C74 A Large-scale Battle

The large groups of Sickle Insects were like a real army, running forward at their fastest speed. They were like rolling black waves, swallowing the ground along their way. In the blink of an eye, they crashed into the retreating Spiked Insects at a superior speed.

The battlefield instantly turned into a cruel meat grinder, with the sound of sickles piercing the limbs filling the air and blood and flesh flying everywhere. The Spiked Insects, who did not have the advantage in terms of strength, were completely unable to resist after being attacked in such a concentrated manner. Many of them saw that the Sickle Insects were getting closer and closer. Thus, they had no choice but to turn around and face it. However, when faced with the incomparably exaggerated collision force, their bodies could only be smashed into pieces like jelly.

The Sickle Insects’ physical strength was aided by their tough biological shells. It would be difficult for the Spiked Insects’ attacks to work if they did not completely swing their spikes. As a result, just a few minutes after the battle started, the four Spiked Insect squads had already lost half of their force.

The remaining Spiked Insects wanted to retreat and report the news. However, they were unable to leave the battlefield smoothly because of the Sickle Insect Swarm charging at them like cavalry.

After the entire wave of insects had swallowed the pitiful Gaeta insects, the two teams of Sickle Insects stopped the charge. They then returned to the territory with the corpses on the ground. The remaining 18 squads continued to advance and attacked the unprepared Spiked Insects.

Lo Ya’s Spiritual Link’s ability continued to observe the situation on the scene. Realizing that there were too many enemies, she decided to use the creatures she brought from Origin Space.

“Demon Blade Dragon.”

The card was thrown to the ground. After the light faded, a black human-like humpbacked monster with demon horns and a battle-ax appeared and let out a low roar.

“Join the battle,” Lo Ya said softly.

The monster waved his battle axe obediently and set foot on the path of the Sickle Insects.

Lo Ya suddenly remembered that she still had a few silver coins and summoned the black lolita as well.

“Wow, what a beautiful sister.”

Lo Yu crawled to the side of the lolita’s feet, with big curious eyes.

Unfortunately, the other party ignored her and just stood there quietly, like a soulless doll.

“Black Evil Lolita, try and see if you can sit on the Sickle Insect’s back.”

Lo Ya ordered a level 7 Sickle Insect to come to the little lolita’s side. The little lolita then jumped lightly, landed on the other party’s back, and squatted.

“Sickle Insect, run with all your strength. Don’t throw the little lolita down.”

As soon as the Sickle Insect received the order, it stepped on its four legs and began running wildly. The lolita sitting on its back seemed stable and didn’t appear to be going to fall off.

“Come back.”

The Black Evil Lolita immediately returned to her side, and Lo Ya nodded with satisfaction. “Not bad… By the way, can you talk?”

The lolita stood there blankly without any response.

‘Well… could it be that her IQ is also low? Or is it because vampires can’t make human sounds?’

This little girl seemed to be too dumb when compared to the Demon Blade Dragon.

“Forget it, let’s go fight.”

Lo Ya also sat on the back of a Sickle Insect and headed south with the black lolita.

The battle on this day almost brought a devastating blow to the Spiked Insects.

At first, only pure Sickle Insects joined the battle. But later, human-like creatures sitting on the backs of the Sickle Insects entered and began shooting revolver bullets at them. It was obvious that every single shot could cause fatal injuries.

The revolver’s firing speed was 6 rounds at a time, and each shot was one second apart, so it wasn’t considered very fast. It only took 3-4 seconds for the bullet to be fired in one go, just like a veteran on the battlefield. She used copper-yellow bullets, which were weaker than Earth Pistols. The effective range was less than 60 meters, and it could cause fatal injuries to humans with insufficient defenses.

As the Gaeta Insect Swarm was slowly driven out of Insect Girl’s territory, these bugs were forced to shrink their defenses again. It had been 6 kilometers backward.

The territory they had worked so hard to conquer was quickly taken over by the Insect Girl Clan.

At this moment, a few hundred meters away, a Gourd Insect looked at the patrolling swarm of Sickle Insects and turned back to the territory behind it.

After entering the dark underground and crawling along the cave for an unknown period of time, in a huge dark nest, this Gourd Insect saw another insect that was even more different and began to communicate spiritually with it.

“The enemy…has stopped…offensive, they…are united species…powerful.”

Communication between them was intermittent. Although the Gata Worm had a spiritual communication component, it was not as proficient as Lo Ya and the little Insect Girls. In fact, until now, the little Insect Girl had no idea what this skill was for.

“The decision back then… was correct. We must retreat. There are too many enemies.” The returning voice carried a strong will, possessing the powerful control of the ethnic group. But it was far from the level of Lo Ya’s racial will.

“No… We… don’t have any territory. We can’t retreat. The west side… is dangerous. ” The Gourd Insect kept emphasizing.

“There is no choice, counterattack… we must win.”

“Alright, I will launch a counterattack.”

The Gourd Insect left, and the one that was talking to it turned around and went into deeper darkness.

However, it didn’t know that not long after it walked away, one of the bugs with blue eyes flashed twice, looking at its disappearing figure. It then slowly crawled out of the ground.

The bug actually turned around and ran wildly in the direction of the human town after leaving the cave. When it was a distance away, it transformed into a man in ragged clothes.

“It’s really scary. This Gata Bug’s sense almost found me.” The human man patted his chest as if he was greatly relieved.

Then he looked towards the northeast direction thoughtfully and muttered to himself, “It’s normal for the Gata Bugs to have many enemies. But what kind of creatures can make such a united species feel fear?”

“No, no, it’s still too scary. Isn’t this forest training area for beginner professionals? What’s going on recently that such a powerful species has appeared? Could it be that the other Devil Beast Lords have migrated?”

The human sighed. He didn’t want to think too much, so he turned around and walked towards the town.

Not far from him, a few Sickle Insects hiding in the haystack crawled up from the ground. They shook the dirt off their bodies and came to a small stream. Soon, a few professionally dressed people came up…

“It’s them” The first to speak was a beautiful brown-haired girl.

“It really is a Devil Monster… Luya, you really made a deal with them?” The man in leather armor looked at these Sickle Insects in disbelief, with an expression of indescribable shock.


“I’m afraid we can’t let outsiders know about this. After all, the trade between humans and devil monsters is too easy to cause danger… However, in order to resist the nobles, we must hire these insects.”

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