C76 Luo Yu Vs The Professionist

Lo Ya also brought reinforcements and rushed to the battlefield. The black loli, sitting on the insect’s back, raised her pistol and continuously killed the Spiked Insects in front of her.

Not long after, Lo Ya found out that the enemy army had retreated by half and could not help heaving a sigh of relief.

Perhaps it was due to the intensity of the battle that frightened them, in just a few minutes, the battle damage ratio reached an astonishing 1:6. That was, for every Sickle Insect lost, 6 on the enemy side would be killed directly.

Seeing that the battle situation was favorable to their side, the Little Insect Girl and the others were a little lazy. They would only release a wave of Dark Melting from time to time while using the Sickle Insect as a cover. Whoever got hit depended entirely on luck.

“Lo Ya, when can we defeat the Gatas Worm?”

Lo Yu, who had just finished releasing her power, came to the side and asked with a look of anticipation.

“We can’t beat them now,” Lo Ya responded as she let out a wry smile. She knew that those seemingly weak and failing state of their opponent was just a pretense and that they had more than the Spiked Insects. After all, in terms of the middle and high-end forces, they could be considered to be stronger than the Insect Girl Clan.

The battle continued for half an hour and over 400 Spiked Insects of the opponent were all destroyed. 70 Sickle Insects were nowhere to be seen, most of which were lost after the berserk state ended.

In the next two hours, the swarm began to move the food on the ground.

Lo Ya separated the two Sickle Insect squads and let them continue to enter the enemy’s land in order to search for more detailed information. However, for some unknown reason, the Spiked Insects had disappeared as if they had never been there.

After an initial state of confusion, Lo Ya immediately thought of the reason.

It must be underground!

Then, Lo Ya suddenly had a new idea and said, “Speaking of which, I can also get the insects to dig an underground fortress.”

Lo Yu, who was by her side, was lying on the ground and continuously moving her mouth in a chewing motion. She was eating the Spiked Insect corpse leisurely, but her body was too lazy to move.

Shaking her head, Lo Ya went up and touched her big head, saying, “Little lazy worm, get up and return to our territory.”

“Ah, you are actually younger than me, yet you still call me little lazy worm.” Lo Yu pouted and felt a little resentful.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lo Ya felt that she was somehow acting strange.

Still pouting, Lo Yu pointed at her own head and responded in grievance, “Dizzy.”

“Is it fever again?”

Lo Ya pressed her palm on the forehead of the other party, but it didn’t feel very hot.

Thinking about it carefully, Insect Girl wasn’t a type of species that would have a fever like the body of humans. Their body temperature did not need to be fixed in very small areas like that of humans. However, it could fluctuate in a very large area.

Lo Ya said with a frown, “It seems like there’s nothing wrong.”

At this time, the swarm of insects and the Insect Girl had already returned one after another. There were only 10 Sickle Insects remaining beside them by now.

Lo Ya decided to move further and she was about to carry Lo Yu up when a Sickle Insect that was lying 300 meters away suddenly transmitted a message, indicating that there was a sign of humans in front.

Indeed, on the southeast side, in the direction of the town, a large group of noble infantry was slowly approaching towards them.

Lo Ya wriggled forward and used the terrain to look down. She instantly saw a large number of soldiers who were wearing red armor. They were moving in succession in groups of three to five. Lo Ya quickly skimmed through and realized that there were roughly forty to fifty of them. Most of the infantry were fully equipped with square shields and short swords. Besides, the red armor they were wearing was the iron armor that was extremely tough.

Lo Ya mumbled to herself, “It’s actually humans.”

But why would they come here?

Lo Ya couldn’t guess the purpose of those people and saw that there was a man in a robe among them, whose head was covered by a hat and a thin face which was faintly exposed underneath.

Just as Lo Ya was observing them, the man suddenly raised his hand, indicating the entire army to stop in their tracks.

Suddenly, a sentence similar to a spell was enchanted from his mouth and a fire snake with the thickness of a bucket flew into the air, heading towards Lo Ya’s direction.

“Damn it!”

Lo Ya’s eyes widened and she cursed on the spot.

The man was actually a mage!

What was even more terrifying was that on top of his head, the words ‘Silver Level’ appeared.

The speed of the fire snake was extremely fast and Lo Ya didn’t have time to counterattack. Just as it was about to hit her, a thread was suddenly shot out from behind and exploded in the air before it turned into a dense net shield and blocked in front of Lo Ya.


A deafening explosion sounded and a glaring fiery light flashed. A wave of boiling hot shock wave swept over and Lo Ya was blown half a meter away.

“So strong!”

Lo Ya spat out the mud in her mouth and opened her eyes with difficulty, only to accidentally find that there was a big hole about six or seven meters away from her. With the help of the Sickle Insect watching over the infantry, they knew that the group had already rushed up the hill.

“Let me defeat them.” At this time, Lo Yu made up her legs and blocked in front of Lo Ya.

Lo Ya shook her head as she said, “Don’t. Let the Sickle Insect block the enemy. We have to escape.”

She knew that it was impossible to fight. The mage’s spell just now was at least a Second Grade spell and it could blast Insect Girl and the others into pieces with a single blow.

Lo Ya herself was at Level-14, but her overall attributes were far from that of a human. Unless she underwent a mutation similar to Lo Yu’s, or a pupa transformation, there was no way she could defeat that mage.

“Lo Ya, let me fight. You can go home,”

Lo Yu said as she patted her chest very seriously. It was clearly a loli’s face, but it inexplicably gave people a very reliable feeling.

A few Sickle Insects that were hiding also rushed out to fight.

“Sure enough, there are magic beasts. Kill them!” Seeing the swarm appear, the human soldier captain resolutely shouted.

Following the order, the five archers in the distance pulled their bowstrings and shot arrows in their direction. However, the Sickle Insect’s speed was too fast for the arrows to hit the target.


Despite the arrows and the swords being used against them, the furious Sickle Insects could only use their own strength to fight against these humans.

Just as the first insect that charged forward swung its sickle, it was smashed apart by the red armored soldier with a shield. Then, the sharp dagger easily pierced into its body like tofu before it was pulled back.

Flesh and blood splattered everywhere, dyeing the ground with red.

The other Sickle Insects’ outcomes were not good either. However, there were also the two of them who had obtained good results. They dodged the enemy’s attack and managed to stab their sickles towards their opponents.

“Damn it!”

Seeing the situation, Lo Ya was a little depressed. Whether it was the number or the power, the gap between their levels was evident. In terms of reaction speed, the insects were a bit weaker as well. Not to mention that these human soldiers also mastered some unique fighting techniques and could easily break out some shocking strength.

In the blink of an eye, all the Sickle Insects that had charged out had been completely annihilated.

At that time, Lo Yu arrived at the highest point of the slope.

“Don’t!” Noticing this, Lo Ya wanted to go up and pull her away quickly out of sight.

Nevertheless, it was too late since the humans had already seen her appearance.

“Eh, what’s that?” The mage’s eyes showed a strange glint at the sight, revealing an interesting smile.

The human captain rushed in front of him to take a proper look at her and laughed, “I didn’t think that there would be such a cute devil monster at the end of this world!”

His laughter was booming and although he seemed to be praising, there was no sincerity in his eyes. He let out a menacing grin as he raised the short sword in his hand to order the soldiers to charge.


Unexpectedly, everyone could only see Lo Yu spat out a thread from her mouth as it transformed into countless sharp thorns before exploding in the air, piercing through the body of the soldier at the very front in an instant.

The body in front of them dropped to the ground with a ‘thud’ and the soldiers at the back were all stupefied. “What just happened?”

At this time, Lo Yu chanted again, “Second Segment Slash.”

Seeing that the second thread was about to explode towards them, the captain immediately let out a loud roar. He raised his hand and a flash of white light appeared on his blade as he sliced through the thread, completely cutting it apart.

Observing the situation, the mage made a movement similar to playing the piano with his right hand, and another fire snake flew out in Lo Yu’s direction.

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