C72 Competitive battle

The three explanations were a bit difficult to understand. Lo Ya opened her item panel in Origin Space and found that it was empty, except for the word “Apprentice” written in the column of occupation level.

[It was detected that the monster core can replace the magic crystal needed for drawing cards in this world. Do you want to use it?]

Lo Ya quickly heard a notification. She summoned the First Grade Wind Element monster core, and the magic crystal on the Origin Space panel changed to 1.


‘Should I use it?’

Monster cores were precious items. Lo Ya felt that she could instantly cast spells with it in her hand.

“Forget it. A monster core doesn’t take a few Wind Blades. Draw the card!”

[Do you want to use magic crystals?]


[Magic crystals attribute: Unknown. Insufficient energy, summon up to 2-star cards.]

The Monster Core melted into a green liquid and vanished into the void in a burst of light. Then the surrounding light gradually distorted and faded. And a magic array that was the same color as a wind-type Monster Core appeared on the ground.

A burst of electric light rose, the green light surrounded the cyan thunder and lightning, and a strange card slowly appeared on top of the pattern.

On the surface of the card stood a fuzzy figure holding a battle axe. A creature surrounded by electric light appeared as the picture became distorted.

[Demon Blade Dragon]

[Star: 1 Star]

[Race: Demon]

[Occupation: Axe Soldier (Upper Bronze Level)]

[Effect: When fighting, allies with dark characteristics gain 3 Strength points.]

The card fell into Lo Ya’s hand. The formation faded, and everything returned to its initial state.

“How should I use this card?”

Lo Ya waved the card, but it did not have any effect. As a result, she had to put it away, then transform into legs and walk towards the village ahead of her.

Lo Ya didn’t know if the Origin Space had increased her size or shrunk this world, but her current height seemed to be comparable to that of ordinary people.

When she passed by the nearest house, she spotted an old lady who came out of it. The old lady seemed to be in a daze for a while before waving to her.

Lo Ya walked up and heard the other person’s voice, “Aiyo, poor little girl. Quickly come to the house. I will prepare a set of clothes for you. You also need to wash your body well.”

As soon as Lo Ya heard those words, she suddenly remembered that the clothes on her body were made of green leaves, both her waist and thighs were exposed outside.

The old lady forcefully pulled Lo Ya into the house and prepared a bucket for her to take a shower.

Her dirty body was wiped clean, and her long black hair was draped down, making her cute little face even more eye-catching.

Putting on a set of plain clothes, the old woman couldn’t help but touch Lo Ya’s little head. “What a beautiful little girl. Why are you all alone outside without any clothes?”

“I don’t remember.” Lo Ya decided to pretend to have amnesia.

“Did you forget? Did you encounter any danger?” The old lady frowned. But when she saw Lo Ya’s blank expression, she finally sighed and walked to the cabinet beside her. She took out a few pieces of crusty brown bread from the inside.

“There is no decent food at home. Take it to fill your stomach.”

Lo Ya took a bite and immediately cried out, “It’s delicious.”

“Delicious? This kind of rotten bread in a poor house…”

Lo Ya swallowed the food in big gulps and was very satisfied with the taste. Although she wanted to eat some cooked food while in the forest, she didn’t get a chance. More importantly, depending on the taste of Insect Girls, raw meat tended to be more flavorful than cooked meat.

While eating, the old lady opened the small drawer next to the cabinet. Lo Yo, who had sharp eyes, saw a black card lying quietly inside, and her expression instantly changed.

It was a 1-star card in this world.

“Granny, what is that?” Lo Ya pointed at the little thing in the drawer.

The old lady froze for two seconds before shakily pulling out the card. “Are you talking about this?”

“Yes, yes.”

A trace of gloominess flashed across the old lady’s eyes. “My son used it in the past. He died in a duel, and only this one was left.”

With that, she hesitated for a few seconds and slowly put the card on the table.

[Evil Lolita]

[Star: 1 Star]

[Race: Vampire]

[Occupation: Gunner]

[Effect: If the number of dice throwing points is 6, it will absorb 10% of the opponent’s health.]

The picture on the card was of black Gothic lolita about half a person’s height holding a revolver. The little lolita’s skin was very white, and her expression carried a faint evil aura, which was very attractive.

Lo Ya thought for a while and took out the card on her body.

“This is…” The old lady looked at Lo Ya in surprise, “Why do you have this?”

“I got it,” Lo Ya said.

“Got it? You mean you can summon?” The old lady’s face was instantly filled with surprise.

After half a minute, she pushed her card to Lo Ya. “Child, since you can use this, then take this card. Although my son died in a battle, this card helped him avoid many dangers.”

Just when Lo Ya was about to take the card, a sharp scream came from the window. “Damn! You old hag finally took out the card and even secretly gave it to someone you don’t know.”

The young man standing outside the window had a vicious expression on his face as he stared at the card in the old lady’s hand.

“What do you want to do? You killed my son. What? Do you want to take away what he left behind now?” The old lady’s face was filled with anger, and her hoarse voice rang out in the air.

“No, no, why would I? I have to abide by the rules left behind by the God of Competition and use the simplest method to get what you have in your hand.”

As the young man spoke, he took out two black cards from his pocket.

The pattern on the back of one of them was the same as the Black Evil Lolita, which seemed to be a vampire. The other had a flower on it which she couldn’t identify.

“Summon… the Black Knight.”

The card flew to the floor of the living room and projected a ray of light upwards. Then a creature with bat wings appeared, holding a spear and riding a wild dog.

Black Knight, 1 Star, Vampire

“Little girl, run, he summoned my son’s trump card,” the old lady said as she stood in front of Lo Ya.

However, a notification from this world appeared out of nowhere, throwing Lo Ya off guard.

[To start a competition against you, it is recommended to enter the battle. ]

[Individual Attributes will be stacked on the Summoned Creature panel (this panel is hidden).]

[Your DLC package has been detected. It’s allowed to use it.]

The appearance of the Black Knight in front of her was somewhat humorous, yet it had a menacing aura. What was more terrifying was that a ray of light appeared all over the body of this creature, which already had the strength of Black Iron Level. Then, all of a sudden, several of the notifications with rising data, similar to the game’s increase, showed on it. That indicated that the individual attributes of the young man had been stacked on this monster.

“Black Knight, kill her.”

The man tossed the die in his hand, and as it landed, the number 2 appeared on the surface. The phrase “UP +2” appeared on top of the monster’s head the following second. The Black Knight’s entire body was covered in blacklight as it rushed over.

“It’s dangerous. Little girl, run!”

Looking at the scene in front of her, the old lady immediately shouted. Lo Ya, on the other hand, already knew she couldn’t escape, so she copied the other party’s actions and threw out her Black Evil Lolita card.

After the black light passed, a little lolita wearing a black and red short skirt with small tiger teeth stood in front of Lo Ya.

“Black Evil Lolita, launch a counterattack!”

She was already in a tough position, and with no time to think, she imitated the young man and threw the dice.

It landed on number 3.

[Received Hidden Luck correction + 1.]

The number jumped to 4.

“So this is how luck works?”

The number of the dice appeared on top of the black lolita’s head, along with the phrase ‘UP +4 ‘. In the next moment, the little lolita took out the revolver around her waist. She then fired four consecutive shots towards the target. The bullets pierced through the Black Knight’s body, knocking out a quarter of his life bar.

The Black Knight had already rushed forward, and with a swing of his long blade, he slashed at the black lolita’s neck.

“It’s over.” Seeing this scene, the old lady felt a deep sense of despair.

At the same time, Lo Ya, who was watching the scene, felt that the Black Evil Lolita would not be able to stop it. So she tried to take out the magic scroll named “Nature Goddess’ Protection” from the DLC.

A dark green light emerged from the scroll, and with a clang, the Black Knight’s body was thrown a few meters away. Immediately, countless dark green vines broke out of the ground, like tentacles with strong tenacity, completely restraining the Black Knight.

“What?” The man’s mouth dropped open in surprise, as he clearly did not expect to come upon such a thing.

The dice on the ground had been back in their hands before either side realized it. The man had no choice but to summon the second card as he saw Lo Ya preparing to throw it again.

Vine Sphere, 1 star, Plant Clan.

“Activate the effect to swap the injury.” The man gave out a command.

[Injury transformation: Swap the injury of one of your monsters with that of the opponent’s monster. This can only be used once in a battle.]

The little lolita let out a painful cry, and four gunshot wounds appeared on her body.

“Oh, that’s bad.”

Lo Ya saw that the two monsters were about to attack, so she could only summon the Dragon Demon Blade.

When the effect was activated, and the black loli with dark characteristics gained 3 points in Strength.

Lo Ya threw down the dice again, and this time, it landed on number 5. Due to luck correction, the number of points increased by one, and the Dark Evil Lolita’s effect was activated. She emitted a ray of black light and absorbed 10% of the Black Knight’s life into her own.


Lo Ya shouted lightly, and the Demon Blade Dragon raised its battle axe and slashed on the target’s body with a buzzing sound.

With a cracking sound, the Black Knight’s armor was instantly torn apart. The heavy axe crushed his flesh, causing a large amount of viscous blood to gush out.

At the same time, the Black Evil Lolita fired several times at the Vine Sphere, knocking out two-thirds of the blood.

“Damn it!”

The young man attempted to flee but was slammed to the ground by the Demon Blade Dragon, who rushed up to him quickly.

Although the attributes of both parties were similar, compared to the dragon, the man’s monster was too weak.

“I surrender. Please don’t kill me.”

The other party quickly raised his hand to beg for mercy but was shot through the head by the Black Evil Lolita’s revolver.

[Victory in the competitive battle. Obtained 100 Ballard Copper Coins, double the reward for the first battle.]

[Obtained the right to exchange. Uses up corresponding amounts of money to bring abilities, props, and cards into reality.]

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