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Lo Ya had already spent a long time considering how to defeat such a large number of seals with as little loss as possible.

The Insect Girl Clan mainly had three types of combat units: Sickle Insect, human-shaped Undead Insect, and Insect Girl.

The Sickle Insects had the largest number and the fastest speed. Their body size was between 30 to 60 centimeters (the higher the level, the bigger the body size), but their average combat strength was also the lowest. Without long-range attacks, they could only deal with strength at close range. And although the seals weren’t moving fast, they had astonishing tail swinging speed and rolling and turning speed in close combat. If the Sickle Insects were not careful in close combat, they would often be smacked to death by the tails.

As for the human-shaped Undead Insects, their speed was slightly faster than the Insect Girls. And they were elite troops that could replicate in large numbers. If an Undead Insect that had not been strengthened faced a level 1 Sickle Insect alone, it had a 70% chance of winning. If it had been strengthened once, it would undoubtedly win against any Sickle Insect below level 4. It had a chance of entering the Black Iron Level if it was strengthened three to six times.

Of course, Undead Insects could also be upgraded. As a result, they did not require a single evolution. They would be able to crush the Sickle Insect if they leveled up.

As for the Little Insect Girls, their combat strength was relatively unknown. The acid of the Insect Girl had no effect on the Sickle Insect. The electric shock had the potential to kill the target if it struck the brain directly. The wind element control effect rose as the Insect Girl’s level increased, and the agility attribute advantage delivered strong responsiveness. Even a level 8 Sickle Insect could not compete with the Insect Girl.

In fact, the general strength of the Undead Insects after strengthing was still higher than that of the Insect Girls. However, as the core of the race, Insect Girls, who possessed a variety of magical abilities and future buffs, seemed to have even more terrifying growth potential.

To deal with seals in such a situation, Lo Ya considered using the Sickle Insects to harass them from a close distance, while the Insect Girls would be used for long-range kite flying.

Lo Ya had been observing on a high slope in the territory. After an unknown amount of time, a group of 15 seals approached nearby areas relatively scattered.

“It’s really good enough.”

The situation would be fine with the current number of seals approaching. But Lo Ya was worried that another bunch of them might arrive later.

Looking back at the few Insect Girls behind her, Lo Ya made up her mind and gave the second group of Sickle Insects the order to attack.

Forty insects jumped out of the hidden haystack and rushed towards the target at an exaggerated speed.


The seals opened their mouths at the same time and let out a roar of unknown meaning at the Sickle Insects.

Lo Ya really could not look straight at this scene. She turned around and shouted to Insect Girls and the others, “Attack!”


The wind blades that had been prepared a long time ago were launched one after another, while Lo Yu released a thread explosion.

The Dark Melting closely followed the Wind Blade’s attack and silently merged into the ground.

The seals injured by this wave of critical strikes all stepped angrily on their two forelimbs, dragging their bodies forward.

The Sickle Insects at the front saw that they were about to crash into them, but they suddenly braked sharply and circled to their sides.

The seals had no choice but to target the Sickle Insects that were close to them. Their steps were very funny, and their bodies swayed, but they could not catch up to the enemy. As a result, they were all hit by the Insect Girls’ second wave of attack.

Lo Yu’s attack was the most effective. Dozens of sharp filaments were used in the initial wave of thread explosion to pierce through the head of a seal. This time, she used the same method to stab the severely injured unlucky fellow, killing him on the spot.

The attacks also made the other seals feel uneasy. The Wind Blade slashed their bodies deeply, but they were unable to catch up with the Sickle Insects. Thus, they were forced to change their target and attack the annoying Insect Girl.

However, the Insect Girl sat on Sickle Insect’s back and fled to the distance at a moderate speed.

“Wow, I can’t catch up.” Lo Xin made a grimace at the seals. The seals, on the other hand, could no longer laugh.

A few Dark Melting hit them at the same time. The fate of these 15 seals was a complete tragedy.

Just like that, an absolute sinful war began.

These 15 seals were unable to run or flee that they could only ask for help from their companions. However, their companions in the distance all turned their heads and pretended not to see them.

‘Shit! These damn bastards!’ They were agitated, and it was obvious.

The remaining seals were very smart. They began to gather and warm up after observing their companions’ situation with the Insect Girl Clan. They also gradually retreated back to their own beach.

Just like that, the 15 seals were abandoned. Knowing what was about to happen to them, they quickly turned around to flee. However, the Insect Girls desperately consumed their spiritual power to release magic.

At the end of the battle, none of the fifteen seals returned home. In the end, they could only kill four Sickle Insects, while they themselves became pathetic nutrients.

The feast began.

A hundred meters away, the seals resting on the beach looked at their side with melancholy eyes.

Both sides were speechless as they looked at each other.

“Lo Ya, more seals are climbing up. We will have food every day from now on.” Lo Xin touched her full belly and said with satisfaction.


She found that Insect Girls would be happy as long as they had something to eat, and when they were happy, they would sleep soundly for a good time.

Eight years of insect life, if there was no memory inheritance, it would pass just like that.

But now, Lo Ya did not need to care too much about this.

Lo Ya wriggled to the bottom of the grass, and a little bird that was catching insects raised its head in shock. First, it carefully looked at the little worm that it was catching. Then, it looked at the large tail of the worm and finally made a bold decision.

It chose the larger worm.

With the presence of such a big worm, who would still look at a little worm that was not even enough to fill the gaps between their teeth?

As a result, this small bird, about two-thirds the size of Lo Ya, landed on her tail and attempted to peck twice.

“Hey, the food is here.”

Lo Ya hugged the bird’s body, but the poor fellow felt the danger and fluttered its wings desperately to escape. But in the end, it still couldn’t beat Lo Ya’s strength.

“Wow, it looks cute.”

Lo Ya innocently stroked the bird’s head. It tried to flee but found that it was unable to do so.

“It should be stewed. I don’t think I have eaten cooked food before.”

She wiggled in front of Lo Yu while carrying the little bird. “Give me a thread,” Lo Ya said, stretching out her hand and pointing to her tail.

Whoosh ~

A thread tied Lo Ya and the little bird together.

“Heyyy! Tie this bird with silk thread, don’t tie me?”

Luo Yu nodded, then spat out the silk thread and tied the bird’s head in a circle.

“No, before tying it up, you should untie me.”

“Oh, oh.” Lo Yu’s body slowly turned around, her fat tail swelling and shrinking. Lo Ya felt like she was witnessing her younger self.

“You remind me of when I was just born. At that time, I was surrounded by white worms.”

“White worm? What is that? Is it delicious?”

“Delicious… Uh, no, why is your brain filled with food?” Lo Ya did not want to explain it to this idiot.

The white worm was too small. From the perspective of the Insect Girl, it was just a small white spot with no discernible shape. And Luo Yu didn’t know where to find them at all.

Lo Yu didn’t know what method was used to remove the stickiness of the silk thread at the time. They softened into a pile of things that broke when pulled and eventually snapped to pieces.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

With a flap of wings, the bird flew away smoothly.

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