C69 Illusory Demon (Part 1)

“The race war more than 300 years ago led to the fall of the Elf God, and then her soul was condensed into three Sage Stones, and three Sages were created. The last Sage got the message left by the Elf God and let me help find alien creatures that can enter the Origin Space.”

“Have you lived for so many years?” Lo Bing, who was lying next to her wagging her tail, suddenly raised her head and asked in confusion.

The elf frowned and replied, “200 years.”

“Oh, you are actually an aunty.” An expression of surprise covered the little cutie’s face as she said this.

On the other hand, a few black lines immediately appeared on Atakamiya’s forehead.

“No, Lo Ya said that those who are very old should be called grandma. Then you are a grandma.”


Lo Ya hit the little fellow on the head right away.

The sudden arrival of this elf was a bit abnormal. The level above her head was actually floating. It was sometimes level 0, and other times it was a different level. It could go up a dozen or so levels.

In terms of appearance, it was indeed very beautiful, exuding a strong natural aura.

“What’s the purpose of you looking for us?” Lo Ya hoped that the other party would be straightforward.

“Of course it is to ask you to explore the Origin Space.” Her answer was indeed straightforward.

However, Lo Ya felt uneasy because of these words, thinking that the other party knew that she had secretly entered the Origin Space.

“Didn’t you say that the Origin Space can only be entered once a year?”

“Eh, is there such a thing?” The little elf’s expression was filled with surprise. After a moment of silence, she suddenly flew back into the air, turned around, and left.

“What did she do?” Lo Ya looked at her back and felt puzzled.

After that, the elf never appeared again.

During this period, the Sickle Insect fought with the surrounding creatures from time to time and unexpectedly triggered a new evolution when it swallowed.

All attributes were increased by one point, the shell got stronger, and the movements became more flexible. It could easily climb onto trees and even single out some large creatures that were originally undefeatable.

Along with the descent of night, many creatures that should not exist in the forest appeared.

Lo Ya noticed that the silence brought on by the Gaeta Insect Swarm was beginning to break. Many magic beasts had already returned, and the figures of predators and herbivores could be seen everywhere.

The night sky was filled with thick fog.

“This familiar feeling…”

The weather was somewhat similar to when Lo Ya was born.

Since it was night, one couldn’t see more than 10 meters away, and the entire forest was shrouded in a unique haze.


A blinding burst of lightning flashed across the sky. The earth was illuminated by the flash of light and then plunged into darkness. In the dark, trees are like terrifying ghosts.

The little Insect Girls gathered together and looked at the sky in fear.

The storm was on its way.

The Sickle Insect that went out to explore had already encountered many creatures. Sometimes, some unknown monsters broke into the territory, bringing a lot of safety risks to the Insect Girls.

“Squeak squeak.”

All the insects in all directions were on high alert.

Lo Ya was lying on a rock, and not long after, she was soaked by the pouring rain from the sky. But the sudden gust of wind made her unable to open her eyes. The surrounding trees swayed wildly, and countless leaves fell to the ground.

“Wuuu!” A few little Insect Girls were so scared that they began to cry.

For the sake of safety, Lo Ya ordered the Sickle Insects to dig holes beside the surrounding tall trees, as before, and prepare to hide in the trees.

However, the wind and rain were getting heavier and heavier, making the process of digging extremely difficult.

Unknowingly, a mysterious shadow rushed out from the darkness. It quickly caught an unprepared Sickle Insect and disappeared into the thick fog.

After that, the situation became more and more common. Lo Ya used the method of sharing the vision but still could not see the target.

“Damn it! What the heck is going on with the weather today?”

She couldn’t help but wonder why there were so many dangerous monsters.

“Lo Ya, wuuu…” A little Insect Girl, who had only recently learned to speak not long after she was born, crawled in front of Lo Ya, crying and hugging her tail.

Even the first batch of Insect Girls like Lo Xin, Lo Lo, and Lo Yu were all frightened.

“Everyone, don’t be afraid. The rain will stop.”

Lo Ya hugged the poor little Insect Girl who was crying the most. Apart from comforting these little insects, there was nothing she could do at this moment.

She could not even open her eyes. The wind and rain slapped her face, making her unable to breathe. The Sickle Insects blocked the surroundings, but the effect was minimal.

Lo Ya sensed in her spiritual sense that many of the Sickle Insects in the borders had encountered the Night Killer. Some of the wild beasts fought with them, and there were corpses lying all over the ground.

Lo Ya still remembered the thrilling scene under the terrifying storm many years ago.

She carried the little Insect Girl up, which was as big as a baby. Her little white tail constantly trembled, not knowing whether it was cold or because of fear.

Everyone huddled together, their frightened little heads looking innocently at their surroundings.

After several minutes of working and risking their lives, the Sickle Insects finally dug out a space large enough to accommodate a portion of the Insect Girls. So Lo Ya personally moved the underage cubs and several unhatched tails into the tree hole.

The adult Insect Girl was still hiding outside.

A translucent butterfly emitting blue and purple light, like an emissary from hell, slowly approached the Insect Girls’ location in the darkness.

The Sickle Insects rushed forward to block them, but once they got close to the other party, they quickly lost their connection with Lo Ya.

The blue butterfly with a wingspan of about half a meter slowly flew over. Lo Ya was completely at a loss.

Along the way, swarms of Sickle Insects and Undead Insects that tried to approach the butterfly all died one after the other. Those butterflies were like gods of death, continuously reaping lives along the way.

“Lo Ya, I’m so scared.” Lo Xin hugged Lo Ya and sobbed.

Fortunately, the Sickle Insects had already hollowed out a large area in the tree trunk. Lo Ya immediately comforted everyone. “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. The hole has been dug. Everyone, quickly hide inside.”

A large group of little Insect Girls got into the towering giant tree and climbed up the slope that was dug out from the inside bit by bit.

A small number of Sickle Insects also entered with their offspring. More insects blocked the hole with their bodies, completely isolating the butterfly from the outside world.

Climbing to the top, Lo Ya and the little Insect Girls cuddled closely together as if waiting for the trial to come.

After an unknown amount of time, when all the Sickle Insects and Undead Insects lost their life force, death also appeared among the Insect Girls.

“Lo Ya, Lo Wen doesn’t move anymore.”

Lo Xin pushed the Insect Girl who had lost her breath and cried out in panic. Lo Ya, on the other hand, appeared to be aware of the little one’s death.

Was it over?

The time it took to get to another world was undeniably short. However, these little cuties had just recently been born and had not yet experienced any happy times.

Lo Ya’s heart was overwhelmed with guilt right away.

The power of nature was so terrifying. The disaster struck without warning.

The breath of the little Insect Girls passed away one by one, but there was nothing Lo Yo could do.

The howling of the wind came from the outside of the tree spread to her ears, and the little Insect Girl lying on her body gradually became cold.

No one dared to move, especially when the Sickle Insect dug a small hole and saw a few butterflies floating outside.

Everyone stayed in this small place, waiting for the butterflies to leave.

Hour after hour…

The sky was still dark, and the sun was still attempting to rise. The wind and rain kept blowing. The butterflies appeared to have taken over the outside world, and their numbers continued to grow.

The little Insect Girl beside Lo Ya gradually lost her breath.

Because there was no food, everyone could only feed on Sickle Insects.

However, a few days later, there were no more Sickle Insects around.

“Lo Ya, I’m so hungry.”

Lo Xin weakly laid on Lo Ya’s tail and wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth.

The Sickle Insect corpse at the entrance could not be eaten (it was almost rotten), or else an opening would form, allowing the blue glowing butterflies outside to fly in.

As for the corpse of the dead Insect Girls, in fact, they had no choice but to share to eat. When they ate, many Insect Girls cried in a mess. After all, these were the friends that they played with back then.

As time passed, the remaining little Insect Girls were also starving to death. Water could still seep in through the opening of the tree, but there was really no source of food.

Just when Lo Ya did not know what to do, Chiang Ya, who had been lying by the tree trunk, weakly opened her eyes and said, “Why don’t you eat me?”

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