C77 An Intense Battle

After the captain cut off the thread, he charged forward and almost instantly closed in on Lo Yu.


The spider thread solidified into a white round shield in front of her, bouncing the target’s short sword away. It actually caused a metallic trembling sound.


Taking a few steps back, the captain held the sword with both hands and slashed horizontally again while roaring, sending out an imposing sword Qi. Lo Yu continuously used threads to block against it. At the same time, she lightly jumped back, retreating four meters away.

At the corner of her eyes, she could see the released fire snake charging directly towards her. At this time, she stretched out her ten fingers to the right, and instantly, another wave of exploding spider thread formed into a large net more than ten meters away, blocking the explosion of the fire on one side simultaneously.

Lo Ya was stunned at the sight of this meticulous skill. This little girl actually became so powerful. Not to mention the flexible use of the spider silk, this battle awareness was too exaggerated, wasn’t it?

Half of the spider web that was blasted by the fire snake was broken and the other half was burning with flames. With a swung of Lo Yu’s arm, the silk threads swiftly tied up the captain’s hands and feet.


Then, she opened her mouth and a mouthful of acid was sprayed onto the captain’s head.


Along with the captain’s screams, his head was covered with green smoke. His entire face was torn off and instantly covered in blood. When the other soldiers saw this scene, they felt a chill run down their spines.

The visual impact of this scene was even more horrifying than a short sword slashing through the skin. It was so much more shocking that no one wanted to experience the power of this acid.

The male mage knew that the damage of ordinary fire snakes was limited, so he chanted another spell, and a fist-sized fireball quickly condensed in the air around him. With his mouth moving in rapid chanting motion, he waved his wand forward and these fireballs rushed forward, bursting with exhaust flames. They flew in Lo Yu’s direction at a unique angle where one wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

This was the Fire Elemental Magic: Fireball Combo.

One spell could produce dozens of fireballs and there were a few dozen of them charging towards the enemy as if they were raining down from the sky.


Lo Yu took a deep breath, bulged her mouth and tried her best to spit out a thicker spider web.

As she did so, she could feel her tail shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye. If she didn’t transform her legs, one would be able to see it. However, she didn’t pay much attention to it. After all, her tail was plump enough and it was filled with fat and protein, enough to support the consumption of more than countless silk.

Looking at it, it was like a large radar with one side open. When these fireballs hit the net, the flames formed a disc-like explosion that engulfed the flowers and plants all over the ground.

Despite the net, the extremely hot air burned her skin. Lo Yu squinted her eyes and took a few steps back when unexpectedly, she saw a soldier covered in fire rushing out from the flames with the intention to chop her head.

“Woah!” Caught off guard, Lo Yu was stunned.


Luckily, Lo Ya also noticed this and reacted in time. She spat out the Wind Blade from afar, directly cutting open the soldier’s neck. A thick bloody mist burst out from the blood vessels and the steps of the soldier gradually stopped. He fell on his knees on the ground with a bang and his head fell off, bright red blood flowing all over the ground.

“Lo Ya!”

Lo Yu turned her head to take a look and found that Lo Ya was still blocked by her spider web on the other side. However, the Wind Blade had flown to this place through the gaps in the net strands.

Six human aristocratic warriors surrounded them from all sides. Their expressions were not quite right as they looked at them. Lo Yu looked like a small loli at most while Lo Ya, on the other hand, did not have legs.

“This is really interesting. I have to bring these two strange creatures back,”

the mage said with a sneer on his face. He brought a large group of soldiers and slowly approached Lo Yu with a look of interest.

A captain-level warrior’s entire body glowed and the short sword in his hand seemed to turn into a phantom as he chopped at the thread that Lo Yu spat out with a buzz. The sword qi made a small cut in front of her chest.

“Oh.” Lo Yu covered her chest and instinctively counterattacked.

The other soldier beside her took advantage of this opportunity to take a quick step and slashed the blade in his hand towards Lo Yu’s left side.

Reflexively, she hurriedly jumped back, but the sharp sword still cut off half of her neck and her blood sprayed like a fountain onto the soldier’s legs.

“Lo Yu!” Lo Ya shouted in worry.


The soldier who just slashed laughed out loud in contentment. However, in the next moment, he suddenly felt a sharp pain and black spots covered his vision, causing his booming laughter to cease abruptly.


A large amount of blood sprayed out from his neck and he covered his wound in disbelief. His body swayed and he staggered before falling to his knees.

His voice came out choked, “What…what’s going on?”

He looked up again and found that Lo Ya’s hand had merged with Lo Yu’s body and the next second, Lo Yu’s injuries were recovering at a speed visible to the eyes.

“You see, for mammals, breaking the entire aorta is the same as breaking 10% of the aorta unlike you humans,” Lo Ya said in an indifferent tone and coldly looked at the unlucky human in front of her.

When the other soldiers saw this strange scene, they all stopped and did not dare to go forward anymore, realizing how hard it was to kill them.

The mage stood 30 meters away and narrowed his eyes, studying them.

“Wind magic, healing magic, spitting silk, acid…”

What a strange creature. How unexpected!

What was more terrifying was the fact that their healing spell was even effective against fatal injuries.

The soldier, who was kneeling on the ground, stared blankly as he did not know how the injury on his neck was caused. It could only be understood as the little girl in front of him had other unknown abilities.

In the eyes of ordinary humans, it was impossible to master so many different skills. Being able to master double magic was already considered very rare. In this era, even geniuses would choose to learn martial arts while cultivating magic in order to make up for the strength ability and the others before they transferred to become a battle mage. Of course, getting to this point would also sacrifice a lot of time, which might lead to a lack of talent in the martial arts category.

The soldier, whose arteries and veins were all ruptured, suffered a period of pain for a while and completely lost his life.

Facing Lo Yu who was almost completely unharmed, the mage raised his wand with his left arm and his right hand stopped an inch away from the red gemstone which was floating in the air. Then, he chanted an extremely long incantation.

Lo Ya felt the incoming danger and her expression changed drastically. She directly used the power of her main consciousness to order Lo Yu to retreat.

However, as soon as the order was issued, a fire snake that was much bigger than the previous one rushed up to the sky. It was as big and mighty as a dragon. It turned around and attacked Lo Yu with a ferocious roar.

Lo Yu’s eyes were wide as she looked at it in fear and used all her strength to spit out the thickest silk net.

However, just as it exploded, it completely engulfed her as well, followed by the dragon’s attack.

“Lo Yu!”

Lo Ya’s heart almost stopped at this scene. The light of the erupted fire made her unable to see what was going on and the plants were swaying about along the airflow.

After a long time, the fire dissipated and she saw a charred Little Insect Girl lying pitifully on the ground with her tongue sticking out and her tail wagging weakly.

Only a few of the life points were left on top of her head.

“Lo Yu!” Lo Ya was completely furious.

The mage put away his magic wand and nodded in satisfaction. “Now, there is only one left. It is not bad to take the small one away.”

Lo Ya gritted her teeth and looked at him in irritation. “Not bad?”

She opened her hand, revealing a small card in her palm.

Vine Sphere, 1-star, Plant Clan.

“I will let you know what it means to be not bad…” Then, she chanted loudly, “Activating the effect, transferring injuries.”

Followed by her chanting, the card fell to the ground and a small monster which was covered in plant vines floated up. By now, on the ground, Lo Yu’s injuries had almost disappeared completely.

[Injury Transfer: Transferring your monster’s injury to the opponent’s monster. In the real world, this ability could only be used once a day at most. If the difference in strength between the two sides was too great, the effect of the skill would be weakened.]

This skill that had been used in Origin Space had now appeared in the real world.

Not long after, in everyone’s line of sight, the male mage let out a miserable cry. His body became instantly charred black and his clothes were ignited with flames.

Lo Ya took the opportunity to add a Wind Blade and directly sliced off his throat.

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