C57 Soul Inheritance


Back in the editor, Lo Ya had already seen her appearance. She was basically a little lolita full of cuteness.

But from the view of a human, her tail was a little disgusting. That was why she used the appearance of her legs to meet Luya.

Luya naturally had a little understanding of this girl after eavesdropping on parts of the little girl’s talk with a Sickle Insect.

There was Civil Strife in the nearby human kingdom. The people and some of the nobles formed a rebel army and launched a challenge against the royal authority. Because of the war and food shortage, social security had long been in a mess. There were bandit gangs everywhere, and the situation of the professionals was quite bad.

It was rare to meet someone who was not too dangerous in this period. So Lo Ya naturally had to find a way to get enough information.

She understood that the Insect Girl was not nice to her only because she was a girl now that she was thinking from the perspective of the Insect Girl.

“You just said that you want to hire me. Do you need me to help you hunt?” After a moment of silence, Luya asked hesitantly.

“Yes.” Lo Ya tilted her head with a lovely smile on her face.


Luya wasn’t sure whether her words were trustworthy or not.

But she understood that humans would no longer come into the forest and that the forest was a dangerous place. So, the only reliable source she could find in this circumstance was the group of devil monsters in front of her.

Luya smiled bitterly and murmured, “I’m still trying to make sense of it. I, a human being, will have to rely on the devil monsters to survive in the end.”

Just like that, Lo Ya brought Luya back to the location of the tribe.

The ground was uneven, and the plants were dense. There were many dangerous creatures along the way. The Gaeta Insect Swarm that was supposed to occupy this land had already retreated.

When they passed by a patch of grass, Lo Ya suddenly stopped in her tracks.

“This must be the place where we met the hounds, right?”

Her mood suddenly dropped.

This was the place where a cute Insect Girl died, and there was nothing she could do to save her.

Sometimes, nature was really cruel. It would make everything lost and no longer reappear.

“Umm.” Lo Ya sighed and continued to move forward. Not long after, they got back to the territory.

Then, the sight in front of her made her froze on the spot.

The corpses all over the floor were piled up into small hills and randomly placed on the ground. The two little Insect Girls, both with bulging bellies, were lying on the pile of meat. They were sleeping with their mouths wide open, yet there was a happy grin on their lips.

Lo Lo fell from a rock, and Lo Yu, who was on the top, grabbed her tail and pulled her up with all her strength. The tail that was hanging was shaking slightly, and the two small hands flipped back and forth.

In the distance, several Insect Girls were lying on the ground. A small head emerged from the pile of corpses. She was making a silly giggle while drooling stupidly. Her exposed tail was swinging happily like a puppy.

More than half of the Sickle Insects had turned into corpses. On the other hand, the white tails all over the ground were alive and kicking, and the little Insect Girls rolled around in them, having fun with the Sickle Insect’s tails.

Only a few Sickle Insects remained alive, and they were desperately digesting food to reproduce their offspring faster.

At this moment, Lo Bing saw Lo Ya and immediately cried out in excitement, “Wow, Lo Ya is back! Lo Ya quickly look. We have hunted a lot of food and created even more little insects. Quickly praise us.”




‘Praise for what! What the hell is this?’

Lo Ya felt a surge of rage rush through her body as if her entire being was going to explode.

She felt as if she was going to burst into tears as she observed the situation. The surrounding creatures were all looking at this place with hatred as if they wanted to exterminate Insect Girls. She couldn’t help but wonder if they were Insect Girls or just stupid donkeys.

She was at a loss for words as she faced the larvae all over the ground.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, Lo Ya, I found that as long as we shout, charge, the Sickle Insects will help us hunt.” Lo Yu got up confidently, “If you don’t believe me, look. Charge!”


The Sickle Insects shook the ground without taking a few steps. They all went back to their original positions obediently, their expressions indicating that they didn’t understand anything.


Lo Ya took a deep breath as she tried to control her trembling body and resisted the urge to rush forward and beat up the insects.

“What a bunch of stupid fools. Without me, how are you going to live?”

For some reason, she felt a tightness in her chest.

After all, it had evolved too fast. Many places did not have the habit of breaking away from the white worms, and their brains had not fully evolved. They had, however, lost the white worm’s exaggerated reproductive ability.

‘It is already very dangerous. Don’t these idiots realize it?’

Lo Ya turned her head and looked at Luya, who had arrived with the Sickle Insects.

Then, as soon as the beautiful girl saw the worm tails on the ground, she cried out in alarm and sat down on the ground. “Ah, worm, what a big worm!”

“Uh, don’t be afraid, this is…”

“Ahhhhh, don’t come over. Mommy, wuwuwuwu…”

The girl, who was still a little strong earlier, burst into tears instantly after seeing the tail jumping out from under a certain rock and hugged a tree next to her in horror.

‘What the hell is with this few centimeters of thing wriggling and jumping around?’

Lo Ya felt that she had terrible luck today.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s just a larva.”

Even if one knew it wasn’t harmful, there were times when accepting something was difficult.

However, compared to real worms, Insect Girl’s tail was not disgusting. So not long after, Luya gradually returned to normal.

Bur she still had a look of fear on her face.

Lo Ya let the Sickle Insect look at the young girl who was still in shock, and then she went to a quiet place and entered the evolution editor.

That’s right, the evolution points had accumulated quite a lot recently, and it could be further improved.

A side branch appeared on the left side of the current trunk.

[Soul Inheritance: The thoughts and memories of Death Insect Girl will not disappear but will be automatically incorporated into the editor. When a new body appears, it will automatically inherit and gradually wake up with age. Inheriting consumes 1000 evolution points at a time. Editor Consumption: 3000 evolution points.]

The evolutionary direction emerging on the main trunk was:

[Individual Awakening: Every Insect Girl can embark on a different evolutionary direction and master unique skills. This will result in differences in the talent and appearance of the Insect Girl and may also affect the behavior under the command system. However, no matter how an individual awakens, they will still be restricted by their main consciousness. Editor Consumption: 5000 evolution points.]

Lo Ya currently only had around 5000 evolution points. So, she could only choose one of the two.

Perhaps, because she was worried about the Insect Girls. She directly chose the first option that had less consumption, which was [Soul Inheritance].

No cutie should leave this world. Lo Ya did not want to regret the death of the Insect Girl anymore. If one could inherit the memory, perhaps she would feel much more at ease.

Although the little guys were still stupid for the time being, Lo Ya felt that they would understand her painstaking efforts one day.

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