C66 Training Individuals

“Oh, I thought it would be something else.”

Lo Ya shook her head disappointedly and continued to share food with the insects.

The next thing she heard was the sound of increasing evolution points.

After an unknown amount of time, a card unexpectedly appeared in front of Lo Ya’s eyes again.

[Obtained the chance to flip the card…]

“Wow, it’s here again?”

She stretched out his hand and pointed at the card. In the end, the holy card emitted a golden light… No, it was a unique and complex light that was different from the rest, a 5-star card without a doubt.

She excitedly looked at the card that was slowly turning around, her eyes flashing.

[Congratulations, you have received an Item Card: Crown Command.]

[Crown Command: An expensive crown, worn on top of the head, is filled with a holy and noble aura. The rubies within seem to have been bestowed with divine power, blooming with colorful lights. This item is the ironclad proof of the European King. Other than being able to prove that you are full of European energy, it is useless.]


Lo Ya suddenly felt like she was about to spurt out blood.

So was this Europe or Africa?

“Forget it, forget it. Anyway, it is worth a lot of money. Who knows, we might be able to exchange it for something in the future?”

Lo Ya summoned the Crown Command in front of her eyes and found that this thing was only suitable for the large adult Insect Girls. Thus, she put it back in the inventory.

The first seal’s meat had almost all been devoured. Many insects came up to bite a piece of meat and took it to a corner to enjoy it seriously.

The seal group in the distance did not immediately counterattack. Instead, they watched from the sidelines.

However, a few minutes later, Lo Ya took Lo Yu to find a lonely seal ahead and killed one in the same way. Because of the preparation, the loss was very little this time, and the opponent was completely killed at the cost of injuring a Sickle Insect.

Other than attacking the surrounding creatures, the Insect Girl Clan gradually ate away the lonely seals nearby from that day on until the night of the second day.

As time passed, the seals also felt that something was wrong. Their concentration became higher and higher, and they also began to make some counterattacks. At the most exaggerated time, more than twenty seals charged over at the same time, scaring the group of Sickle Insects into running around like mad dogs. Only then did they escape for a while.

“The combat strength of these guys is really scary.”

Lo Ya had to admit that the creatures that came from the sea were different. One component was strength, and there were too many of them. How could no seals fall from the waterfall in such a place close to the end of the world?

Slowly fighting one by one did not have any effect on the consumption of the other party’s numbers. As the insects’ need for food increased, Lo Ya had no choice but to use a more direct method: nurture an elite team.

She concentrated on the reproduction of the Undead Insects in order to vastly increase their population. She then sent them to a desolate mountain to collect fire seeds.

At the same time, she trained a small group of sickle insects to become a special group of level 6 or higher in order to hunt the seal group effectively.

Lo Ya’s idea of forming such an elite team was very effective. Even if they were up against a human army, they could defeat them. Of course, the losses would be relatively large.

The early stages of work were quite tiring because Lo Ya needed to lead the team personally. They also needed to prepare for the seals’ large-scale attack.

She was most inclined to train a batch of high-level Sickle Insects first and let them bring the Undead Insects to the mountain to collect the fire seeds. Thus, she would then be freed from the complicated work. During this process, she would naturally lose a batch of hard-trained insects. However, the advantage was that she had nurtured a group of elites that could really deal with high-intensity enemies.

After nearly a half-day of hard labor, the new thirty Sickle Insect cubs had fully matured and joined the battle sequence. Although the loss in recent days was substantially higher, more tails would mature every day. It was estimated that the population would expand soon.

Lo Ya gathered the most advanced group of insects and continuously attacked the prey of the other insects. However, she discovered that the seals had started to gather and seemed to have intentions to launch a large-scale attack on Insect Girl’s territory.

She was worried that something would happen and began to speed up her nurturing rate day and night. Other than herself, who had already reached level 14, Lo Xin, who was at level 9, was the strongest at the moment. However, in terms of actual combat performance, Lo Xin was far inferior to the Spider-like Lo Yu.

The other adult Insect Girls all took part in the battle and advanced beyond level 5. Although their levels were still far from the Black Iron Level, it was enough to let them join the battle.

“Lo Ya, other seals have come ashore. What should we do?”

At this moment, Lo Yu felt she couldn’t keep spitting out silk any longer. Although eating could replenish the silk threads quickly, it was too tiring to do so all the time.

Lo Ya was noncommittal after hearing the words.

On the shore, there were about 70 or 80 seals gathering. If they kept coming at the current rate, there would soon be more than a hundred seals. Only five Undead Insects had reached the Black Iron Level after being replenished by the fire seeds on Lo Ya’s side. Above level 5, there were only about 20 Sickle Insects. And the rest were mostly at level 2 or level 3. They could be considered powerful. However, because of their overall disadvantages, they were unable to take on difficult tasks.

Lo Ya pondered for a long time before deciding to punish this swarm of leopard-laughing creatures that were unconcerned about their lives.

No matter what, she had to drive them back into the sea.

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