C65 Face the Seal

The little Insect Girls lived a carefree life, while the Sickle Insects had to work a lot and go through a lot of trouble. They only had three main tasks in a day: hunting, resting, and eating… Oh, yes, there was also reproduction.

A wave of expeditions often resulted in some losses. But at the same time, they also gained access to a large amount of food, which resulted in their reproduction, allowing them to breed even more tails.

However, after seeing that the human army was at least at the level of Black Iron, Lo Ya began to set the breeding target on the Undead Insects.

The little Insect Girls broke the kitten fishing toy, and everyone became bored again. At this time, they suddenly realized that the things Lo Ya gave them were not edible.

The group of little cuties started to roam around in the haystack now that they no longer had the toy to play with.

Lo Ya estimated that it would take a long time for Lo Bing, Chiang Ya, and the others to fully possess the combat strength of an adult.

That morning, Lo Ya ordered the insects to hunt in nearby areas as usual. Because the forces were too strong, many small races sensibly retreated to farther places, not daring to fight with groups of Sickle Insects.

As the distance got closer and closer to the beach, they began to have a direct conflict with the seals that had landed on the shore.

These seals were very aggressive and liked to eat crabs. Every time they were full, they would occasionally attack the surrounding creatures. Because of this, their territory became bigger and bigger, and they could be seen on the entire beach from time to time.

Usually, the appearance of a seal would attract more seals to come ashore. They seemed to have a unique hobby and liked to launch sudden attacks on unprepared creatures. No matter what the opponent was, as long as one was not careful, the seals that had been waiting for an opportunity would start a wave of chaotic attacks like a tank.

Once the first seal successfully attacked, the other seals waiting for the opportunity would continuously begin their moves for a collective battle feast.

“So this type of seal beast is really annoying.”

Even if the Sickle Insects gathered a small team to deal with one, they couldn’t defeat these fellows. There would still have big losses. Seals had thick and rough skin. Even Sickle Insects of level 5 or higher had to deal with them carefully due to their exaggerated defensive power and powerful strength.

Hence, Lo Ya had no choice but to let Insect Girls and the rest go to the battlefield to provide support.

Facing a seal at close range for the first time, Lo Ya dragged Lo Yu, who had recently awakened her spider ability, along with her.

Lo Yu’s current situation was not ordinary. Her level-up promotion attributes had actually reached two points, which was the human professional system’s standard average.

That meant that Insect Girls generally reached Black Iron Level while they were only level 10. But human professionals usually reached Black Iron Level when they were level 6. Insect Girl, who was at level 20, could barely reach the Bronze Level, while humans could reach that level at level 11.

In the future, the growth in strength of each human level would become ever higher. If the Insect Girl Clan could not be strengthened, they would sooner or later be left behind by human experts of the same level.

Of course, it was impossible for them not to get stronger. As long as Lo Ya kept fighting monsters and picking up items, everyone’s basic attributes would become higher and higher. Typically, a single-point increase could cause shocking qualitative changes for the entire clan.

This time, Lo Yu’s increased spider characteristics and silk thread blasting were out of the ordinary, and her physical appearance changed as a result. A black hardshell appeared on her shoulders, and her fighting speed also increased by a large margin. When under attack, the thread could quickly turn into a shield in front of her to block the danger.

Lo Ya laid on the rock, pointed at the seal creature not far away, and whispered to Lo Yu beside her, “Pay attention to the seal by the beach. When the Sickle Insect stops it, attack.”

Lo Yu, who was rolling on the ground, looked up and nodded her head vigorously.

It was a big seal that was over two meters long, with a cute beard. As it looked about, its big eyes showed traces of hesitation. Overall, it was quite cute.


However, it was indeed a dangerous creature.

“Move out.”

Lo Ya communicated with the first group of Sickle Insects behind her through the Spiritual Link. Three of them immediately jumped up, flapped their wings, and launched a charge towards the target.

The lazy seal trembled all over, turned around, and ran towards the ocean behind him. Its fat body was not considered agile, and it didn’t take long for the Sickle Insect to stab him.


The seal swung its tail and slapped at an abnormally fast speed. A Sickle Insect that was unable to react in time was sent flying a few meters away. It rolled a few times on the ground and broke one of its legs.

“Lo Yu.” Lo Ya shouted to Insect Girl, who was beside her.

“I’m coming!”

Lo Yu, who got the order, came out from the grass. She opened her mouth and immediately spat out a bunch of sticky silk threads.

These silk threads were about one centimeter thick and shot towards the top of the seal’s head. When they were close to three meters away, there was a sudden explosion, and they turned into countless white spikes that scattered downwards.

Skill: Silk Thread Explosion

This skill could be used in two ways. The first was to wrap a ball of silk thread to bind the opponent. And the second was to suddenly explode and turn into countless sharp filaments to pierce through the opponent, which was the true essence of silk blasting.

Scars appeared on the seal’s skin almost immediately, and the spider threads had penetrated to an unknown depth. In short, the blood oozing out from the wound could no longer stop flowing.

“What a strong ability.”

Lo Ya estimated that this range was at least forty meters, which was almost the same as some First Grade Magic of human beings.

It would be much farther away if Lo Yu were the size of a human.

After the giant seal received this wave of attacks, it became even more ferocious. The smile on its face disappeared, and it struggled with all its might. The Sickle Insects climbed onto its body and slashed the sharp blades that were dozens of centimeters long into its flesh.

The giant tail slapped again, but Lo Yu spat out a second thread and tied its tail far away.


Lo Yu, who was connected to the thread, was pulled half a meter away by the huge force of the seal, leaving a long trace on the ground. Lo Ya rushed forward to grab her tail, but the dozen or so points of strength had no effect. She was instead dragged more than ten meters away.

“Bah, bah.”

Lo Ya, who had eaten a mouthful of soil, looked up and found that the big seal was already half-dead from being beaten by the Sickle Insect. Overall, Lo Yu’s silk thread had the most impact. Not only did it remove the seal’s strength, but it also made it unable to put up an effective resistance under the stimulation of pain.

“Didn’t it penetrate this guy’s skull?”

Lo Ya muttered and waited until the other party could not move before she prepared to wiggle over carefully.

Turning her head to take a look, Lo Yu actually laid on the ground and started to laugh foolishly. Only then did she know that there were many small ants in front of her chin. This fellow simply did not move and just laid there and continuously stuck out her tongue to eat the pitiful ants.


“There’s a lot of seal meat. Why are you eating ants?”

Lo Ya knocked on her head and dragged her to the front of the seal corpse abruptly.

Something similar to a coin burst out on the ground.

[Received seal silver coin.]

[Seal silver coin: Toss it to the sky. If it lands on the front side, it will summon a seal to mock your opponent. If the landing is on the opposite side, you will receive concentrated attacks from the enemy within 10 minutes.]

“That’s fine.”

Lo Ya did not know how to complain.

“Let’s just eat.”

Awoo ~

The unique taste of the seal meat was a bit difficult to bite. Sure enough, it was rough skin and thick flesh.

[Evolution Points + 13]


Awoo ~

[Obtain the chance to flip the card…]

Dozens of items similar to tarot cards appeared once again, shining brightly and extremely dazzling.

“It’s been a long time.” Lo Ya took a deep breath and clicked.

The divine light appeared.

[Congratulations, you have flipped to the 2-star (N) trap card: Fire Pit.]

[Fire Pit: Triggering a random trap within a 30-meter radius. The individual that falls into it will be burned by the flames. The temperature of the flames is between 200-2000 degrees, which can last for 5 minutes.]



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