the werewolf leader held the spear and fork in his hand and cursed in a low voice, “Damn insects.”

“Dolu, I once heard that there is a race called Gaeta Insect Swarm in the west. If I’m not mistaken, it should be these, right?” The other werewolf was slightly vigilant as he asked. The fact that these insects were able to react quickly after being attacked and kill two grey wolves indicated that these insects posed a certain threat to the werewolf clan.

“No, the Gaeta Insect Swarm is just a group of low-level creatures that rely on their numbers to move around. Moreover, the location of their territory is relatively small and fixed. It’s impossible for them to invade such a place.” Dolu swung the spear and fork in his hand as it sneered, “I’ve never seen this creature before, but it doesn’t matter. What really matters is, now that those two humans have left, we can take back our former territory.”

Bang! Bang!

As it spoke, two air cannons were shot out from its mouth.

As if they got the permission, the other werewolves also opened their mouths and shot out air cannons. A few Sickle Insects at the front were the first to be hit, and they were directly blasted into pieces.

The other insects squeaked fiercely and charged at the werewolves madly.

The grey wolves faced the attack fearlessly, and instantly, the scene immediately turned into a violent battle.

When Lo Ya and Lo Yu arrived at the scene while sitting on the Sickle Insects, nine out of the three Sickle Insect squads had been defeated and half of the remaining 21 were injured badly. This proved that their combat strength was simply incomparable to that of the grey wolves. At this point, it could be doubted that even if the Sickle Insects attacked together, they would not be able to defeat one of the enemy.

Fortunately, Lo Ya gave an order at this time. With their leader here, the swarm became immediately energetic as they rushed like a surging tide towards these damn wolves.

The five strong werewolves quickly discovered that they were surrounded by the large number of insects. Snorting disdainfully, they immediately prepared to retreat with the wolf pack.

However, Lo Ya would not give them a chance.

How dared they try to retreat safely after bullying the Insect Girl Clan?

What was more, the Insect Girl Clan was least afraid of fighting for consumption!

“Damn it, these damn bugs.”

The werewolves realized that these monsters were not afraid of death at all. Half of the Sickle Insects’ heads had been bitten off while some had also been shattered by their air cannon. However, they still stood up firmly and fought with them fearlessly.

A grey wolf finally defeated one Sickle Insect with great difficulty. Just as it was about to attack the other one who rushed up to it, the previous one that fell down and was almost dying opened its mouth and used its sharp insect teeth to bite down its front legs.

The other werewolves were also under siege as they faced over ten Sickle Insects at the same time. No matter how fast they spat out the air cannon, they were unable to stop them from getting close due to the large number of opponent.

In their rage, these wolves snapped and all began to go berserk. Their muscles swelled up and their attributes increased by a large margin.

“Flee! Don’t continue fighting.” Although they were fuming, these wolves were very smart. They immediately thought of running away when they knew that there was potential for them to be defeated.

Of course, it wasn’t that they couldn’t win, but rather that the losses outweighed the gains.

But at this time, Lo Yu, who was sitting on a Sickle Insect, spat out a thread.


Hundreds of intertwined threads exploded into sharp spears in the air, piercing through the back of the skull of the last werewolf which was trying to escape.

Although the spear did not completely pierce into its brain, it still let out a howl of pain and fell to its knees.

“Liu!” The werewolf that was running in front turned around in shock.

“Run!” The werewolf who was immobilized by the silk spear shouted with all his strength.

An air cannon flew towards Lo Yu, but it hit the thick earth wall which was summoned by Lo Ya.

When the other werewolves saw this scene, they understood that they had no choice but to run.

It was impossible to gain the upper hand in this fight.

They didn’t expect that they would encounter such a monster just by trying to occupy their lost land.

“Liu, take care. We will certainly avenge you!”

The werewolf which ran in front wiped his tears as he left his words. He didn’t continue to fight and just ran.

Not long after, the Sickle Insects surrounded the injured werewolf which was lying on the ground. Lo Ya walked closer and found that a spear had pierced through its ankle, nailing it to the ground. Only then did she understand why it did not escape.

“Lo Ya, I think these things are similar to hunting dogs.”

Lo Yu said with a sigh while she used a thread to tie up the werewolf’s mouth.

Lo Ya nodded and said, “Yes. After all, one is a dog and the other is a wolf. They are almost the same.”

The dog was the creature that normally seemed to have been tamed from a wolf. However, the situation in this world was unknown.

“Hello, hello.”

Lo Yu wriggled a few meters in front of it and waved her hand, trying to get some response out of it.

The werewolf whimpered.

“I think it’s necessary to understand the situation of the werewolf clan.” Lo Ya knew that after this battle, Insect Girl Clan would inevitably have another enemy. She sighed helplessly.

Lo Yu felt that it made sense and stared at the other party before asking, “Let me ask you. What is your situation? If you don’t answer, I will beat your little butt.”

The werewolf nodded and waited for Lo Yu to remove the thread from its mouth so that it could respond.

However, Lo Yu shouted fiercely, “Answer me!”

She suddenly controlled her thread and slapped its butt.


The werewolf widened his eyes in shock.

Lo Yu said again patiently, “Don’t look at me. If you answer me obediently, I won’t hit you.”

The werewolf was stupefied. He put on an expression that said, “How am I supposed to answer you when you are blocking my mouth?”

“Lo Ya, it doesn’t care what I say. It doesn’t want to answer.” Lo Yu turned her head and looked at Lo Ya.

“Is that so?” Lo Ya touched her chin and nodded, saying, “Then, beat it until it responds.”

“What?! My mouth is freaking tied up!” The werewolf was about to cry.

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