C85 Insect Mother’s IQ Test

“My God, what’s wrong with you?”

In the beginning, Lo Yu had evolved into a spider monster and now, Lo Bing had learned an amazing auxiliary magic. If this continued, what if the Little Insect Girls and the others could really go to heaven?

After calming down and thinking for a while, Lo Ya could suspect what was actually going on.

Individual awakening was this kind of ability that caused Insect Girl and the others to undergo unique changes one after another. Under the influence of this ability, every Insect Girl could embark on different evolutionary directions and grasp the unique skills. In this case, Lo Bing obviously embarked on the road of assistance.

Lo Ya inspected herself and said, “It seems like I need to quickly collect the evolution points so that I can activate more mysterious side abilities.”

Lo Ya knew that the higher the skill tree went, the more evolution points it needed. It was different from the evolution of the Sickle Insect. It directly affected when it came to the Insect Girl.

“Lo Bing, do your best and try to comprehend more skills.”

After giving this advice, Lo Ya patted Lo Bing’s shoulder and climbed down from her tail.

“Lo Ya, what are you doing?”

Seeing her leaving figure, Lo Bing revealed a questioning look.

“I’m going to do the test.” Lo Ya only left these words as she left.

Half an hour later, Lo Ya climbed onto a big rock as she ordered to let the Insect Girls and the others gather in front of her. She announced at the cute little heads below, “I called you all because I want to test your IQ.”

The little fellows below blinked their eyes and they all had a blank expression as they looked up at Lo Ya.

With a deadpan expression, Lo Ya rephrased, “I mean I want to see which one of you is smarter.”

“Oh!” Only then, everyone came to a realization.

“The smartest one is, of course, Lo Yu.” Lo Lo wriggled to Lo Yu’s side with a look of worship and said, “Lo Yu is not only smart, but also knows how to spit silk!”

Black lines appeared on Lo Ya’s forehead and she asked in doubt, “Did you just say she is smart?”

Lo Yu and Lo Lo, these two little things would stick together while occasionally refreshing the Insect Girl Clan’s bottom limit of stupidity. Needless to say, she would rather believe that the Huskies climbed up the tree than that these two little things were smart.

She took a deep breath to calm her mood and swallowed back the refusal she was about to say. She then solemnly said to Insect Girls who were present, “I will ask some questions in order of difficulty and you guys give me your answers.”

Hearing this, with brightened eyes, everyone looked forward to it. Of course, this did not include a few stupid little Insect Girls who did not seem to even know why they were called over. They looked at the seniors around them in a daze with blinking eyes.

“Now, the first question, what is the value of 2 + 3?”

As soon as the question left her mouth, a terrifying pressure surged over. One could even imagine the huge question marks appeared on everyone’s head.

“It… It’s so difficult. Why is Lo Ya asking such a difficult question?”

“Yes, yes.” Lo Lo quickly nodded her head and looked at Lo Yu worriedly, saying, “Even Lo Yu might not know such a difficult question, right?”

Nevertheless, even though no one could answer, for some reason, everyone felt that this question was somewhat familiar.

A deadpan expression remained on Lo Ya’s face and one could note that there were even more black lines on her forehead.

How could this question not be familiar? These idiots forgot about it too quickly!

A few of the Little Insect Girls started to count their fingers and very quickly, Lo Xin and Lo Jing rushed to answer, “5!”

Lo Ya nodded and acknowledged, “Very good, you two answered correctly.”

Little cutie in green hat also reacted very quickly and stretched out her arm high, showing five fingers.

When the other idiots saw that some of them had answered, they also had a flash of inspiration and called out ‘5’ whether they actually knew the solution or not. Only the two young Little Insect Girls were still looking around in ignorance. After a long time, not knowing what was going on, they let out a childish voice, “Wu ~”

Lo Ya facepalmed.

At present, Lo Ya considered that most of the Insect Girls could safely pass the first stage. Only that it took a little more than a matter of time.

Lo Ya asked again, “Okay. The second question, what is the value of 3 + 2?”

Everyone’s eyes widened!

This time, the little cutie in the green hat raised her head in extreme shock. Immediately, she recalled the terrifying scene of the past which was similar to the present situation. Before, there was a time that Lo Ya relied on this eternally difficult problem to make her lose a delicious meal of monster meat!

At this time, she persistently asked this question to Little Insect Girls and everyone felt so scared that they were trembling. Just like that, she crazily bullied her other fellows as well!

She turned her head to look at the nearest Little Insect Girl who was struggling to put her fingers down in order to solve the problem. Then, the tears flowed out of her eyes like a waterfall.

She looked up at Lo Ya and wailed internally, ‘Lo Ya was a crazy big bastard!’

Other Insect Girls began to calculate with great difficulty.

Finally, after ten seconds, Lo Xin shouted excitedly, “I got it. It’s also 5!”

“Ah, Lo Xin, you are so smart.” The other Insect Girls expressed their envy.

Fortunately, one by one, there were quite a lot of little fellows that were successful in calculating this question. Even the little cutie in green hat thought hard for a while and finally managed to get the real answer.

However, what made Lo Ya feel a bit puzzled was that Chiang Ya’s performance seemed to be really bad in terms of computing mathematics questions since she wasn’t able to get the answer at all. Chiang Ya looked a little aggrieved and her eyes were full of sad tears. She did not understand why she could not beat the other Little Insect Girls.

Out of the adult Insect Girls, only Lo Lo and Lo Yu did not pass the second question while out of the nine underaged Little Insect Girls, three of them succeeded.

Lo Ya was a little angry and shouted,

“Those idiots who did not manage to answer will accompany me to study for half an hour every day from now on!”

“Ahhhhh, I’m dead.” Lo Lo dramatically fell to the ground with a bang, raised her tail, rolled her eyes back and stuck out her tongue, playing dead.

Seeing this, the other Insect Girls also joined. “I’m also dead.”

“Ah, I am also dead.”

One could see the smoke rising from Lo Ya’s head.

“Shut up! Pretending to be dead is useless.” Lo Ya scolded fiercely.

She did not want to continue asking as she knew that she would only get more upset.

But no matter what, Insect Girls had to learn the basic addition and subtraction method. After all, it was necessary to calculate the number of insects and enemies during the time of war. Although Lo Ya was eager and had a plan to teach them, unfortunately, she did not know how to let these idiots learn it properly.

She sighed and shook her head dispiritedly. “It looks like this is your limit. Let’s stop here for today. Without a doubt, the result of this test can only prove one thing and that is…the fact that all of you are stupid!”

Everyone was speechless.

“Um, isn’t this something we have inherited from Lo Ya?” One Little Insect Girl spoke in a daze.

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