C79 Bold Attempt

However, Sickle Insect took a few steps in the opposite direction and suddenly stopped. It placed the sickle under its chin and made a thoughtful look.

A few seconds later, it turned around and dug the tunnel which it just covered again. Then, it crawled into it before going towards the entrance and blocked it.

After it was done, the Sickle Insect began to carefully climb up along the underground tunnel which was dug by the Garret Worm.

Half a minute later, it passed by an entrance and saw three Spiked Insects lying on the wall and eating meat. They were eating very energetically and did not pay attention to the Sickle Insect behind them at all.

Taking advantage of their inattentive trait, the Sickle Insect opened its mouth and quietly crawled to the side. Then, pretending to be a Spiked Insect, it began to eat the large pile of meat in front of it. When it heard the squeaking sounds coming from the insects beside it, it copied them and started to bite enthusiastically.

Around two minutes later, the Spiked Insect by its side seemed to be full as it raised its head and looked to its right, realizing the presence of it.

“Ka???” Letting out a confusing sound, it looked at the other insect with its mouth wide open and its expression was blank.

The Sickle Insect also raised its head and blinked its scarlet lightbulb-like eyes at it before nodding its head fiercely, voicing out,


The Spiked Insect also nodded its head back. It blinked its bug eyes twice and lowered its head with a complicated feeling, as if it did not understand the situation in front of it.

A few minutes later, the Sickle Insect had successfully enjoyed a full meal. It turned around and continued to climb deeper into the Spiked Insect’s nest. In order to prevent getting lost, it also left behind a small amount of its pheromones along the way.

After advancing for about a few dozen meters, a very large space appeared before its eyes. There were also many Spiked Insects digging earth in the boundary region.

The Sickle Insect slowly crawled over and observed the surrounding when it discovered that these insects were all burying their heads in the ground. None of the insects paid attention to the situation at the back. As it crawled forward, it slightly paused as it realized that there were a few clearly larger Spiked Insects crawling between different bugs, acting like the supervisors. Indeed, they were supervising as the small Spiked Insects continued to bury their heads and work. Whenever those supervisor insects got close to an insect, that small Spiked Insect would put on a very hardworking look. Then, seeing it, the large Spiked Insect would be very satisfied. After that, it would continue to crawl around the other bugs.

Now that the Sickle Insect was already in the middle of the place, it continued to crawl in order not to attract attention. Not long after, it discovered a large Spiked Insect crawling towards itself.

The little guy’s brain flashed and he immediately crawled to the side of the wall, imitating what a Spiked Insect was doing and pretending to work together by its side. (Translator: I’m a Spiked Insect, I’m a Spiked Insect!)

After more than ten seconds, the large Spiked Insect reached behind it and found that these guys were all working very hard. Thus, he nodded his head in satisfaction and

turned around to continue checking the other direction. However, before it crawled away further, its body suddenly froze and it turned around again.

Whiz, whiz, whiz –

Returning to the Sickle Insect’s side, it sized it up a few times. The more it looked, the more it felt that something was wrong.

The Sickle Insect was working with all its might without any distractions. It worked even harder than the bugs beside it.

Upon the sight of it doing its job so seriously, the big Spiked Insect felt a little strange about this bug. However, it only made a conclusion that there was something wrong with its brain before it patted its head in consolation and continued to check other places.

Just like that, the Sickle Insect managed to circle around the border of the enemy territory.

When it returned to the territory of Insect Girl Clan, it saw a large pile of food on the way. Immediately, it had a bold idea. It blocked all the roads around itself, including the path it took to return, leaving only the road to the territory of Insect Girl Clan.

After all was done, it let out a few satisfied sounds, “Squeak squeak.”

From now on, this place had become the territory of Insect Girl Clan. Admiring its own work, it waved its sickle in satisfaction and began to move the food on the ground in peace, intending to transport it to Insect Girl’s food storage area.

Lo Ya had already received the spiritual informing of this Sickle Insect and learned of what had happened at the scene.

She did not expect another tribe’s territory to exist near their tunnel and she also didn’t know what to do about it for now. So, she simply ordered the two Sickle Insect squads to help in moving the food.

According to the Sickle Insect which pulled off the bold attempt, it was the Gaeta Insect Swarm that was taking place. It was a relatively large tribe with many population. The most common type of species responsible for combat and labor was the Spiked Insect. Their status and attributes were somewhat similar to the Sickle Insect, and they were also responsible for most of the hard work within the tribe.

The difference between them in labor work was that the Sickle Insect would never slack off and the Spiked Insect needed to be managed by the supervisor.

“Lo Xin, how do you think we should deal with those damn bugs?” Lo Ya seriously asked an Insect Girl who was considered to have the highest IQ in the tribe.

“Of course, we should turn them into food.”

Lo Xin licked her lips after speaking, looking like she was craving for food.

Lo Ya shook her head and asked Lo Yin, “What does Lo Lo think?”


“My bad. It’s better to ask a pig than to ask you a question.” Lo Ya felt the headache forming in her head as she knocked Lo Yin’s head.

Then, she thought to herself, ‘Which method would be better? Ambush? Earth battle?’

Although they could initiate the battle to gain the upper hand, the difference in their overall strength was still enormous. Once the other party found out about the situation of their race, what they would have to face next would be a decisive battle as a whole. After all, the other side would not wait until their side developed freely.

Lo Ya checked the Item Space and found the 200 Leaf Balls that had unknowingly accumulated. Immediately, she felt that she could use these to at least consume the enemy’s numbers.

200 Leaf Balls might seem like a lot, but it was actually not very useful. Thinking about the number of grenades used in a war in her previous life, she was determined to use these things on the edge of the blade at this time.

She turned around and quickly instructed, “Lo Xin, you go and distribute these leaf balls to the Sickle Insects. Don’t forget to tell them to be careful. These must not be used casually.”

“Okay.” Complying, Lo Xin looked at the large pile of leaf-shaped tools in front of her and reached out to pick them up.

At this time, Chiang Ya climbed into the Insect Girl’s territory and came to Lo Ya’s side before rubbing the bottom of her soft waist.

Then, she looked up cutely and said, “Lo Ya, is the leaf ball very dangerous?”

“Yes, children cannot move around them. It can blow up the whole nest.”

“If so, why don’t we blow up the nest on the other side?”

Hearing this, Lo Ya narrowed her eyes at her. Putting aside the reason why Chiang Ya could think of this kind of suggestion, she began to consider if 200 leaf balls could really blow up the Gaeta Insect Swarm’s nest.

In fact, it was really possible. Considering the size of the other party’s nest, this kind of explosion would not be able to cause the earth to shake and the mountains to tremble, but if it was used well with a proper plan, it could easily destroy the type of tunnel that was supported by mud.

Lo Ya thought of this and immediately communicated with the Sickle Insect who gave her the information about the other side. She let it take a stroll in the opposite territory again.

This time, Lo Ya would remember the structure of the whole tunnel so that she could find some important support points in the cave.

After giving the order, she hugged Chiang Ya and kissed her face, saying thankfully, “Chiang Ya, you are smarter than Luo Xin.”

“Wow, really?” Hearing Lo Ya’s sincere praise, Chiang Ya revealed an excited expression.

This night passed very quickly.

The Sickle Insect that had returned from strolling around the enemy’s territory was as cute as ever.

It was also thanks to it that allowed Lo Ya to make the plan perfect in defeating the other side.

The next night, 60 Sickle Insect suicide squads with leaf balls in their mouths entered the enemy’s territory under the protection of 10 Undead Insects.

This time around, it was different from the previous day when the Sickle Insect casually sneaked in. The Spiked Insects quickly figured out the situation and counterattacked. In a very short period of time, they also mobilized a large number of insects to block each intersection in order not to let the intruding group escape.

The opponents Lo Ya’s troops encountered in the beginning could still be considered to be easy to fight, and so, it was enough with only the two enhanced Undead Insects to completely crush them. However, when the terrifying large beetles appeared one after another, the battle became incomparably intense.

Taking this crowded opportunity, the Sickle Insects that was at the back of the line rushed forward and threw out the leaf balls.

All of them exploded one after another and no matter how high the defense of the opposite beetles was, they would still be defeated by the fire or crushed into pieces. No matter how strong it was, it would still be pierced through by the broken pieces.

As the explosion caused the collapse of this section, the insects continued to take a detour. Along the way, whenever they found the best location to cause the explosion, they threw a few leaf balls, and then quickly followed after the main battling group.

As this battle itself was the live or die mission, none of the insects thought of retreating safely. Their mindsets were determined and if they were lucky, after throwing the leaf balls to destroy the whole place, they could still rush out of the enemy’s cave. If they were meant to die, they would fight until they died.

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