C88 The Death of the Fire-spitting Beast

As the deal was made, 18 Sickle Insects left the queue. Luya carefully counted and confirmed that it was not wrong, so she let out a sigh of relief.

She smiled and said, “No matter what, thank you. I will treat them well.”

“No need to thank me. Speaking of which, is the Sickle Insect helpful to you?” Lo Xin asked with a look of anticipation.

“It’s quite good. That kind of stinky and dirty… Oh, no. I mean that these arduous tasks can all be completed by the Sickle Insects. So, yeah. They have made great contributions to the rebel army.” As she spoke, cold sweat appeared on Luya’s forehead. The truth was, the rebel army wasn’t willing to let their comrades die. Hence, all kinds of disgusting and almost impossible missions were deliberately handed over to Sickle Insect to carry out instead.

The most effective trait of these insects was that they were too loyal. Not to mention that they did not have any complaints at all. Sometimes, when the soldiers looked at their scarlet eyes, they could even feel the coldness in them as if they were not living beings.

Lo Xin seemed to have noticed her perfunctory words and immediately said angrily, “You are not allowed to bully Sickle Insects! If you bully them, I will blow up your dog head.”

“No, no! Of course, we don’t.” Luya’s body trembled and she had to wipe her cold sweat.

She swallowed with difficulty and thought resentfully, ‘What the hell does she mean by blowing up our dog head!’

Fortunately, the second transaction was considered a success.

Back in the territory, Lo Ya was thinking about leading the troops deeper into the forest. She knew that there were more unknown monsters living there, but in order to increase the strength of the race, they needed to eat higher-level creatures. Based on this reasoning, she felt that it was necessary to explore it.

“Let me see. The mountain range on the west side, the sea on the north, Sutton’s territory to the south, and human’s territory to the southeast. Those areas were impossible to touch and so, only the vast forest on the east side is relatively safe.”

This forest had huge trees that blotted out the sky and even covered the sun. There were also all kinds of fierce and brutal magic beasts.

Lo Ya mumbled to herself in distress, “I feel like I’m going back to my dangerous battle life.”

If it wasn’t for the humans endlessly making her restless, she wouldn’t have been so anxious to strengthen the race. Although the Devil Beast Lord had temporarily gotten rid of the Noble Army, what if they came to seek revenge once again out of humiliation and rage?

Lo Ya thought of this and was determined. She called Lo Yu and the ten Sickle Insect squads over. After that, she personally led them to the east side of the territory.

The dense forest was very humid and most of the time, there was fog drifting about, causing them unable to see the path properly from time to time. At this time, there were also signs of rain and the air was filled with humid atmosphere.


Indeed, the rain announced its arrival not long after, *patter patter patter*.

The water droplets hit the leaves, creating a crisp sound like a pleasant melody. At the same time, the atmosphere became a bit solemn, making one feel the fulfillment of nature.

The rain caused the ponds on the ground to splash in all directions and indirectly, the cold feeling spread from the tail to the brain. The two Little Insect Girls couldn’t help but shiver.

Climbing up a protruding root on the ground, Lo Yu’s attention was attracted by a strange black shadow running over.

“Lo Ya, there’s a monster ahead.”

The monster was slowly approaching and in the meantime,

a pair of vivid scarlet eyes appeared in the fog.

Suddenly, it jumped with its strong legs and pounced on a big tree. Immediately after, a wolf’s howl was heard. A wolf-like creature jumped up from the grass and was about to escape, but a fire snake followed closely behind and blew the wolf away, severely injuring it.

“Fire magic!”

Lo Ya’s pupils contracted.

She remembered that when she just entered the devil monster era, she had seen this kind of wild wolf hunting creature.

Just witnessing it from afar was already very scary.

However, Lo Ya licked her lips and nudged Lo Yu, saying, “Lo Yu, let’s try and see if we can hunt that monster.”

After all, the stronger the creature, the more likely it was to claim good components and props.

As if agreeing, Lo Ya climbed down from the tree trunk and carefully climbed into the grass pile, waiting for the right timing.

Six Sickle Insects slowly approached from both sides.

As the distance shortened, the creature’s appearance gradually appeared in front of them.

Upon the sight of it, no one knew what to say.

It seemed very strong with half the height of a human, somewhat similar to a hybrid between a cheetah and a cow. As it was eating wolf meat, it revealed two ferocious long teeth which were stained with blood.

Seeing this, Lo Ya estimated that its teeth might be six or seven centimeters long and could send the Little Insect Girl to death with one bite.

If the attack failed, she couldn’t help foreseeing the scene of her own juice splashing everywhere.

Fire Spitting Beast, Level 9 Magic Beast.

“Phew, fortunately, this monster’s level is not high. Let me beat it.”

When Lo Ya first saw a monster of this level, she would always hide and run. Now, she could deal with it independently.

As they carefully approached about 40 meters, the fire-spitting beast seemed to have sensed something as it raised its head with a whoosh and vigilantly observed its surroundings with scarlet eyes.

Lo Ya was caught off guard as she jumped in fright and pressed down on Lo Yu who was by the side, causing both of them to lie down.

“Shh ~” Lo Ya was facing down on Lo Yu as she stretched out a finger to her mouth and signaled the other person to remain quiet.

Lo Yu blinked and asked, “Eh, Lo Ya wants to pee? But it is not convenient to pee here.”


Lo Ya hit her tail and scolded, “You damn idiot, I’m telling you to be quiet!”

“Wuuuu ~” Lo Yu pitifully rubbed the part that was hit and had a look of grievance.

It was because of their rustling sounds that the fire-spitting beast noticed the presence near itself.

Roar ~ ~

Just then, a vicious fire snake spat out from its mouth. Like a divine snake swinging its tail, it slammed onto the ground in front of the two Insect Girls with a ‘bang’.

With sharp intuition, Lo Yu quickly reacted and exploded the silk threads, forming a large white net to block the terrifying heatwave.

Seeing the silk net being burned by the flames, Lo Ya took this chance to open her mouth and spit out the Wind Blade that had just risen to level 2.


In a moment, blood splashed onto the ground and the fire snake collapsed.

*Roar!* The flame-spitting beast raised its head and roared as it ran away with all four hooves. Its two large, blood-red eyes, which looked like light bulbs, instantly mixed in with the wind and rain, portraying a strange head that resembled both a cow and a leopard.


Lo Yu was almost scared to death. She turned around and wriggled near the big tree beside her. Her skill in controlling the wind element made her speed a lot faster, but even then, there was no way she could catch up to the speed of the fire-spitting beast.

Thus, as the last resort, she shot out a thread and countless thin and sharp silk spears exploded in the air, piercing into the blood and flesh of the fire beast. The monster that was running wildly on the way was forced to halt its steps and was greatly stimulated by the pain. It angrily spat out another fire snake from its mouth.

Boom ~ ~

This time around, the explosion affected both Lo Ya and Lo Yu, making them feel indescribable pain.

They were both scalded!

In a flash, Lo Ya’s life points were missing more than 30 points.

“Luckily, my lifespan is not very fragile.” Lo Ya let out a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, her life limit was still more than 140 points. For that, she had to thank the Crystal Dragon that she swallowed last time.

Lo Yu was blown off and landed on the tree branch. Then, she fell to the ground and had a few injuries on her body. However, due to her position which was very high, her HP only decreased by 8 points. Lo Ya tossed over a bottle of elementary healing medicine to her. Then, she chanted Dark Melting magic and released it onto the ground.

She carefully poked her head out from behind the tree trunk and found that the fire-spitting beast was struggling on the spot. Lo Yu’s silk spear did its job well as it pierced through its body and nailed it to the ground, making it unable to run or even move.

A few seconds later, the Dark Melting energy began to extend from its legs and corroded it cruelly. Lo Ya was worried that it would do something in its last breath, so she added another Wind Blade and cut off the opponent’s neck. A bleeding head fell onto the ground with a ‘thud’.

[Received 25 EXP. Congratulations, you have leveled up to 16. Chrysalis probability increased.]

Lo Ya was surprised and she exclaimed happily, “Wow, I have finally reached level 16!”

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