C54 Finding out the Secret

The Insect Girls wiped out a group of weak and competitive hard-winged flying insects. Then, they continually took over the territory of the blue hermit crab and settled down in this area.

There were abundant biological resources here. There were trees that could produce a lot of fruits. There were often groups of creatures coming ashore from the sea to breed. Therefore, many creatures wanted to occupy this place as their home.

Conflicts and cooperation continued. Different animals preyed on each other, and sometimes, they could even see some creatures they had never heard of before.

The Insect Girl Clan began to digest the food they had obtained after occupying the two territories. They intended to increase the number of groups.

When the few small clans around saw such a terrifying swarm of insects, they all avoided far away, fearing they would bring disaster upon themselves.

However, this didn’t mean that there were no accidents at all.

In the evening of that same day, a giant insect that was twice the size of an adult Insect Girl flew nearby. They had large red compound eyes, six pairs of wings on their backs, and spit out the acid from their mouths.

This acid liquid was somewhat different from the liquid in the mouth of the Insect Girl. It was corrosive similar to sulfuric acid. As long as it came into contact with flesh, it would emit black smoke and quickly carbonize.

The three Sickle Insects that went to the nearby area to hunt for food clashed with that large insect. After a fierce battle, one got killed, and the two that were alive returned to the nest with their corpses.

“The Sickle Insects seem to have encountered some trouble.”

Lo Lo wrinkled her nose and looked up at the restless Sickle Insects. She imitated Lo Ya and shouted, “Get out.”


More than one and a half teams of insects moved their legs and rushed towards the neighbor of the acid insects.

The acid insects, who were unaware that their companion had died, soon realized something was wrong. They attempted to flee to the mountain’s side but were slashed by flying Sickle Insects. They all turned into corpses in the end…

“Ahh! A lot of meat, a lot of meat!” Lo Lo discovered a good way to get food when she saw a large number of insect corpses were brought back to the tribe territory. While looking at the food in front of her, she stared at the insects in the distance.

“Everyone, hurry up and rush. Get the meat back.” Lo Lo tried to shout again.

Hualala! This time, a larger number of Sickle Insects were ordered, and they charged in groups towards the creatures tens of meters away.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! These black insects were like a tsunami, and they attacked the territories of several other species at the same time. This scene caught a group of black rabbits off guard. They dashed off to find their allies, only to discover that their allies’ territories were also being attacked by two Sickle Insect teams.

The situation made Lo Lo very happy. More than 120 Sickle Insects were sent out by one order, and the food they had snatched was enough for everyone to eat for a long time.

“Woah Woah Woah!” As if showing off, she pushed Lo Yu, who was sleeping by the side, and shouted excitedly, “Lo Yu! Get up! Quick! I found a good way to find meat.”

“Me… meat? Meat!!!” Lo Yu opened her eyes and found that there were corpses of insects all around. A group of Sickle Insects and a few young Little Insect Girls were lying on the ground and eating ignorantly. It immediately made her drool.

“Wow, a lot of meat.”

Lo Yu immediately climbed onto the corpse of a rabbit and picked up the meat to bite.

“Lo Yu, Lo Yu, don’t rush to eat. Let me tell you a secret. As long as you imitate Lo Ya and point to the meat while shouting ‘Charge,’ the Sickle Insects will bring the meat back,” Lo Lo said confidently.

“Really, let me try…” Lo Yu wrinkled her little nose and shouted, “Charge!”


When the Sickle Insects that were eating meat heard the sound, they immediately entered into battle mode. They rushed towards the direction Lo Lo was pointing at.

“Wow, this is amazing.” Lo Yu blinked her eyes and watched the Sickle Insects, who rushed to the other tribes to kill. She felt as if she had found a treasure chest.

About ten minutes later, the Sickle Insects that had ended the battle brought back a large pile of meat. Of course, they had also lost over 20 lives in the process.

The two Insect Girls looked at the mountain of food, and the insects happily enjoyed the food, their eyes bursting with light.

“Yayy! So much food.”

Fifty or sixty meters away, Lo Bing wriggled slowly from the territory that originally belonged to the hard-winged flying insects. But when she also found so much food, her tail immediately twisted and accelerated to everyone’s side.

“Wow, meat, a lot of meat.”

“Lo Bing, this is the food we caught,” Lo Yu said as she patted her chest proudly. Then she continued, “Let me tell you a secret. Don’t tell anyone else.”

“What secret?” Lo Bing swallowed her saliva and concentrated.

“As long as you shout in the direction of the food, the Sickle Insect will capture it and bring it back for us to eat.”

“Really?” Luo Bing’s eyes lit up. She moved to the side of the territory and looked at the group of nervous huskies on the west side. She then stretched out her hand and shouted, “Go.”

Sure enough!

When the Sickle Insects heard the order, they swung their four insect legs and rushed towards the target.

These loyal fighters didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with the Insect Girl’s orders. No matter how powerful the enemy was, they could bring their corpses back to the Insect Girl.

The group of huskies immediately became chaotic. They ran all over the place and even ran to the territories of the surrounding tribes.

When the other creatures saw so many huskies running in all directions, they were all perplexed, wondering why their funny neighbors had gone nuts once again.

Relying on their advantage in numbers, the Sickle Insect group could be said to be almost invincible. There were no creatures in the surrounding area that could compete with them. The beasts within a hundred-meter radius were all turned into prey under the attacks of the Sickle Insects. A few large beasts that were supposed to be predators were also forced to become food. They were then sent to Insect Girls’ table.

Lo Bing had now figured out the secret of commanding the Sickle Insect. Although Lo Ya had previously handed the insects to it, the swarm was responsible for most of the fighting at the time, and it had nothing to do with her. This was definitely the first time that hundreds of individuals were directly ordered to hunt like this.

Everyone happily enjoyed their food. Lo Bing suddenly had a flash of inspiration and decided to call her good friend Lo Wen over.

“Hey hey, Lo Wen, let me tell you a secret. As long as you shout at the living food, the Sickle Insect will help us hunt the food over. Look, they sent the food here.”

“Wow, really! Can I try it too?”

“Yes, of course. We have already tried it.”



The insect swarm launched a new round of attacks. This battle was a bit tragic because the opponent’s territorial awareness was very strong, and their numbers also reached over a hundred. After a frantic wave of fighting between the two sides, the Sickle Insect group, which had killed thirty-five animals, brought a large pile of food back to the territory.

“I want to tell this secret to more of my friends,” Lo Wen said as a clever thought occurred in her mind.

‘Lo Ya will surely praise us if we can hunt a lot of food.’

Ten minutes later…

“Everyone, hurry up!”

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