C75 The Battle Between The Two Sides

Everyone took out their silver coins and three bronze weapons and placed them in front of the Sickle Insect.

A few Sickle Insects stretched out their forelimbs, opened the coin bag bit by bit, and then transmitted the image to Lo Ya through the Spiritual Link. After half a minute, 16 Sickle Insects crawled out of the grass not far away.

“Seventy-five silver coins can be exchanged for fifteen pieces, so the three Bronze Weapons can be exchanged for one Sickle Insect.”

Luya was quite satisfied with this price. After all, recruiting a team of 10 mercenaries at this stage was definitely more than this price, and it was difficult to recruit as well.

“How are these insects compared to the Aikassi people? The Aikassi longbowmen can shoot arrows up to 300 meters away. There are almost no warriors stronger than them.”

A young warrior who was probably only 15 or 16 years old asked in confusion. It could be seen that he admired the Aikassi longbowmen very much.

“Paka, you know this is not a long-range force. The biggest difference between these devil monsters and humans is that they are not afraid of death and keep their promises. For them, as long as they pay 10 silver coins for their deaths, they will fight for you willingly.” The warrior beside him replied.

“This is unbelievable.”

In fact, no one, including Luya, understood the thoughts of these insects. They were not afraid of death. They were willing to attack even though they knew that the enemy was powerful. It was because of them that Insect Girls could live a carefree life.

“Then let the deal be like this. The next time I need your help, I will tear off the communication paper again.”

Just after Luya finished speaking, the Sickle Insect in front of her nodded at Luya’s request. Then, it and the other members grabbed the coins and weapons from the ground and ran towards the direction of the territory.

“Wow, so fast.”

The middle-aged warrior standing beside Luya narrowed his eyes, looking forward to the Sickle Insect that remained.

He felt that even Bronze Level warriors would not be able to withstand such a desperate group of creatures that didn’t care about their lives. If used well, it could also achieve a certain effect in fighting against the Silver Level warriors.

On the way back, this group of Sickle Insects unfortunately encountered a group of Spiked Insects.

A total of more than 30 Spiked Insects began to encircle and suppress these less than 5 Sickle Insects. Luya simply sent 5 teams to reinforce them, taking into account the rewards.

At the same time, in order to optimize combat effectiveness, the original group of 20 Sickle Insects was changed to 10 one team and100 big team. When carrying out missions, the team was based on units. When they encountered danger, any team leader could request assistance from other nearby teams. ‌

Lo Ya’s attention was limited, and she could not pay attention to every single insect at all times. So, they needed to rely on their own judgment in many battles. Fortunately, the Sickle Insects were born for fighting, so she didn’t need to pay much attention to them in this regard.

For her, those who were troublesome were the little Insect Girls, who had higher intelligence.


A little Insect Girl curled into a ball and rolled down from a heigh, slamming against Lo Ya’s body just as she left the spiritual communication.

“Wow, it’s Lo Ya.”

The little cutie raised his head from his tail and opened his eyes wide.

“Lo Yin, help me call Lo Xin over.”


The little cutie in the green hat immediately wiggled towards Lo Xin’s direction.

Lo Xin arrived after ten minutes later.

“You, take the Undead Insect and the Demon Blade Dragon to hunt the undead on the edge of the mountain. Do you know how to make up for it?”

Lo Xin shook her head in response.

“It is to beat an undead until it is half dead, then use magic to make one last attack. When fighting, let the Demon Blade Dragon stand in front and keep a distance from the target. When the opponent’s life bar is close to 0, use the Dark Melting to end the battle within 20 meters.”

“Ah, I can do that.” Lo Lo immediately nodded after listening because she had seen Lo Ya fight in a similar way. It was just that at that time, the ones in front were all summoning skeletons and were not as powerful as the Demon Blade Dragon.

“It will be fine. Go, pay attention to your own safety.”

Lo Xin, the only one who could be relied on, really gave people a sense of reliability.

As for other aspects, Lo Yu, who had become stronger because of her spider ability, appeared to have lately discovered a peculiar skill.

[Leap: Able to jump in any direction agilely. Strengthen your ability when you transform your legs.]

When Lo Yu obtained this skill, she lightly jumped back and landed directly three meters away. This was also with the help of the tail’s elasticity. If she transformed her legs, she could fly four or five meters away.

“This guy is really getting stronger and stronger.”

As a racial consciousness, except for the small number of attribute bonuses obtained by killing monsters, Lo Ya could not compare to these independent Little Insect Girls.

The number of adult Sickle Insects at this moment had been reduced to 660. There were also 600 tails and young Sickle Insects that would mature in the next two days.

Lo Ya had intended to keep the insect swarm for two days. However, a new action occurred on the Gaeta Insect Swarm’s side at this time.

Large groups of Spiked Insects emerged from the ground in the distance. They then launched a charge towards the edge of the area occupied by the Insect Girls.

Lo Ya estimated that there were over a thousand of them. Just like that, an intense battle powerful enough to topple mountains and overturn oceans broke out.

The 300 Sickle Insects on the defensive line suddenly went berserk, launching a counter-charge and ramming these enemies fearlessly. On the 100-meter front line, both sides launched a brutal battle. The three minutes of berserk state made the Sickle Insects forget all their fear. Their physical strength increased significantly, as did their speed and power. The change of all attributes by 1.2 times was displayed in the entire tribe, indicating a complete qualitative change.

Many wild beasts in the surrounding area trembled in fear when they saw this scene. In this area, the largest group of creatures was definitely Gaeta Insect Swarm. But now, the Insect Girl Clan was using the same Insect Sea tactic to launch a counterattack, trying to defeat the opponent with their exaggerated strength.

Lo Ya knew this couldn’t continue on much longer, so she immediately communicated spiritually with a few Insect Girls other than Lo Xin. She directed them to take the Sickle Insects and reinforce the battlefield. There were more than 20 Undead Insects accompanying them to the destination, and three of them were Black Iron Level elites who had completed the spiritual transformation.

Obviously, just the reinforcement of dozens of insects was definitely not enough. Even if they had the black lolita’s revolver, they could only use it to wear down the enemies. So, Lo Ya mobilized the part of the insect swarm that had rushed back from the Hound Territory to attack the Spiked Insects from the side.

There was nothing they could do about this battle. If they didn’t resist, the Insect Girl Clan’s territory would be directly attacked by the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

The current 660 Sickle Insects and over 40 Undead Insects were the entire force of the Insect Girl Clan. More than half of them were invested in this battle, and even Insect Girl was forced to participate in this battle.

After fighting for a while, the Gourd Insect who was watching the battle felt that something was not right. The performance of the Sickle Insects after they went berserk was simply insane. When it saw that something was wrong, it immediately transferred half of the Spiked Insects to the back of the charging line and completely abandoned the group of insects on the front line.

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