C60 The Rebel Army on the Escape

“Something? What do you mean, you naughty little girl?”

“Wuuuuu ~ ~”

Lo Ya pinched Lo Yu’s chubby cheeks and stroked her head angrily, causing this little guy to utter a pitiful noise.

Not far away, groups of Sickle Insects invaded the surrounding land as they had planned according to Lo Ya’s orders. Almost every moment, the corpses of creatures were brought back to the center of the territory. Different insects immediately ate those corpses and then produced more offspring.

The little Insect Girls had been deprived of their authority to command the Sickle Insects. Because of this, all these little cuties had become little masters. They didn’t even need to issue orders. As long as they laid in the territory, they would get a continuous supply of food.

Perhaps it was because the expansion was fast. Lo Ya felt no longer satisfied with their current territory. So, she planned to expand to the west and southwest. The consequence of this was to enter the sphere of influence of the Getta Insect Swarm. Although the two parties had agreed not to invade each other, the Insect Girl Clan would never stay obedient for their own development. Once the number increased, the next step would be to take out the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

“But I keep feeling that this approach has a lot of drawbacks.”

Pure Hunting and killing would eat up the food sooner or later. But then a thought occurred to her: ‘If the Insect Girls learn to keep wild creatures in captivity, won’t that be an outstanding method to obtain continuous food?’

However, Lo Ya quickly gave up on that idea again. It was impossible to count on the current little Insect Girls to raise wild beasts. The consequences of doing so would be that they would either die or become corpses.

While the Insect Girl Clan was busy eating and reproducing, Luya, who had been following them for two days, came up. Then, in a begging tone, she said, “I’ve already finished all of the dry food I brought. I’m afraid I have to leave this forest. I still have a lot to do outside.”

“Aren’t you being chased by the aristocrats? Why do you want to go back?” Lo Ya asked suspiciously.

“I am going to join the rebel army. These few days of following you have made me understand that a good and beautiful life needs to be fought for by myself. This is also the truth principle left by the Magic Goddess to the world.” As she said, Luya’s expression revealed a trace of sincerity.

Lo Ya pretended to be deep in thought. After a few seconds, she suddenly raised her head and said, “If you do not mind, you can still borrow the power of the Sickle Insect in the future. Correspondingly, you must provide sufficient remuneration.”

Luya was taken aback when she heard those words. “Are you still willing to continue the trading?”

“Of course. Didn’t you humans have the behavior of raising beasts in captivity? I allow you to hire Sickle Insects to bring them to the human world. There is no limit to the number. Correspondingly, if they die in battle, you must compensate 10 silver coins.”

Lo Ya already had a plan in her mind. She understood that the insect swarm would not be able to enter human society directly. However, if she appeared as a pet, it was easy for people to acknowledge her. She had lately learned from Luya that many slave merchants captured magical beast cubs and sold them to nobles and rich people. Then, these creatures that had been raised by humans since young would be no different from pets and even treated their owners like family.

However, most of the monsters were wild, so there weren’t many types of monsters that could be raised by humans.

Luya couldn’t help but feel that the conditions provided by Lo Ya were so great that she was filled with excitement. After all, most of the monsters in the slave merchant were sold in gold. With her financial resources, it was impossible for her to afford them. But if Lo Ya gave her a powerful Sickle Insect at a low price, her safety would be even more guaranteed in the future.

Luya touched her waist and took out a small bag hanging on it.” This is almost all of the money I have, 13 silver coins and 16 copper coins. I am willing to take out 10 silver coins to hire you.”

As she spoke, she shook the bag and made a few crisp noises as if to prove that she wasn’t lying.

“Two,” Lo Ya said, stretching out her two fingers. “I also want to go to the human world to take a look, so I will follow you. I will give you command over two of the Sickle Insects.”

Her terms for the trade were straightforward, yet it made Luya at ease.

“Alright, but the human world is very dangerous. Are you sure you want to follow me?”

“Yes, I have a way to protect myself.”

Lo Ya’s present size was small. If she transformed her legs, she would be a little bit bigger than a normal figure. But this was not important. The main reason she went to travel to the human world was to learn more things.

But it was impossible to leave just like this. So before leaving, Lo Ya specially instructed the Sickle Insects. “Protect Insect Girls well. Don’t listen to their commands blindly. Don’t let them get out of your safety protection range. Follow the plan and fight with the enemies. When you encounter a large group of enemies that you can’t deal with, hide in the cave back then.”

Only after she finished giving out the instructions, she felt much more relieved.

Lo Ya glanced at the pile of leaf balls in her inventory, as well as other weird items, and felt that her chances of survival should not be low. Even if she accidentally died, she would most likely be reborn as a new Insect Girl.

After making some preparations, they left the territory of Insect Girl Clan and headed towards the territory of the human race.

The human town, according to Luya, was 30 kilometers to the southeast. However, they had to be careful along the way and try not to go south because that was the territory of Devil Beast Lord and Sutton.

“Speaking of which, you are really small. I can grab you with two hands, so it will be very dangerous in the forest like this.” Luya looked at the little Lo Ya on the back of the Sickle Insect and finally spoke what she had been wanting to say.

“It is not dangerous. Don’t just look at my small size, but the human weapons are still easy to use. Hey!”

Lo Ya took out the dagger that she had dropped from the inventory.

“Ahh!” As the huge dagger pressed her against the back of the Sickle Insect, just the tip of her head and tail were visible. Only then did she realize that she was so small that she could not even hold a weapon.

“Wow, cute.” Luya could not help but want to reach out her finger to touch Lo Ya’s little head. But when she saw the Sickle Insect’s vicious eyes, she sensibly pressed down her nerves.

“That…” She changed the topic, “Speaking of weapons, there is a place called Origin Space in the human world. You can enter it through the prayer room of the Church or some special facilities in the nobles’ homes. Upon completing the mission in Origin Space, you will be able to receive a weapon blessed by God.”

“Weapon blessed by God? Oh, is that like the axe that the thief leader used last time?”

“Yes, it’s rumored that the Origin Space is a portal to another world. Once you enter it, you will be able to reach the world that suits you, and you will get a handful of weapons through a series of experiences. However, if a normal Professional wants to go there once, they will have to give at least 10 silver coins, and they only have one chance per year.”

“Is that so?” Lo Ya pondered for a moment and said, “If it’s really that good, then take me there. Use that 10 silver coins you gave me.”

“Alright… alright, but the Church does not allow devil monsters to enter. So I can only take you by secretly hiding you in my clothes.” Luya explained to Lo Ya upon hearing her enthusiastic words.

“No problem.”

Just like that, the two sides made an agreement.

Perhaps because of the invasion of the Gaeta Insect Swarm some time ago, they did not see any monsters in most areas along the way. Lo Ya did not know where the Gaeta Insect Swarm had gone to. She could only vaguely feel that something had happened, but she could not find any clues.

After moving forward for half a day, they approached the human town.

Lo Ya, who had sensitive ears, heard the sounds of fighting from far away. She immediately let the insects squat in the forest, and she climbed a tree to a high point.

As she climbed higher, the sound became closer and closer, and soon, she spotted a group of people wearing various types of leather armor a hundred meters away. Most of them were seriously injured and limped forward with the help of their companions. And behind them, a group of gunmen in red armor and simple helmets chased after them. Several archers raised their bows and arrows from time to time and released one or two arrows.

“It’s the rebel soldiers.” Luya squatted on the grass as soon as she saw the scene. She quickly pulled out the dagger from her waist and went into a state of preparation for battle.

Whether it was the equipment or the quality of the people, they were not on the same level, especially those who were running away. Most of them were already exhausted and were gradually being overtaken by the people behind.

“Don’t run away, just die.”

A man riding a warhorse chased up from the forest behind and quickly approached the weak opponents in the front. Faced with tremendous pressure, a man holding a small round shield and a short knife gritted his teeth. He then turned around to face the opponent on his own initiative.

“You guys run quickly. I’ll help you buy some time.”

The horse’s pace was not too fast, so the man with the short knife shouted and rushed towards the cavalry with all his might.



In mid-air, the horse rider stabbed the spear downward furiously. At lightning speed, the tip of the spear penetrated the chest of the man with a short knife.

“Ahhhhh!” The man let forth a yell. As he endured the pain, he raised his knife and slashed it across the horse’s neck. After a sharp neigh, the horse fell to the ground, and the soldier above was forced to jump down. He pulled out an iron dagger from his waist and stabbed the man to death.

“Chase after them. Don’t let any of them escape.” Another warhorse rushed out from behind. The soldier on it was dressed in even more exquisite armor, and it appeared that he was in authority.

The soldiers who received the order increased their speed and gradually narrowed the distance between them and the fugitives.

“These damn nobles.” Luya gritted her teeth and rushed out under Lo Ya’s surprised eyes.

“Crap!” Luo Ya was taken aback, “Has she gone insane?”

The strength of the two sides was completely disproportionate.

“Protection shield.”

The light shield released by Luya appeared on the last escaping soldier in the team. Coincidentally, a bow and arrow flew over from a distance and hit the shield. It bounced off with a ding and plunged straight into the mud on the side.

But Luya didn’t stop as she kept walking under everyone’s surprised eyes. She came face to face with the infantrymen, who were charging over with spears.


A short spear stabbed over. Luya took advantage of her agility and lightly dodged it. She directly bypassed the spearhead and pulled out a dagger to slash.

The fire flashed, and a burst of scorching energy made the enemy cry out in pain. With the splash of blood, the soldier’s life value was directly reduced by more than half, and he entered a state of continuous bleeding.

“Damn it!” The commander on the warhorse cursed under his breath. He quickly raised his spear to charge forward.

This guy was at level 11, Bronze Level. Lo Ya knew that Luya alone could not beat him, so she ran out of the grass and released a Wind Blade at him.


Unexpectedly, the moment the Wind Blade was about to hit, the commander wielding his spear raised his spear and blocked it.

With a clang, a few wounds appeared on his arm. Before he could recover from his shock, another Wind Blade cut into his chest.

“What the hell?!” In disbelief, the commander covered the leather armor that had been cut open on his abdomen and looked at Lo Ya, who had suddenly appeared. A sense of absurdity arose in his heart.

He was stunned to find out that the one who attacked him was a cute little girl around 10 cm tall with a white worm tail on her lower body. After spitting out two Wind Blades, the little guy actually quickly wriggled towards him. At the same time, a lump of sticky black liquid appeared on its arm.

“That is… dark magic?” The commander felt a sense of danger.

The liquid in its hand melted into the ground and disappeared without a trace. Because the attack range was only 20 meters, the two parties were very close.

While the horse commander was frowning in thought, an earth spike suddenly pierced from the ground and instantly pierced the front of the horse’s hoof.

With a long hiss, the horse tipped forward and fell directly to the ground. The commander hurriedly jumped back and got off his horse.

However, he was greeted by two consecutive Wind Blades and one Earth Spike.


Lo Ya could feel the pain in the scream. The Earth Spike pierced his crotch, sending pain deep into the other party’s bones.

The archer hiding in the distance shot an arrow at Lo Ya, but it did not hit her. It could not be helped because it was too difficult to hit such a small target.

“Everyone retreat. The enemy has a mage.”

After suffering the loss, the soldiers of the noble army quickly gave up on chasing. It could be seen how difficult it was to defeat a mage without the support of a mage.

The soldiers were preparing to escape, but Lo Ya didn’t want to give them a chance that she gave out an order. Immediately, an agile black shadow dashed out of the nearby forest and directly waved its sickle to launch a surprise attack.

Two of the soldiers who reacted quickly used their spears to resist and beautifully counter-attacked. The other three were caught off guard and lost their lives in a sudden attack.

Lo Ya’s eyelids twitched as she felt that she had underestimated the strength of a Black Iron Level. Even the Sickle Insect, who had a natural advantage in speed, might not be able to gain the upper hand when attacking these soldiers. Fortunately, the results were not bad. The corpses of the enemy soldiers were enough to give birth to two or three tails, so this attack was not too bad.

At this moment, the Dark Melting had also arrived at the feet of the commander. This soundless skill indeed had an effect, as usual, making the opponent feel painful.

“Go to hell!”

Seeing that the other party was half alive, Luya immediately rushed forward and stabbed him in the neck.

After a burst of blood spurted out, the commander died.

—–Split Line—–

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