C73 Flying Little Insect Girl

“The Demon Blade Dragon is so powerful.”

No wonder it was a Bronze Level warrior. When the battle axe was swung down, the creature on the other side was unable to defend against it at all.

After the man died, the Vine Sphere automatically turned into a ray of light and merged into the card on the ground.

Lo Ya walked over and picked it up. At the same time, she glanced at the Black Knight beside her and found that the guy had turned into an empty card, completely scrapped.

In a daze, the old lady watched the whole battle unfold in front of her.

When she recovered her senses, Lo Ya had already turned her head easily.

“You are indeed not ordinary. If my son had your strength back then, he would not have died in this person’s hands.” As tears welled up in her eyes, the old lady said. She then bowed solemnly to Lo Ya and added, “No matter what, I have to thank you for avenging my son.”

“Oh, there is no need to thank me. Didn’t you give me your card? This is my responsibility to help you fight.”

Lo Ya helped the old man up, and at the same time, her attention was focused on her Origin Space inventory.

There showed a line on it: [Except for weapons, you are not allowed to bring others out.]

However, Lo Ya’s own system indicated that she could bring anything into reality, so it was very likely that she had turned on a cheat code.

She looked at the price and saw that 200 Ballard coins could be exchanged for one 1-star card. In other words, she could take away one of the cards from the previous battle.

“Then choose the Demon Blade Dragon.”

The only Bronze Level creature that the Insect Girl Clan lacked was such a powerful warrior.

After Lo Ya finished sorting things, she inspected the man’s corpse in front of the old lady and found a small bag containing 5 silver coins and more than 20 copper coins.

She picked it up and said, “Granny, why don’t we share the money inside?”

“No, no, no, that won’t do. How can an old woman like me take so much money? I want to live longer.” When the old lady heard Lo Ya’s words, she quickly responded by shaking her head.

“Er… Alright. Then I’ll give you the 20 copper coins in it.”

In the Origin Space, one silver coin was equivalent to 100 copper coins.

“Alright, if you must give it, I can accept the copper coins.”

Lo Ya didn’t plan to stay too long in the old lady’s house. So after exchanging a few words, she left the wooden house.

Through inquiries, she obtained the information that copper coins could be bought in larger cities for magic crystals. She went to the shop in the town and bought a map. She then walked towards a nearby city, following the route on the map.

However, it was almost time for her legs to revert to their original form. So, when she arrived at a deserted forest on the way, she returned to the real world.

She brought the Demon Blade Dragan card back with her as well.

“Oh wow, Lo Ya is back.”

Stepping out of the water gate, a group of young Insect Girls happily gathered around and rubbed against her.

“Hmm.” Being surrounded by a group of cuties, Lo Ya’s mood instantly brightened up.

“Lo Ya Lo Ya, Lo Lee, and the others are going to be pupated.” Lo Yu came out from the group of cuties and looked down at Lo Ya.

“Ah, bring me to take a look.”

Lo Ya wriggled along the ground to the front of a few adult Insect Girls and carefully observed the three cocoons.

After waiting for about half a minute, a cute little head popped out of a cocoon with a puff, looking around curiously.

“Ah, it’s Lo Lee. Did Lo Lee succeed?”

“Lo Lee, come out quickly. Show us what you look like.”

Many adult Insect Girls enthusiastically urged as they watched the process from the side.

“I don’t want to come out. It’s comfortable inside.” Lo Lee blinked her big eyes.

“Oh, really? Lo Lee, I want to go in too.” Lo Yu’s eyes lit up, and she immediately attempted to dive into Lo Lee’s cocoon.

“Wow, wow, I want to go in too.”

The little cutie in the green hat grabbed the edge of the cocoon and swung her little tail with all her might, trying to climb up bit by bit.

Lo Lee jumped in fright, “Wow, don’t come in. It’s very small inside.”

Rip ~

The sound of the pupae being torn apart could be heard. A few little Insect Girls desperately squeezed in, and not long after, the white cocoon ripped open.


Lo Lee rolled out from the inside, and a pair of wings glowing with faint blue light, like butterfly wings, appeared on sight before she fell lightly to the ground.


Lo Lee shook her head, waved her wings lightly, and then slowly floated in the air. Her soft white tail rolled up, her body swaying. She then drooped down weakly as she yawned, and a blank expression could be seen on her face.

“Wow, Lo Lee can fly.” The little cutie in the green hat on the ground jumped up and grabbed Lo Lee’s tail. As a result, Lo Lee fluttered her wings twice and dragged her into the air.

“Wow, I’m also flying.” The little fellow hugged the tail of the other party and rose to a height parallel to Lo Ya.

“Little idiot, don’t mess around.” Lo Ya stretched out her finger and flicked her nose.

The little cutie immediately stretched out her tail and brushed it on Lo Ya’s face. “Aiya. Little idiot, don’t mess around.” As she imitated Lo Ya, the little cutie responded jokingly.

“I think it is you who is messing around.” Lo Ya said as she flicked her tail once again.

“I think it is you who is messing around.” Her tail came up again and patted Lo Ya on the nose.

“Bastard, don’t imitate me.” Lo Ya pretended to be fierce.

“Bastard, don’t imitate me.” The little guy was extremely fierce.

Lo Ya gritted her teeth, and then a thought flashed across her mind, and she said, “Lo Yin is an idiot.”

The little guy looked at him and immediately replied, “Lo Ya is an idiot.”

Lo Ya: “…”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Lo Lee shook her body and threw the little guy on her tail into Lo Ya’s arms. She then fluttered her wings a few times before flying back to her cocoon again.

“Ah, my home is gone.”

While she was depressed over the broken cocoon, a head popped out from the two cocoons beside her.

“Wow, Lo Wen and Lo Bing have come out too.” The little Insect Girls were all overjoyed.

The two exposed heads looked at each other and then struggled to crawl out of it.

“How is it?” Lo Ya immediately wriggled over.

Lo Wen blinked her eyes and was stunned for a long time before crying out loud.

When she cried, Lo Bing next to her also cried.

“No way, the success rate is so low?”

It was obvious from their pitiful appearance that the pupation of the two little cuties had failed.

Lo Ya thought of something and quickly looked at the attributes of the three.

Lo Lee’s attribute points for each level increased by one point. When stacked on her level, she almost instantly stepped into the intermediate Black Iron Level. Moreover, the magic she mastered was also much more powerful, but Lo Wen and Lo Bing, who failed, did not change anything.

“Don’t worry, there must be a way in the future.”

Lo Ya looked at the two little fellows crying and instantly felt her heart ache.

But there was no other way. This kind of chrysalis transformation ability came from the Blue Illusory Demon Butterfly. This meant that this kind of butterfly’s chrysalis transformation had an extremely low success rate. Furthermore, if it did not work out, it could result in death. At the very least, Insect Girl’s chrysalis transformation did not have any side effects.

While Lo Ya was considering the details of the transformation, Lo Xin, who was sitting on a Sickle Insect, ran over and shouted from a distance. “Lo Ya, there are more and more Spiked Insects. They are taking an inch for an inch.”

“En, got it.”

Lo Ya yawned, working on her spiritual communication. The 20 Sickle Insect squads in the southern region of the tribe stood up and roared at the same time. Then, they launched a charge at the Spiked Insect swarm that was only a few hundred meters away from them.

The four Spiked Insect squads had originally planned to continue harassing the Insect Girl Clan. However, when they saw the sudden breakout of the Insect Girl Clan, they immediately squeaked.

However, after seeing the scale of the Sickle Insects, these Spiked Insects knew that they were no match for them, so they immediately retreated.

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